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  1. Thank you! Feel free to use any of my pictures. The Evora is just t h e best escape car - all year around.
  2. Today in the Swiss Alps.. empty streets, as normally the mountain passes are closed in November.. but not yet today.. lucky me
  3. Drive more - talk less
  4. Now that the dust has settled... I must admit, I like the new style. How that looks on a acctual car, I don't know. And beside Evija and Logo, that is what I want to see! Show us the new Esprit (..or Elan, or Elite...) or any other new car I can acctually buy. Still in love with my Evora !
  5. Had the same thought! Where can we see it? Or will it be shown in London?
  6. The short version: Woow! Very well done Lotus!
  7. The oldest still looks the best...sublime.. No, that is not just my opinion... facts are facts
  8. That makes sense. I did suspect the temperature difference as the cause.. I was running the car lately hot on a tour through the alps. Still very cold on top of the mountain pass (-5 celsius) but of course the car was hot. So wenn I stop the temperature difference must have been tremendous.. I don't think Lotus has changed the spec of the panel, so I am not convinced that simply replacing it would solve the problem for me. The alps are my favorite hunting ground... Must think of some kind of re-inforcement/heat protection..
  9. Just realised that I have the same issue. Seems common and once replaced the panel seems to hold. Wonder what makes it crack/how that happens? Or if there is any re-inforcement that makes sense?
  10. Very good plan.. Either that or just maybe the new Esprit... The plan for a Lotus SUV (or the even worse SUV Coupes) is for me already something that could drive me away from the brand... Hope they reconsider... The Alpine A110 showed it is possible... Let's wait and see
  11. Na na na, I think you've overdone it here a bit.. In Lotus history they have produced a lot of GT cars (just mention the Espirt here..) an they where anything but andodyne, bland and lifeless.... I also count the Evora S1 (NA and S) to the GT cars when launched. And someone who buys an Esprit would probably rather not consider a 911... But I agree with you on the "exclusivity factor".
  12. The Alps in Switzerland, Austia, Italy, Slowenia, France and Germany offer endless possibilities... I did pretty much everything from Kranjska Gora to Monte Carlo... The Evora is the perfect car for it You've said Bavaria? As a starter, try this round:,+Österreich/Kühtai,+6183+Silz,+Österreich/Seefeld+in+Tirol,+Österreich/Plansee,+Reutte,+Österreich/Ammersattel,+Ettaler+Forst,+Deutschland/Namlos,+Österreich/Hahntennjoch,+Gemeinde+Pfafflar,+Österreich/47.2534807,10.7400377/@47.5314684,10.4202418,9.04z/data=!4m50!4m49!1m5!1m1!1s0x479ce765beccf07d:0xd9e3c087b7994ec1!2m2!1d10.7622569!2d47.2630788!1m5!1m1!1s0x479d228a59980b59:0xd12348d26113ef9b!2m2!1d11.0257486!2d47.2151403!1m5!1m1!1s0x479d11062f351c39:0x80ebafae980b31fc!2m2!1d11.1877742!2d47.3300017!1m5!1m1!1s0x479cfa34b844b6dd:0xfb2418cc27d5da20!2m2!1d10.8162049!2d47.4758066!1m10!1m1!1s0x479cf8cc0d9b96b5:0x1d1e48b28935ab20!2m2!1d10.889722!2d47.537778!3m4!1m2!1d10.7385285!2d47.4078642!3s0x479ceff789ae9e35:0xc9a0038210b6ae73!1m5!1m1!1s0x479ceec552987b63:0x40097572de695c0!2m2!1d10.6553179!2d47.3558265!1m5!1m1!1s0x479ce8362051e587:0x1d009758230a43e0!2m2!1d10.65!2d47.2833333!1m0!3e0
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