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  1. Ok, these interiors or better the Info-system are not final yet. But it is still a bit of a mistery for me why they have done that? Surely they cloud have chosen some Nav maps or just any other screen. But instead the show information about the power AND in a magnitude where most people would have hoped for/expected? So what is this: a reference for future power output? screen designers expectation? just a negligence? easter egg? Whatever, Lotus has achieved that we keep thinking about it... Great marketing ;-))
  2. Interior pics still shows the 480hp in the middle screen.. 😉
  3. By the way: Look at the Aston Martin configurator how may different colours they offer... I think, Lotus should do that too. The cars will all be the same, so the colour is only way you can differenciate from the Emira crowd.. More than 2'500 pending orders will make a lot of the same cars driving around....
  4. I think we have here a clear case of "listen to your wife"... Happy Wife - Happy Life... 😉 And you get the right colours for free 😉 I'm in the other camp. Empire Green or the dark metalic racing green would be my favourite. So the dark verdant could be it. With the current blue, I think they have missed it somehow. Mitnight Blue for dark and Essex blue for brighter tones would have been much better choice. (=more sales...come on Lotus with that fancy robo-paint-shop you can do that!) 😉
  5. Not suprised about the sales of the US GTs. Always loved the interior with the seats, exterior too (except the front). I think a true-best-of Final Edition of the Evora would have cannibalized some of the Emira sales, so why bother.. The Emira as a plattform brings everything to the table for a future dream car. I will wait for the comparision test drive with the Evora's (old and new)..
  6. Does anyone know if the Emira has/is a faraday cage? The Evora/Exige/Elise have a compound roof that would not work as a faraday cage… So better driver quicker then lightning 😊
  7. With all this Emira hype going on, I just felt i have show again how cool the Evora can look.. bit of a show off.. but anyway 😊
  8. When I see that correctly: Evora Behind the seats: 189 Litres Boot: 114 Litres
  9. You have it or you don‘t.. 😂 If you have to ask, it‘s out of your reach.. But on serious note: I think the Emira looks stunning. Let the Evora looks a bit dated.. but I wouldn’t buy it for the design only. Looking forward for a back-to-back review.
  10. Style cannot be bought… 😉 👍🏻😂
  11. In the Evora 2+0 the dimension for the interior space is: Behind the seats: 51x32x116cm (H x D x W) The boot is roughly cm: 152x30x25cm Would be cool if someone measures the Emira... 😉
  12. AK70

    Lotus Emira

    Not too sure about that 4pot... If I look how Porsche is selling its 4pot Cayman/Boxters... mhmmm since the GTS 4.0 nobody is buying a Cayman or Cayman S anymore... Will be veeeeery important how the AMG sounds in the Emira. We will see, but 6pot we know and it is a pretty good sounding machine.. 😉
  13. Just watched Harry‘s Garage video on youtube… very nice! PS: And someone we knew is photobombing it.. 😂👍🏻
  14. AK70

    Lotus Emira

    I understand that it will not be an Elise/Exige replacment, no convertible etc.. But for me, Lotus has absolutely nailed it. They have just build the car I was looking for... will wait for a test drive in the wild, not on track. Really like to see how it compares to the Evora on b-roads. Hope it is not too wide, which does not work on mountain roads... Would go for the dark green, 6pot manual with some comfort options (don't need the lane assist etc. gimicks), very cool is that KEF audio option.. probabely one of the best (if not the best) GT for Europe's roads.
  15. AK70

    Lotus Emira

    Excellent presentation! And what a car! Good for you Lotus! Looking forward to configurator and test drive ;-)
  16. AK70

