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  1. ok if i de-cat and retain the lambada sensors (but new ones) and fit a linari system from the turbos back will this effect the legal emmisions. or will it be ok. or do i have to retain the cats for the mot. rob
  2. right then need answer rather fast here as going to boot it to hethell to get the bits i went for the mot today and the car failed on emmisions on second fast rmp test outside limits lambada spoke to technical they couldnt say for sure but im thinking o2 sensors in the exhaust anyone else agree with my theory. rob
  3. recieved today from race logic's caroline as you can see the delivery date is 11th of May so please bear this in mind guys, Swiss v8 's system is yet to be dispatched but he is aware of what is occuring with regard to this system. hope this is ok. regards rob Hi Robert, This is confirmation that I have taken the money for the group buy tractions and that the only traction not paid for yet is the one being delivered to Switzerland. We are aiming for despatch of these goods on Wednesday 10th May and the goods will be with the customer on the 11th May. Regards Caroline
  4. went on autotrader tonight and found on a national search no specified prices three 03 plated esprits in the 30 k bracket also found a good few v8's and one was below 17k seems the prices on the 03 plates are high but then agiain are they or is demand increasing. who knows i know i am wondering if the second hand values are on the up!!
  5. hi guys seems like an eternity since i last posted on the group buy, but i can now confirm that monies have been paid to race logic for your chosen systems and the order is being procesed and will be dispatched shortly. i am awaiting a confirmation e-mail with details on the payment made and estimated delivery times which as soon as it arrives will be posted here. please let me know once your systems arrive so that if any problems occur during shipping i can work to resolve them. asap for those who dont want to do the install on a diy basis and fancy a day out i can arrange fittment for you and will even offer you a place to spend the day with home comforts on tap. just let me know on that one? regards rob
  6. dont know about you lot but i cant here the mirrors whistle over the sound of my screaming as i floor it past whatever is in the way!!
  7. how are you seeing a drop in pressure within the oil system, or are you refering to the drop being indicated by the oil light? if by the light check the low level sensor on the right hand side of the sump i think thats where it is. might not actually be low oil problem, assuming you have no leaks. could be a short!! if memory serves me right oil contents should be total system 6 ltrs aprox if you have just had a oil change did they flush the sytem through restricted return might be able to trigger a low oil light
  8. hi gents I rang race logic as promised this morning but have encountered a small problem that needs to be resolved before I part with your money. I have pm'd the member to which this problem concerns so bear with me while I iorn this out will phone them again tomorrow and try to obtain a solution. nothing for anyone to worry about from what i can gather all the systems are ready for dispatch so as soon as the payment is processed they will be posted I am told. sorry for the delay regasrds rob
  9. Just to let everyone know that it would appear that everyone has now paid so will submit the order asap tommorow and then post details from the confirmation that i will obtain from race logic on here. regards rob
  10. hey up mate are you about this weekend if so do you fancy meeting up one day? regards rob
  11. I used to work at Cosford (RAF) and know collection well including the TSR2 AHHH many a happy night spent in Albrighton followed by a fantastic indian meal in the Albrighton Balti then off to the winking frog in cannock top memories for those who are interested there are a couple of WW2 V2 rockets stored in the grass covered hangers on the airfield if you are interested you might want to see if the students of the various training departments are around on that day I used to work in the airframe training squadron I might give them a ring see if they want to come and see you all. regards rob
  12. We are doing ok at the moment I am still waiting for a couple of payments to show in my account but then banks are a bit slow I have spoken to Mike at race logic and informed him of a time scale that I hope to be able to work towards he is waiting for a few componant parts of the kits orderd to arrive from his supplier but it would be fair to say we are on target for delivery around the 12th of May aproxx sooner if I can arrange it will keep evryone posted. regards rob
  13. thats part of the turbo i think from memory it should stay with the turbo and the pipe attatches to it. I recently replaced all my pipes oils and water and I dont remember removing thjat piece in the process. hope this helps ps what condition are your oil pipes in if they are anything like mine you might want to replace them as well as when they go they go big time and rapid oil loss is a certainty. regards rob
  14. Hi all as you all know me owns a boozer and I did and do have an open invite to all members passing by my way to pop in and chat esprit while indulging in a few bevvy's well that being said just a quick one to say nice to have met Roy from Doncaster who popped down for some fish and chips with his partner and duely poped round to pay me a visit and talk esprit. as a further point the nautilus blue v8 roy owns was the talking point in the pub that night as most of the locals saw it and now think its the start of a supercar invasion. to further enhance the esprit profile I ended taking two lads who frequent my establishment out for a brisk run and they both now are driving thier respective partners mad with the constant utterings of a phrase of WHAT A MOTOR and combining this with what can only be described as a youth full whipping of the fore-arm and slapping finger ????? I think they were impressed So again if anyone is passing boston the address to come to is The Queen of Spades Wellington Road Boston Lincolnshire PE21 0NX regards rob
  15. right then fellas here is the confirmed prices back from Mike at race logic for each member please read and digest the contained information. As you all know I will have to send Mike the total amount so I will need to obtain payment from you all individually for me to pass on directly, also Gary &Nigel please pm me your surnames for me to pass on to Mike. regards rob PS if outside the uk there will be no VAT added as previously agreed so deduct the vat ammount please.
