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  1. adfer

    Evora Sport 410

    Yeah, Made in China has long been considered the hallmark of quality and original design! Glad I'm keeping you amused Andy!
  2. adfer

    Evora Sport 410

    Lotus chose Mansory to design and produce the carbon fibre parts for the Evora GTE. They didn't choose HK Flu! i don't see how fitting any cheap panels from HK Fever can add value to a car. It's always going to be a Mansory copy. Mansory parts might seem expensive but they did design them! Also being expensive makes them more exclusive and I like that.
  3. adfer

    Evora Sport 410

    Superbly finished and a fraction of the cost of Mansory? I think it's unlikely the panels will be anything like Mansory quality. Made in Hong Kong doesn't quite have the same ring as Made in Germany. In life you tend to get what you pay for, so if pay for a Hong Kong fake don't be surprised when it looks like one!
  4. adfer

    Evora Sport 410

    Yeah, carbon fibre always looks tacky!
  5. My chips are fine thanks! If Strattons or anyone else make a few fakes then I dont think it will affect the value of the 20 road going genuine Lotus Motorsport cars.
  6. Yes, the photo was taken in June I think. I was told that the red car was the Beatz car and was going to be scrapped.
  7. The seller informed me that he was cancelling the auction because he had discovered that the warranty was not transferable despite being told that it was.
  8. Looks OK in the background in this photo. The spoiler is missing I think.
  9. I think the Swiss vat rate is lower than ours, and I think you would have to pay UK vat if you wanted to import that car from Switzerland.
  10. Very funny except that you've missed the point completely. Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to buy the last new unregistered GTE available you've concentrated your attention on the profit I may or may not make on the car. What are you interested in, cars or profit? I dont have a problem with Maggie. I didnt enjoy the three day week and sitting aound a parafin stove trying to keep warm!
  11. There was nothing to stop anyone else buying a GTE from Motorsport. The last GTE sold went for close to the advertised price of £95k, but it had 2k miles on it. Cant see the "slight shame" in offering the car to the Lotus community. The car is worth what someone will pay for it! £20k? Lotus Motorsport were aware that this is the last one available too!
  12. I did nearly 5000 miles in the black GTE I owned. It's now for sale at Murrays for more than I paid for it. Dont see the point of owning a car and not driving it. Won't be driving mine in the winter though.
  13. Number 17 now delivered to very happy owner in Edinburgh
  14. Yeah, in case the carbon one gets dirty! Or I might sell it if I get the right offer.
  15. The last GTE sold leaving the factory yesterday. Number 17.
  16. First day in France with the new car
  17. Just one left at the factory waiting to go to its new home I believe.
  18. It was £85k when I bought it from Lotus Newcastle with 5k miles less. Personally I think Murrays are underselling it. It's RHD and the only one currently for sale.
  19. There's nothing to clear up. What you have is not a GTE or one of the original 30 cars that became GTEs What you have is a special edition with a Mansory narrow body kit.
  20. Thanks, yes, I will be at brands this weekend
  21. The DVLA managed to register my car a little quicker than I expected so I was able to collect it on Friday. A very special day for me and a very special car. A big thanks to Russell and his team at Lotus Motorsport for producing such an exceptional vehicle and for arranging the hand over.
  22. Hi Gordon, sorry for the delay. The details of my car for the static display are as follows : Make Lotus Model. Evora GTE Owner. Alan Ferguson Year. 2012 Reg. AU61 CEV Engine Config Mid engined Engine Capacity 3456cc Power. 345hp Top Speed 172mph 0-60 mph 4,6s
  23. Your next car Brian?
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