    Lotus Emira

  17. Wow Bibs! Good to see that TLF is so close to Lotus and all the action! Excellent news!
  18. After a two day on mountain roads with the Evora, I have noticed/remembered a few more points to consider: The Evora has more power out of the tight turns due to the supercharger. I assume with the GTS/GT4 you alway drive in 2nd gear.. not too much fun.. The steering feel of the Evora is just a bit better (that magnesium steering wheel does the trick..) However the electronic steering of the GTS does not feel that bad to me. The GTS feels more “engineered” and the Evora is more a “piece of art”. Came to the conclusion, to keep my Evora as long as I can. I would have most likely bought a final edition Evora if there was one… The Emira is around the corner, I am looking forward to that. Seems to be “dynamically more capable” than the Evora, says Lotus.. Woah! If they are in need of a endurance/fatigue test, I volunteer to drive one on the route from KranjskaGora-Austria-Switzerland-France-Monaco… Did that with the Evora in one Week, was ace 😉 I will certainly test drive one as soon as possible.
  19. Natural habitat… 😉
  20. Now back on the mountain roads.. took a day off 😉 For the driver.. for sure!
  21. Did the "review" in the Evora section of the forum 😉
  22. Today I have driven the two back-to-back on the very same road (B-Road, twist and turns, straights.., no autobahn). I don’t care about prestige or what others think. I just judge how it drives, brakes, turns etc. smiles per miles and can I drive it all day on mountain roads, B-roads, etc. without a headache.. Car Lotus Evora S, IPS, 2012 Porsche Cayman GTS, manual 2021 Tyres Michelin PS4S Michelin PS4S Brakes AP Racing No ceramics, normal GTS Brakes Suspension Setup Standart Sport + Fahrwerk normal Exhaust Sport Sport and closed Personal note: watched a view videos for preparation… these youtubers and tester… What the f… are they talking about?? Long gearing a major problem? Tsss, forget that. The gearing is fine. Need that ceramic brakes? Yeah right… But did anyone said, that the GTS sound in the cabin is louder and more tiring? Nope.. That the suspension even in normal mode is harder than the Evoras and lacks the finesse of the double-wishbone? Nope.. ;-) So ok here are my findings and opinion: The Cayman is a very very good car, put together nicely. I think it is the best road going Porsche one can buy today. Engine and manual gear change are excellent. Best I have ever experienced. Suspension is very good, grip is top, road holding excellent. It lacks the finesse of the Evoras double-wishbone, but it certainly gets the job done. Brakes are very good, similar to the AP Racing. Sound in the cabin is louder and way more tiring than in the Evora, but probably similar than the 400/410. Is it better for my purpose than my 2012 Evora? Short answer: No, but certainly a close call. The way the Evora drives, brakes and sounds is for me just better or equal to Cayman in the areas where it counts for me.. The Evora S has just the right level of noice, feel and finesse. Would I buy a Cayman GTS? Short answer: Yes, it’s on my short list.. You can buy a sensational engine and manual gear change with similar (but not the same) drive pleasure. More liveable than the Evora, top quality interior. So if the Emira somehow does not deliver or float my boat it is good to now, there is an alternative. A very good alternative… Final note: when I was driving away from the dealer, did I miss the GTS? Nope. The Evora is just a very nice place to be in and drive… so yeah felt a bit like cheating driving a Porsche.. Guess my wife is right, I’m a honest Lotus man ;-) Cheers!
  23. Alright, alright, alright... Digesting the latest news about the Emira, read here in the forum.. So the 4-banger will be a Mercedes AMG.. mhmm that will be something to think about.. not bad Lotus, not bad at all... I am in the game of buying a last combustion engined car for me that would replace my Evora. I am about to test drive a Cayman GTS 4.0 in the next week.. So I hope we hear and SEE more of the Emira shortly, so that it saves me from buying the Porsche.. 😉 Side note: my wife said, the Cayman looks good, but it is a Porsche and you are a Lotus guy....I hope she is right.. 😉
  24. Well.. why wouldn’t you share it here? If they drive it around outside somewhere, others will see it too and post the pictures… I think TLF should be the place for the first spy shots 😉
  25. AK70

    Lotus Emira

    Love the black badge!
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