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  1. 50 minutes ago, JayEmm said:

    FWIW I deal with several companies in the film world who have carbon fibre products, most of it is made in China. And the quality of the good stuff is superb.

    Yeah, Made in China has long been considered the hallmark of quality and original design!

    9 minutes ago, Colin G said:

    I love that Adfer only appears when carbon fibre is mentioned, it's like beetlejuice. :lol:

    Glad I'm keeping you amused Andy!

  2. Lotus chose Mansory to design and produce the carbon fibre parts for the Evora GTE. They didn't choose HK Flu! 

    i don't see how fitting any cheap panels from HK Fever can add value to a car. It's always going to be a Mansory copy.

    Mansory parts might seem expensive but they did design them! Also being expensive makes them more exclusive and I like that.

  3. On 29 February 2016 at 15:16, C8RKH said:

    If you had the cash I am sure he could produce every body panel for you in carbon. They would be superbly finished and a fraction of the cost of Mansory et al.

    You may need to take your panels off and send them to him as the mould base, but us other Evora owners would forever be in your debt for doing that community service Jonny ;)


    Superbly finished and a fraction of the cost of Mansory? I think it's unlikely the panels will be anything like Mansory quality. Made in Hong Kong doesn't quite have the same ring as Made in Germany. In life you tend to get what you pay for, so if pay for a Hong Kong fake don't be surprised when it looks like one!

  4. On 24/01/2016 at 21:31, CocoPops said:

    Ouch, that would piss on the chips of the chap trying to sell his one for £106k as the last unregistered one.

    My chips are fine thanks!

    If Strattons or anyone else make a few fakes then I dont think it will affect the value of the 20 road going genuine Lotus Motorsport cars.

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  5. On 22 November 2015 20:57:29, Andrew C said:

    Bibs - Duck, Turkey, Xmas Pud
    Mike Kimberley
    Kimbers - Mackerel, Turkey, Eton Mess
    internets - Pate, Turkey, Xmas pud
    Buddsy - Mackerel - Lamb -  Xmas pud
    Hot T  Probably not able to come as Buddsy Jnr requires her boobies ;-)
    bingoking - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Christmas Pud
    Al. - Pate, Turkey, Plum tart.
    AndrewC Prawn Cocktail Turkey and Christmas Pud
    adfer - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Eton Mess
    obione - Duck, Beef, Plumb tart.
    Dave Excell
    Ann Excell
    Trevsked - Prawn, Turkey, Ice


    just added my choice  looking forward to the night 
    Tom John
    Alex John
    Cliff - gghc87 - pate, lamb, Eton mess
    Yasuo  -  Duck,Beef, Ice
    ChrisJ - Mackerel, Turkey, Xmas Pud
    Paul (esprits2) pate, Turkey, mess
    Dave - Pâté, Beef, Xmas Pud
    Karen - Prawn, Beef, Plumb Tart
    Martyn - Pate, Turkey, Choc Fudge
    Neil Reed -  Pate, Roast Beef, Eton Mess
    Sam Reed
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  6. best of luck to him - Maggie would have been proud. I wouldn't have risked tying that much money up in a motor. If he can make a buck more power to him.

    course he might be sat on it a while - he might not - who knows.....if it sells - he may be able to upgrade to full forum membership:lol:

    Very funny except that you've missed the point completely.

    Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to buy the last new unregistered GTE available you've concentrated your attention on the profit I may or may not make on the car. What are you interested in, cars or profit?

    I dont have a problem with Maggie. I didnt enjoy the three day week and sitting aound a parafin stove trying to keep warm!

  7. It's a slight shame that it's been advertised on here as well. I imagine that most of us are aware of how much the GTEs cost to buy from Motorsports. 

    There was nothing to stop anyone else buying a GTE from Motorsport.

    The last GTE sold went for close to the advertised price of £95k, but it had 2k miles on it.

    Cant see the "slight shame" in offering the car to the Lotus community.

    Only when/if it sells for that amount. 

    Fair enough that the owner wants to make a quick £20k. But at the expense of another TLFer...?

    The car is worth what someone will pay for it!

    £20k? Lotus Motorsport were aware that this is the last one available too!

  8. That's excellent. Congrats. Help us clear this up, does it say 'GTE' on the title? What year was it first registered?

    There's nothing to clear up.

    What you have is not a GTE or one of the original 30 cars that became GTEs

    What you have is a special edition with a Mansory narrow body kit.

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