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  1. I have upgraded my LED's with all new ones, LED's are not normal to fail under normal circumstances I agree. However there are some factors a LED's doesn't like: 1: Unstable voltage or current, most LED's used in the automotive industry have advanced voltage and current protection boards, the Lotus uses a simple version of this. 2: Heat cycles on the solder and the LED's themselves, if the LED's get to warm they will stop working after some time. I figured out that in my case it was the easiest way to just get the LED's renewed and the cooling advanced, so I did as you can
  2. Great info!  How did you replace the LED's and install the fan?  Did you replace individual LED's or the whole ring?  Any DYI instructions would be very helpful!  Part numbers etc.  Many thanks in advance!!

    1. martvanderkooi


      I have these LED's in stock for years, I don't know the part number, the fan's I bought locally. For the Dutch Lotus dealer we fix LED's headlights for Elise S3 as well, also we renew relays on  the CDL units for central locking.

  3. I had the same problem, also the leds are not set to full brightness. I replaced all the LED’s in the ring and set them to full brightness. But I noticed that the backplate became 95C. Therefore I attached a active cooling, now the leds are on full brightness and they stay 35C now.
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