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  1. It's nice to be part of Lotus history. I'm in the upper right. 👍
  2. Steve, those are Composite Worx seats (no longer in business AFAIK). I had custom leather inserts made (Bugatti Veyron pattern) because the Alcantara bits that came with the seats turned brown within six months. Hope this helps!
  3. Redid my garage a couple of years ago and it ended up in a local Home magazine. Enjoy!
  4. I have the "Lotus Sport" aluminum stalks currently and while I love the look they require the loooong extension of my fingers to activate. These in CF (sans logo) would be absolutely lovely
  5. So I finally bit the bullet and ordered the premium version - because I'm pretty damn OCD when it comes down to weight. AND I come to find out that the top + all mounting hardware (no tool / bag / cleaning kit) weighs in at 6.163kg... much to my dismay. I'm sure that if I take off all the mounting hardware and reweigh it will lose 500gms+ but that's not the point... they should state that "naked top weight" is 5kg. argh. I won't have the chance to test fit it yet since the car's off at the shop getting repainted (with new carbon clams)... stay tuned!
  6. I also will be ordering one in the next couple of months. My car is currently at the body shop having front and rear CF clams fitted, primed and painted Going to retain my GG (Graphite Gray) color but may add some more pearl to the paint mix. I think that this roof matches GG perfectly
  7. I recently received some details from the manufacturer regarding the two versions available: (Prices are US dollars) Premium version $3290 - Frame-lightened fiberglass - Total weight around 5.0 kg - Double-scratch treatment (external and internal sheet) - Storage Bag - Cleaning kit Basic Version $2590 - Frame fiberglass - Total weight of 5.9 kg - Anti-scratch, only on the outside IMO that's a lot of $$ for saving 0.9 kg, adding a storage bag, double scratch protection and a glass cleaner... Hope this helps!
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