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  1. @Alfo86 this problem must be really frustrating! I've never even driven an Evora, let alone one where the owner has a similar noise to yours; so it's really difficult to comment on your case. However, I've driven lots of cars with drivetrain rattle problems; either drive rattle like yours or rattle on over-run (more common). Reading up a bit more on other posts, it seems that the S1 doesn't suffer this (or is it S1 NA don't?). That's it's interesting if true. Hopefully I'll be testing a few Evora 400s in the next month or so. I'll report back if I come across any with a rattle problem and I'll try and record the sound and compare notes. PS. I've read stuff about this gearbox being used in the Avensis Diesel, but does anyone know if this gearbox is used in any vehicle application with the same V6 engine (albeit not supercharged)? Andy
  2. Hey, you should do the marketing for Lotus! Seriously though, listening to Alfo86's recording it does sound pretty awful. However, it's difficult to know at what revs the noise tails off to know if I would ever drive the car within that rev range regularly. Sounds like a Gear Rattle problem and it sounds like Lotus need some NVH engineers to sort this out, as they obviously don't have the in-house expertise to do so. Is there anyone around the East Midlands that suffers a similar noise problem? I'd be interested to listen to the problem first hand. Andy
  3. AndyP

    Lotus Evora 400

    Err yeah, that's one of my projects that need me a bit of TLC!
  4. AndyP

    Lotus Evora 400

    @JayEmm - I think you have a very good point there and this perception is not helped at all by Lotus' inability to do effective marketing, promotion in the press or their product manamgemt philosophy of seemingly bringing out endless special editions and appearing to just tinker with the specs. It's not like I wasn't familiar with the marque, having had an Elise S1 and an Elise S2 135R many moons ago, I'd drifted away from the marque but the odd snipped and review I read never really piqued my interest. I'm not a Social Media regular, but STG's video actually turned back to looking at Lotus again. He seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic about the car, but at the end of the day it was not quite what he was looking for. I think he ended up buying a McLaren - so I can understand why the Evora didn't really hit the mark; but it obviously ticked a lot of boxes! I'm still lurking at the moment - a combination of no time to test drive anything yet and my other cars to tinker with. But I hope to find time soon and maybe meet up with some Evora owners in the East Mids to find out more about their experiences. The Evora may be a much more grown up car than the Elise's I've had in the past, but at anywhere between £60k-£80k to buy one I'm not so sure I'd be so tolerant with some of the issues that some of you guys seem to have suffered 2 be still suffering! To be honest the dubious customer service that Lotus provides to fix what would seem to be warranty issues still worries me a bit. Andy
  5. Is it me, or can you hear the seats creaking above the sound of the exhaust and engine?
  6. Good point about warranty. That might actually take me down the used car route and give me money to sprinkle a few more mods on it. I don't mind going down the used route as it's going to be a daily drive and I don't do so many miles. In any case I figure if I do a dozen track days in it I'll need to start replacing stuff anyway! andy
  7. I like the sound of that! ? Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys, it's been really helpful! I'm thinking that a 400 with the Komotec 460 upgrade might hit the spot more than a standard 410. Does the 410 come with better brakes? like people have said, I really need to get off my butt and drive a few. Luckily Central Lotus have a 410 and a 400 to compare. just need to find someone local with a Komotec upgrade. im also going to have to do more digging on the exhaust noise side. I don't want to buy a car that I won't be able to drive round Donnington Park, which is local to me. Andy
  8. Dave and others, how have you found the performance of the 400 compared to a 997 gt3? On paper they look similar, and I'm sure on the road you won't get near the limits on either. But on track do you think the 400 or 410 is at a similar level at the GT3? I was eyeing up the Komotec 460 upgrade on the Hanger 111 website. Are these upgrades well regarded and do they deliver a real world performance boost? The reason I ask is i was looking at a YouTube video of the exige 430 upgrade compared with a std 350 and the figures and the drag-race comparison didn't look that impressive for the alleged 80hp increase on the standard car. i think the 400 and 410 seems a much more track capable GT than the earlier S1. Which really appeals to me, but I'm so surprised that the exhaust noise levels are too high for many tracks. It shows a real lack of attention to detail by the Lotus product guys. Seems more of a Jaguar F-Type approach than a Porsche GT3 approach to speccing the car. Andy
  9. Thanks for all the comments! i sat in the 410 at Central Lotus and that's what got me thinking about getting a Lotus again. BTW what are people doing about the exhaust noise and track days? Seems quite limiting. andy
  10. Hello all! turns out I've not posted on this forum since 2009 after selling my Elise 135R. Seems a lifetime ago! I've never posted a "compare this car against that car" type of post before, but I've been contemplating a next car and the choice is too much and my time so limited, I thought I'd reach out to get a few opinions. Since ending Lotus ownership some 7 years ago, I've "accumulated" an number of cars; mostly classics. My daily drive is a Porsche 993, but I've got a Caterham Fireblade, and Lancia Integrale Evo and a few others things as well. Looking to consolidate things into a daily drive and I was quite surprised about how good the revamped Evora looks and the positive reviews. Driving 90's classics and having a Caterham means I don't really mind that the interior on the Lotus is still a bit Mikey-Mouse (although admittedly a massive step up from my old Elise). However, looking at the Evora there is no real comparisions of anything new/newish which excites me. However, looking at a used 997 gt3 and I've got a bit of a dilema. I wondered if anyone here has experience of both cars? Any comments about the performance other either on road and track? Andy
  11. lurking and looking to get back into a Lotus....

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