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  1. Just saw this: As these are basically the cars I am looking at, if I ever replace my Evora S of 2012, I was very interested. It's good review! My personal opinion: The ranking is a bit random, but the if one reads the text it becomes clear that the Evora is still the choice if you want the best drivers car.I was tempted like many by the GTS 4.0, but the Evora is just more sexy, better brake and steering feel, smoother ride, proper sound..
  2. What was the name of that car again.... brrrr Ok now
  3. link did not work as intended.., here we go
  4. Some eye candy..
  5. The password can only be entered when the handbrake is applied... try 1111_ or 2222_ , the _ is a space. Worked with mine ;-)
  6. As I'm not on social media (facebook, insta, etc), I have re-organised my lotus pictures here: Lotus Evora S Enjoy!
  7. I love my S1 for its sport touring capabilities and real road driving fun. Can easily take a mid-sized suitcase in the rear, and still has a boot for duffelbags etc.. but drives like no limo, hot hatch etc. can.. If I had to replace it today, I checked the follwing cars: Alpine A110: not enough place inside, no boot, fund drive, but not better than S1 suspension/steering/braking wise 718 GTS 4.0: What a move from Porsche to bring back a sweet 6er.. will test drive one, but again not enough place inside. Must drive heavenly to convice me to switch. Evora 410/430sport: Certainly
  8. Here in Switzerland I'm used to drive my Evora S on snow (not that we have much these days..) with winter tyres. (Yokohama V-902 on 18/19 ) No problem whatsoever.. ;-)
  9. I went from a Esprit SE to a Evora S. Love the look of the Esprit and always will. But driving wise, the Evora is just much more fun! Brakes, Suspension, Steering etc. all in a different league... The Esprit was quite comfy and had enough room for two/week. The Evora is even better in that area. And he! The look of the Evora will grow on you..
  10. Thank you! Feel free to use any of my pictures. The Evora is just t h e best escape car - all year around.
  11. Today in the Swiss Alps.. empty streets, as normally the mountain passes are closed in November.. but not yet today.. lucky me
  12. Now that the dust has settled... I must admit, I like the new style. How that looks on a acctual car, I don't know. And beside Evija and Logo, that is what I want to see! Show us the new Esprit (..or Elan, or Elite...) or any other new car I can acctually buy. Still in love with my Evora !
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