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  1. Some mountain driving… Run into two Emiras from UK! Someone from here? By the way the rear of the Evora just looks better… 😉
  2. It's just a mountain It's just a road It's just a car When it comes together, it's just incredible... PS: freely adapted from TT.. 😉
  3. Its coming, 7. Sept 2023
  4. For the few who know the difference.... 😉
  5. First round of the Alps….
  6. Intersting topic here in a forum where Lotus itself will move to EV completely in the very near future.... I am a Lotus owner for 15+years (Esprit/Evora) and love it. Since one year I drive a Tesla (wife wanted one) as daily. Was sceptical and by no means a Tesla fan! So I know both worlds exactly. But slowly the EV thing it has grown on me. Can charge at home and been all over Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc.) for Holiday trips with the Tesla and it was no Problem at all. No service costs etc and a lot of hotels have understood, that they have to offer a charging point or people just go elsewhere.. Was not in England or Scottland though (nor in Australia). But in the USA, in the west (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, etc) it is now problem either! You can rent a Tesla long range at most car rentals. Try it! 😉 Make no mistake, this will not go away. All the obstacles and problem with the current infrastructure and batteries can (and will) be resolved over time. I'm really looking forward to the 135 as the SUVs don't do it for me and will test the eCayman/Boxter as soon as they come available. If they feel and corner like my Evora, but with the power of the EV... I will certainly buy one!
  7. It's time to celebrate the Evora again! Ok, not new pictures, but still in love... 🤩
  8. AK70

    Type 135

    I fear for Lotus that you are right! In their investor presentation they brag about the timing and that no competitor has an similar offer in time… That‘s not even true in the SUV segment.. and now with E cayman/boxter simply wrong in the sports car segment.. Have they delivered an Evjia ? The Emira now slowly arrive at customers who have ordered years ago. But I got the feeling it all is a bit too late too little.. hope I‘m wrong. I think availability will be the key to success for Lotus. If one cannot go test drive and then buy and receive a car within 3-6month, people will just buy something else (as happing with some Emira customer in the waiting list..)
  9. AK70

    Type 135

    With the first spy shots of the new E Boxter, I assume it will be presented in 2023. The E Cayman then in 2024.. So well ahead of the Type 135. I hope Lotus will push forward the 135, before the 133 and 134. As Tesla started a price war, no one needs another SUV or Limo in that segment...
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