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  1. So I finally bit the bullet and ordered the premium version - because I'm pretty damn OCD when it comes down to weight.

    AND I come to find out that the top + all mounting hardware (no tool / bag / cleaning kit) weighs in at 6.163kg... much to my dismay.

    I'm sure that if I take off all the mounting hardware and reweigh it will lose 500gms+ but that's not the point... they should state that "naked top weight" is 5kg. argh.

    I won't have the chance to test fit it yet since the car's off at the shop getting repainted (with new carbon clams)... stay tuned!


  2. I recently received some details from the manufacturer regarding the two versions available:

    (Prices are US dollars)

    Premium version $3290
    - Frame-lightened fiberglass
    - Total weight around 5.0 kg
    - Double-scratch treatment (external and internal sheet)
    - Storage Bag
    - Cleaning kit

    Basic Version $2590
    - Frame fiberglass
    - Total weight of 5.9 kg
    - Anti-scratch, only on the outside


    IMO that's a lot of $$ for saving 0.9 kg, adding a storage bag, double scratch protection and a glass cleaner...

    Hope this helps!

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