  16. 5 confirmations now recieved thankyou we are on for this!!!!
  17. Ok gents I am almost ready to submitt the order to Race logic for your chosen systems so stand by cos I will be asking for payment any day soon. At this time there are 7 members who have expressed interest in systems and 4 who have confirmed with postal addresses which is the next step. I have PM those members who have not yet sent thier confirmation and address but i would like to stress that without these 4 members our group buy number will fall below that required to be eligable for a group buy discount, as we need at least 5 confirmations to continue. so please if it is your intention to buy from this scheme then let me know your details ASAP as I would like to tie this together by the end of the week. I am therefore going to set a deadline for confirmations of SUNDAY the 16th of April 2006 if you have not given me your details by 8pm on that day I will be submitting the order without your name on it. SORRY to be a little harsh but I am afraid I have to be as I dont want others who have shown interest to be dissapointed. best regards and intentions Rob
  18. all those members who have shown an interest in traction controll and have specified thier systems you all have mail. regards rob
  19. Ok like all things in life shit happens and I find myself in that horrid position of complimenting if I should let my v8 go to a new home but I wonderd what is it worth in reality. I know what I paid but I bought with problems and now they are all fixed and additions have been made. so if a completly sorted v8 was on the market that was equiped with traction controll and sat nav and had just had the engine liners done pluss a shed load of other mods what would be a right price bracket to put it in. just curious. rob
  20. Hi in answer to your questions. 1) the fitment price if using a race logic dealer will be a seperate cost for each indavidual however I have negotiated some discounts with dealers around the country for upto 20% off the recommended price. But the best deal I have arranged dependant on those interested is with Cortan Miller the garage that fitted mine, this is based on the fact that ben who owns the garage has now got first hand experiance of fitting this to an Esprit. Once the confirmation price phase is complete and the order has been placed with Race logic I will set up fittment dates for anyone who wants it to include any discounts I can persuade them to give. 2) the secondary injectors dont activate until a high throttle setting or around 130 Mph the whole sysytem runs in non sequential mode and thus far there has been nothing to indicate any complications with the secondarys. regards rob
  21. hey there mate the system when operating from the digital adjuster will give no visual indication that it is operating unless you are in graphical representation of rev in which case the rev curve alters a little however plug a lap top into the system an you will see each indavidual cut as it happens in real time. I have to say though the system is bloody fantastic I just floor it now and the sense of confidence I get is unbeliavable not worried in the slightest its almost like you become invincable with it although the down side would be the temptation to push the car beyond its limits and not realise your there but then the tc cuts the power and you get back to reality and then off again Oh and by the way going back to te wheel spin in third gear question a while ago I was in third today and floored it on a damp road the car just bedded down and flew like a rocket not a hint of slip anywhere and I flew past at least twenty cars in a row. Im not kidding here set this up right and you will not be dissapointed in the slightest I had 15% slip selected at the time on 0%you can deffinatly herethe tc working hard but I have found 15% in the wet is brill. regards rob
  22. Hey mate will confirm the VAT issue but I agree you should be exempt being where you are leave it with me and I will get back to you asap with the answer. regards rob
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