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  1. The other four were never produced. If you look at the nose of my car you will see it is slightly longer and sharper than the other cars including the Stratton’s cars
  2. The original plaque on my car shows that it was indeed one of five planned.
  3. Carbon floor panels
  4. I think the difficulty was getting the weave to align from one panel to the adjoining ones
  5. How do you define “full carbon bodied” Bibs? Does that include the doors?
  6. The Mansory seats do make the driving position higher. That’s fine for seeing what’s in front of you but not so good for seeing what’s behind you. I opted for a very simple solution. I duck my head when I want to see what’s behind me! Maybe I don’t look in my mirrors often enough but I survived two European Road trips with that solution. The Mansory seats are more upright but you get used to that.
  7. I’m not near my garage at the moment but maybe these will help :
  8. Looked good in the car too.
  9. The red set that were in Craig Moncrieff’s garage are mine. I fitted them to my white GTE. They are incredibly light and very comfortable. I still have them.
  11. That's a good question Thomas. Driving faster would give you more grip at the rear, but the risk of aquaplaning also depends on the depth of the tyre tread and the amount of water on the road.
  12. Andy, I detect a tongue in cheek attitude in your response! Yes, the squeaky Sparco seats are lighter than Recaros, but Mansory carbon GTE seats are lighter still. The metal mesh top grills were prone to rusting if you are over enthusiastic with the power washer. Mine are fine. "Light is right" is an admirable philosophy but doesn't mean that light is always better. Weight on a tyre gives you grip.
  13. I think Lotus chose to use Michelins because they were cheaper to buy. This is the same company that decided to fit one interior boot light in the 400 where previously there were two. Sparco seats instead of Recaros, plastic grills instead of metal. I'm sure the price of tyres came before any performance advantage if indeed there is an advantage.
  14. I think the aggressive camber on the GTE is a factor in the tyres ability to shed water but what effect does fitting a wider tyre have? I would have thought that less weight on the contact area between tyre and road would decrease grip, or am I missing something?
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