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  1. the cable might not have snapped especially if one side unlatches, the problem will be the mechanisum sticking around the spigot on the hatch what you can do is at the top of yor tail gate you will see two small eight/ten mm bolts per side with the one side released via the tail gate release handle if you lossen these bolts on both sides (YOU WILL NEED A GROUND DOWN SPANNER FOR THIS ie NARROW WIDTH) the tailgat will be and to quote a technical phrase jiggleable with patiance and perseverence and a mate keeping the release handle in the release position jiggle the hatch fwd back up side to side and eventually it will release. once you have it open disconnect both release catches and let them hang down. disconecct both gas struts and then reallign the tailgate gaps and tighten the securing bo;ts at the hinge points that you previously loosened. then lower the hatch and see where the spigots go through the body and adjust the bodywork to maintain a centeral position of entry of the spigots for both left and right last reposition the tailgate catches wich are still hanging down back to the body bang in the middle of your freshly dressed holes and apply copper grease . hope this helps regards rob
  2. these struts are only ten pounds brand new from the factory give rowland the garage manager a call 01953 608920 you can pay by card and he will send it to you regards robert
  3. bobbak

    Tech 1 test

    AH ha light has dawned on my thick skull!! so if I plug in a OBD scanner and read the fault codes if any will this suffice the requirments of this tech 1 test i am presuming it will? regards rob
  4. bobbak

    Tech 1 test

    Hi everyone. serviced my car this week did all the work myself correcting every little fault I could find did a B service and followed the servicing schedual step by step with the exception of the tech 1 test read the servicing notes but managed to confuse myself totally. what i would like to know is what is this test exactly ? can i do it at home in the garage? what piece of equipment do i need to get hold of to do the test? and where can i get it? what functions does the test check for? to say the least though it was an experiance i reckon i have become a master of getting in to impossible places where nuts and bolts reside especially when you manage to lock the engine cover and it wont re open and then have to remove the whole hatch from the hinge end!!!!!!! any info would be apreciated
  5. Hi all well it that time of year again and the insurance is now due on the car, I recived the renewal notice through the post and was disgusted by what I found. I insured my car a V8 SE with direct line last year and I got a pretty good deal I payed
  6. Hi all have encountered a few problems this week with me car!! start with the annoying one, from a cold start under normal ambiant tempreture the car starts and runs ok holding the higher idel speed for 20 seconds of 1110 rpm dropping to 850 after the 20 seconds is up initial driving from a cold srart with a hard throttle depression causes a minor misfire wich retards if throttle depression is reduced, on re application of full throttle the misfire is reduced to almost nill. when engine temp risses to above 80 degrees the misfire is totally eliminated. my first thoughts are condensation in the leads which is subsequently evaporating after the initial run, I have new leads to fit but do not have the sealant for the cover will have to get that if this is the most likely cause. second. problem is the tailgate, for some reason i just cant figure out with the sunroof closed the tailgate cant be lifted without it fouling on the rear lip of the sunroof, if the sunroof is open no problem it works, this is in direct contradiction to the procedure detailed in the owners manual, i am wondering if the tailgate has moved in some way but having looked at the fixings i cant see any evidence of slip? third problem is water ingress into the boot I have the rear light conversion and the water is coming in under the nearside light, what I want to know is should there be a seal on the bottom of the light pannel that has been lost on mine? any points of view greatfully recieved regards rob
  7. no Will not in the lotus that night wish i had of been though I was parked in the lay by just before the round about that takes you over the dual carriageway on the way out to selby rob
  8. think its my week for spotting esprits saw this one at around 4pm today red stevens reg F700 and some letters at thrapston in northamtonshire heading towards the A14/ wellingborough area at the roundabout next to the morrisons regional distribution center. anyone here regards rob
  9. Hi will Yes it was probably you I saw then, I only caught a quick glance at the plate so might have mistaken the first letter, I will say I was a-gahst at the bikers there were a couple instances that night when i thought I was going to have call an ambulance for some poor sod who had managed to wipe him self out. I know that there are two different types of biker the safe ones and the complete lunes and the latter of these seemed to be out in force that night. Do you know who was in the Fezza and if it is still in one piece? regards rob
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWHAH Guys wait you are right Ap cltch only available as a dealer supplied Item price is off the hook by anyones standards but you dont need it, get the old clutch assy out as per the instructions given it the pressure plates are in good order you only need to refurbish the friction plates the material is no different on an ap clutch as that available by any reputable clutch plate refurbisher look speek to Kelvedon motors at spalding when I changed my clutch plates it cost
  11. Spotted a silver v8 heading out of leeds on the A64 towards the A1 / selby area qround 8pm on thursday night, along with a Ferrari and about 50 manic bikers going nuts on both two and one wheel. but to be honest the V8 stole the show that night reg was MIL and some numbers? anyone here? regards rob
  12. have you checked the charging loop from the alternator, I say this because I had a similar problem not exactly the same but quite similar. Esprits require a minimum voltage for starting from the battery I belive its 12.4 volts when the battery drops below this one by one the electrical circuits drop off line within the car the order in which they stop working I cant comment on. However as the ecu is electrically powered and that has a fundemental effect on ignition the car may still have enough battery power to crank but the ecu may be periodically dropping out of the equation preventing ignition. If your alternator charging circuit is breaking down its not a hard deal to put right, on my car the red wire from the altenator back to the battery has a bolted joint in it and it is this joint that had become corroded and was causing the problem at the least its worth checking. hope this helps if not i will keep thinking. regards rob
  13. Ambrose you can buy mine if you want a totally sorted out V8 most people here know the history i have had with my car and what i have done to make it spot on!! regrds rob
  14. I do have a question when you say meet at hilton park where exactly do you mean? I will go to hilton park make a good run out that way.
  15. I belive that i can make this one and seeing as i have relations down that way might pop in and say hi later on that day
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