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  2. Just a quick update, the throttle box was changed and all has been good for the last couple of months, so I'm one happy bunny again!
  3. NOT HAPPY! So my Evora has to go back to B&C again! Same problem, warning light comes on randomly and fault codes point to throttle actuator control system, something I believe relating to the throttle position sensor. B&C had it for over a week last time whilst I was away on business and I hoped everything was fixed, I know they did everything they could based on advice from the factory but here I am again. I hope this time it can be finally resolved and I can go back to enjoying what is truly an amazing (when working) car.
  4. Any vids or audio from Quicksilver? I'm very curious as to how this one sounds. Cheers
  5. Well B&C updated to another new version of software! And also found a potential issue with a sensor on the CAT, so they replaced the sensor, so I was hoping that was the end of that. Just as I arrived at home after getting it back earlier in the day the engine warning light came on again and I am now away on a business trip so no time to take it until for another week, this is becoming very tiresome, and had happend to many times now to count, which is such a shame because I love the thing, so now what? Please Lotus help me to continue to love the Evora, I could be a future new Esprit customer. Rant over, now back to Duty free
  6. My engine warning light came on last week, codes found it something relating to the throttle, B&C did a software update and all good until the light came on again this morning limiting the engine response, (as it should) but very annoying, is it just electronics playing up or do I have a problem? Mine is a Launch Edition. So another trip to B&C which I really don't have the time for. I did ring Lotus but they where not sure what it could be. I did have this once last year also, I really hope it can be sorted this time, I am loving the beauty but the comments from my colleagues driving Porches are becoming a bit to regular.
  7. Has anyone heard the QuickSilver system?
  8. Is there a Kreissieg UK dealer? Not sure if I can justify the price but it sounds great. What's the next best?
  9. I just scrapped one rear alloy really quite badly (anthracite forged) in a multi story, not happy at all! Is there some one in Surrey who could take a look? dare I ask how much a new one costs?
  10. Ok so the problem stopped the night after I posted and has been good until this evening. Ok here's the scenario, girlfriend has huge problems with trains and calls to tell me she will try to get as close as possible then call me so I can pick her up, great there's no traffic and I fancy a spin all good so far! Ok so I hear nothing for 40 mins and decide to call her, (this is where the fun starts) yes the new iphone has decided to die on me!!! Ahhhhhhh. Ok she has email on phone so I find out where she is heading, ok email get's through from computer and I find out some engineering works are in place so exact time to destination is unknown. I decide to head of after 10 mins or so only for the car not to open, hmmm ok so iphones dead and I can't get in car and girlfriend now has no reception so she can't see my frantic emails trying to explain this to her (yes I'm ranting!). After 30 mins I give in, but manage to get phone working, but still no reception her end. So what's a man to do in such a situation???? Yes you guessed it log on to TLF! I decided to check out the response to this thread and discovered that using my head (literally) might be worth a try. Thanks Ritchie (anubis1) my keys against my head worked!!!!!!! Just as angry girlfriend steps out of a cab. I won't forget that trick in a hurry. Night
  11. I have had a weird one this week when I return home on an evening the car will not lock until I walk away for 5 mins calm down and then come back, then it locks. The next morning it opens straight away and locks first time at work, all good, then I drive home jump out with a happy spring in my step and low and behold it won't lock again! Ok i say to myself so obviously I am doing something wrong here, either that or the car is urging me to get back in her and go for a longer run, when I get chance I will talk to B&C about having a look at it, I just haven't had the time so far. this is not the first problems I have had with the locking, I had B&C tweak it a few month s ago after I couldn't get in. Any ideas, am I going crazy here. Cheers James
  12. Hey Bibs yes I think it is time!
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