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  1. That'll turn a few heads in Makati or BGC!  I hardly saw any sports cars during my trips to Ph. Some great driving roads though, just need to watch the stray dogs! Funny, they know exactly what two peeps of the horn means!

  2. Thank you! I'd been after that car since I saw photos of it at Geneva in 2012, but was told that it was going to the USA. Last year it came on the market again after the potential owner decided he wouldnt be able to get it registered in the US. At that time I'd just had my black GTE for a month and was happily touring Germany in it when i saw the advert on TLF for the carbon car with POA., So I asked Lotus Motorsport the price, then phoned Craig Moncrieff and traded my Exige V6 and my black GTE in against the carbon car plus some cash. All done in 20 mintes whilst walking the streets of Kiel looking for a restaurant for dinner! I needed a large drink after that to calm down but I havent regretted buying the car for a minute.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Breeze said:

    Alan...Purely out of interest. Do you know what the weight difference is between your carbon clammed car and a boggo plastic one is? A fair bit I'd guess!

    Good question, but Lotus didn't weigh it and it wasn't weighed during the IVA test, so I don't know the answer. Mansory might know but they're so snooty I wouldn't even ask them!

    Btw, the so called "boggo plastic one"  is so I nice I bought one of those too!

    BTW2 the whole body is carbon, not just the clams.

  4. 11 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    I was trying to subtly refer to the girls black bumper covers!!! Jeez, you guys are so car mad, anyone would think this was a car site....!!!

    Nice car by the way @Adfer. Has it been in to Craig's for some recent fettling?  That is a car I would have in my garage in a heartbeat.

    Yes, that's the one that was at Craig's until recently. I made the owner an offer with a profit for him but he turned me down. The owner has been after that car for years and it's a particularly nice original one with very low miles.

    Sorry, was a bit slow picking up on your bumpers comment!

  5. I've had three memorable comments when out in my carbon car :

    1) does it drive as good as it looks mate?

    2) is it ALL carbon? Yeah! Wow!!

    3) my favourite from a hoodie in a rough part of Edinburgh who just looked at my car and said "Ya Fecker!" But in a nice way. Made me laugh.

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