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  1. Getting a bit crowded in my dream garage...
  2. Men it sucks, that this is still another "review" of a pre-production car with excuses (not the final seats etc.)?? eieieiei... At least we have seen all the colours by now! Hail Lotus! If this continues like this, the Eletre will be the first new Lotus to buy and drive.. Or has anyone seen an Evja? 😉
  3. My dream garage is growing... Next additions: - Lotus Elan - Lotus Elite - Lotus Emira - Ford GT40 - Ferrari 288 GTO Will do some proper fotos once all ready 😉
  4. @New Emira may I ask what other cars do you drive? What is your reference/benchmark car?
  5. Thank god Lotus is not (yet) a mass product. Exotic sports cars will always have a value. Buy now if you can 😉 Side mark: The biggest competitor of Lego bricks was the Playstation, not another plastic toy.. Or remember Nokia?... What I want to say is, that buying now an ICE car other than an exotic sports car or a classic car is really burning your money.. When I have picked up my Tesla 3 (calm down it is for my wife...) they delivered 90 cars per day only at that station.... 90! Buy a VW Golf etc. now will be worthless in 2-4 years.. 😉 Pretty sure any Lotus will hold its value quite well!
  6. The early bird... 😉
  7. Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.... You should not forget, the sports car markets in total is very small. Not many want to buy one. Even Porsche would not have survived with the 911 alone.... So I think the prices will be stable but on a lower level. As soon as more EV sports cars (convertibles) are coming to market, it will be an even smaller niche market.. Time will tell 😉 (but even the most iconic Esprit is not an easy sell)
  8. Maybe one can. But normally it is only easily possible when the car was produced within the EU.
  9. AK70

    Type 135

    My daily is now a Tesla 3. And yes, it somehow converted me into liking it. I would not go so far to call me a Fan, but boy that thing works... I hope the Type 135 will be a convertible! For me the Emira comes too late to the party and I think by 2025 I would buy an EV sports car instead. Keeping the Evora until than.
  10. You talking about delivery? In Switzerland, we don't even have an official pricing yet. The Emira has not been homologated here and no test drives are available... Think it will take a while until one can be seen in out in the wild.
  11. Now that is some good news! A kind of Singer Esprit! Wow!
  12. One power shortage (estimated to happen next winter...) and you might think again about the value of electronic assets... 😉 For me, this is the tipical "greater fool game"... maybe it works with the gen Z and their FOMO (fear of missing out) psychosys... ow boy.. Remember the day, when you could actually buy and drive a Lotus for real! 🙂
  13. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I must admit those Emiras look great 😀 Dark Verdant, Dark Verdant, Dark Verdant !
  14. Fully understand why there is a delay for the customers. Chip shortage will go on well to the end of 2023... and that is just one example.. So yes, we all (customers and fans) have to be patient. And yes this is not a Lotus specific problem. I think the "feel" it more, because the Emira is so desirable.... 😉
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