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  1. Well.. why wouldn’t you share it here? If they drive it around outside somewhere, others will see it too and post the pictures… I think TLF should be the place for the first spy shots 😉
  2. AK70

    Lotus Emira

    Love the black badge!
  3. If you like the Nightfall blue, here is mine... But I have to admit, they drive good in all colours.. 😉
  4. My benchmark is my Evora S and how it drives... I think it is the perfect blend of sport, style and comfort. Before the Evora I had an Esprit and that has definded the way I think what a proper Lotus should be. Suspension, Brakes, Steering, but also Baggage, Comfort, must drive 500km fatigue-proof, must simply be the best car to enjoy B-Roads and the Alps..., Power? enough.. V6 a must, just because no 4-banger sounds right..etc If the Emira is in that tradition and even beats that and looks sensational, I will most likely buy one. Dreamcar would something like this: Take the engine of the Cayman GTS 4.0 with proper stick shift and gearing, the Look of the Evija, Ohlins suspension for the magic ride on B-Roads and keep everything else that makes Lotus just the best driver cars! 😉
  5. Geely is looking for money...
  6. The whole thing left me a bit disappointed… It was a sales presentation for the investors and certainly not for the drivers. But they did the best they can without nothing to show. Not even the Evjia is ready for review…Seems to be a hell-of-a-car, but says who?.. brrr, it even sound a bit “dannybaharish”.. and we all know how that has ended.. It seems clear to me, that there will be just one model as 131, the Emira (plus a GT4 version) of it. The others are the “electric sports car” and the “premium car”. Better customer experience sounds good. AI and Chinese data trackers not so much..
  7. AK70

    Morse Code...

    Foxtrail for the advanced... Love it! 😀
  8. But some news will be annouced next week:
  9. So quiet here.... Given the fact, that the launch is next week, I think some journalist and youtubers should be this week at Lotus and do their initial review of the 131... exciting! 😉 Spy shots?... not bad how Lotus has achieved that nothing came out so far...
  10. The manual has a LSD (limited slip differtial) which the IPS has not. ESP is the same on both. I'm not a big fan of the LSD. Good for drifting, but in small turns it pushes you to the outside. Never had a traction problem with my IPS driving a lot on the Swiss mountain passes....
  11. Here we go... 😉
  12. Did use it as a daily. Now I would say weekly in rotation with an old Volvo... Take a guess which one is more comfortable to drive.... Hint: it's not from Sweden... ;-)
  13. Very nice car! I follow the EU market for a LHD closely... I think the 131 is less than 6 month away.. otherwise possible customers will buy something else..
  14. WHAT?! No final edition for the Evora?? pfffffff......... And you cannot even order a new one anymore?? That was fast... So ok, no new Empire Green Evora with Ohlins for me then. Kind of sad, but I save the money than and enjoy driving my even more exclusive Evora S, 2012! But I hope, Lotus don't make me buy a Cayman.. 131 must be a winner!
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