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  1. Now that is some good news! A kind of Singer Esprit! Wow!
  2. One power shortage (estimated to happen next winter...) and you might think again about the value of electronic assets... 😉 For me, this is the tipical "greater fool game"... maybe it works with the gen Z and their FOMO (fear of missing out) psychosys... ow boy.. Remember the day, when you could actually buy and drive a Lotus for real! 🙂
  3. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I must admit those Emiras look great 😀 Dark Verdant, Dark Verdant, Dark Verdant !
  4. Fully understand why there is a delay for the customers. Chip shortage will go on well to the end of 2023... and that is just one example.. So yes, we all (customers and fans) have to be patient. And yes this is not a Lotus specific problem. I think the "feel" it more, because the Emira is so desirable.... 😉
  5. Speaking of perfect cars: For me, that would be the Emira design, with Touring setup on Michelin PS4S with GTS Engine and manual Gearbox with shorter gearing plus the interior with analog rev counter and Apple car play.. 2+0 but with frunk.. 350-400 PS, 1400kg max. and not more than 185cm wide. Easy actually… 😉 PS: I think those who buy an Emira won‘t be disappointed. Those who (like me) that have an Evora will most likely keep it 😉
  6. These two, plus an Esprit S1 2.2 and an Elan are my alltime favorite Lotus cars. Call it the fantastic four.. 😉
  7. Fahrwerk_Evora_Einstellungen.pdf Beside the hardware (Damper, Springs, Anti-roll bar, ARB bushes) the changes in Camber, Toe-in etc. can be found in my file 😉 One can see, how they have tuned the Evora to more and more agressiv Camber..
  8. As a longtime Lotus owner, I did not expect the Emira to beat the GTS in a "just-the-facts"-and-figures review. Having driven the GTS back-to-back with my Evora, I fully understand why testers and porsche fans love the thing. Still, for me it was missing the Lotus steering-suspensions-brakefeel-sound-magic, even against my 2012 Evora S IPS.... The Emira was said to be superior in all areas than the Evora, but that (after reading the reviews) seems not to be the case. It is wider, less practical (less storage space than the Evora 2+0), same "problems" with the manual gearbox..(that's why I got the IPS..) and as it seems it has even lost a bit in the driving magic department... brrrrr... I really looking forward for my test drive, again back-to-back with my Evora. Could well be, that I still like the Emira as Testers and thelikes did not like the Evora S IPS and from my perspective they where totally wrong... 😉
  9. Horses for courses… I‘m only interested in a road car and as such it comes down to the question Emira vs Evora… 😉 Have not heard much about that except Harry‘s comment that the Evora sounded better… 😊
  10. Cayman GTS 4.0 vs Emira Engine: GTS Gearbox: Emira (GTS gearing is to long) Looks: Emira Unterior: Both not great, 911 would be it Handling: I hope this is where the Emira shines.. if not, the best handling Lotus remains the Evora.. 😉 Let‘s see.. but I am much more interested how it compares to the different Evoras Models. For the Emira I4 vs Cayman S: Greater chance for Lotus to beat the Cayman, as everybody hates the 4cylinder Porsche.
  11. He is still doing it with his Ares company... Calls it "Studios".. (Kitzbühl, St. Moritz, Zürich...)never saw somebody in it nor any meaningful review of the cars... 😉
  12. Look at the picture and ask yourself, with what car you like to be on these roads.. 😉 (and the hours driving there... 🙂..)
  13. Came from a Esprit SE and always thought a V6 would be the perfect motor for it. Test drove the Evora and frankly it was much better in all aspects, except the look. Sold the Esprit for more than I paid for it and love the Evora S since. 😉 Test drove at Alpine, Cayman GTS 4.0, Aston V8 and some more, but I stick with the Evora. Best car for roadtrips on Europes best roads (Alps, Pyrenees, etc)
  14. AK70

    Type 135

    Stop making all cars bigger! Especially you Lotus! 😉
  15. I have not yet enough miles to really comment, but first impression is that it is not a problem to mix front and rear in this way. In your case, I would probably just go ahead and once the rear are done too, take the PS4S. 😉 I will keep the PSS for the season and will report back after more miles 😉 Still love every mile in the Evora!
  16. I had PS4S all round. Now needed new tyres at the back and got the PSuperSport (as PS4S seemend not available). While I think the PS4S are the best tyres for the Evora for road use (comfort, grip, wet, dry) I'm now with this combo:PS4S front, PSS back. Only tested it in the Blackforest over the weekend in dry condition. Grip level seems even higher than PS4S, but not the same level of comfort/sound. How they perform in the wet is to be seen..
  17. AK70

    Type 133

    Good to now. So nothing for me then. I just wonder, how car companies let Tesla win with its Model 3... Seems clear to me what buyers want. Long-Range in a mid-size car...
  18. So it is Mid-April and we have not seen all the Launch Edition Colours on real cars yet ????!!!! Okokok I know... but anyway! And he! I think it is funny, that the only car driven by journalist was in colour, you can't actually buy.. 😉 But I'm sure we are getting there... hopefully before internal computions enginges will be banned... (in some countries 2025...)
  19. AK70

    Type 133

    For me, it depends what the size of the 133 will be. If it is around the same size like Tesla 3 or Ioniq 6 than I‘m veeery interested. If more like Taycan (2m wide..) than thanks, but no thanks 😉 (why the hell have all cars become bigger and bigger, when all the room and parking place remain small…??)
  20. Well.. If Porsche does a Touring Version of this without the silly wings, with a proper manual 6 speed (not the long gearing like the GTS), they would have killed the sports car market forever… As it is now, I would prefer an Emira over this every time. An not only because of the price… 😉
  21. Well done Lotus! Not that I will ever buy a SUV and this is waaaaay to big, but I still like the fact, that Lotus will be in the EV market! Gives me hope, that one day I can sell my Tesla 3… 😉 Some very cool features indeed and those KEF speaker.. super cool! Me like it!
  22. Interesting to read the EVO reviews of the Evora S, Evora 410 Touring and the Emira simultanesly. If you did not know of which car they speak, would you have guessed correctly? 😉
  23. Don't know what the intention of Lotus was with that pre-production car review. I mean that it drives like a Lotus could not be a suprise to us Lotus owners right? But great to see, we will have all the answers in April when the final production cars are out there. Looking forward to a test drive.
  24. Just think about it. Currently there is no Lotus that one can buy and drive. Nothing in the showroom either. Just some online configurator. Here in Switzerland we don't even know the exact price, because the Emira has not been homolgated yet.. (so it is not even clear if it will ever roll on the street) - The Evija has no been delivered yet, no reviews, nothing.. - The Emira has not been delivered yet, no reviews, some strange pre-view with a mockup and some test drives with pre-production cars - The 132 not there yet, same story One could come to the conclusion, that Lotus only selling concepts lately.. 😉 Ok enough said, I am (like you all) a lotus fan and owner. So I guess I'm just trying to tease Lotus a bit, so that we all can see and d r i v e any Lotus car soon.
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