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  1. Thx all of u for your answers, It seems that the only way I have is to fix a mechanical one ? Thx, any other ideas higly appreciated, Cheers, Vivien just want to be sure understanding well : my boost gauge was electrical, does the parts of the '88 onward esprit would fit as well on my S4s ?
  2. Thx both of u, Troy : ok so I wait for your answer if u find one, th4neuk : can't find any on "" ? Cheers, V
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a Turbo boost gauge for my '96 S4s, my lotus dealer says the part is now unavailable ! any idea where I can find one ? Lotus ref part is A082N4036F, HELP highly appreciated ! Thx have a good WE, it seems that there are still 3 available in this list : do anyone know where does this list come from ?
  4. Hi guys! i'm looking for a new turbo boost gauge for my '96 S4s, any idea where I can find one ? SJS seems out of it, Thx, have a good day, Cheers, GrandSport.
  5. Hi ! I need to change all the springs and dampers on my 88' Esprit Turbo. according to LEW, it seems that I need the ref related to the X180' line : right ? do you know where can I order those parts easily ? Thx, ++ GrandSport
  6. Hi, to give a feedback the problem was solved after changing the ABS control unit and the pressure switch, thx for your help ! +V Hi, to give a feedback the problem was solved after changing the ABS control unit and the pressure switch, thx for your help ! +V
  7. any update ?? still no answer :crybaby:
  8. Hi ! Thx Nick 4 your answer, What I know : 1. The pump is not running at all 2. The ABS tell tale is continously light 3. The handbrake tell tale is continously light (and not related to the handbrake itself), 2 & 3 meaning (cf the owner manual) non-power assisted non-abs breaking remaining only on the front wheels, --> My S4s brakes like a bike... 1 month ago we succeed in solving the problem with just renewing the brake fluids, but the problem came again last week, rear wheels doesn't get hot, no leaks, brakes lights r ok, Any idea ? Where is located the pressure switch
  9. Hi everybody ! some problems since 2 months with the brake system, the "anti-lock" tell tale was flashing light regularly, sometimes continuous light (meaning no-abs braking), now the parking brake tell tale is continuously light, meaning non-power assisted non-abs breaking remaining only on the front wheels... believe me it's very dangerous to drive in these conditions ! it seems the ABS control unit need to be changed ? does anyone have an idea of the correct ref ? it's for a 96 Esprit S4s, Thx, have good day, + Grandsport
  10. Hi jollyroger ! A small reminder for you to check if you can the S4s brochure ! Thx, ++ GrandSport
  11. thx 4 your comments ! however still don't know what to think in the end... Anyone with a S4s 2.0 brochure or tech specs ? GS
  12. meaning 250bhp ? and 260-270bhp with the overboost at 1.0bar ?
  13. Year 2000, 1200Kg & 2.0L, must be a GT3 ?
  14. Technical Data from my owner book : Max. power : - S4 2.2 Litre 197kw (264 bhp) at 6,500 rpm (DIN) 2.0 Litre 186kw (250 bhp) at 6,250 rpm (DIN) - S4s 213kw (285 bhp) at 6,400 rpm (ISO) Apparently all S4s deliver the same power ???
  15. Yah it's true for SE & S4, but I thought all S4s where mecanichally identical ??? +V
  16. Hi everybody, A very strange thing with my S4s here, the VIN Code is SCC082920THF44164 --> 920 meaning that the engine is the 2.0Liter 240bhp ?? How could it be possible on a S4s ? I though all were mounted with the same 2.2 Engine ? Thx for your answers,
  17. do you think the problem could come from a weakness in the turbo at high speed ? there is a british owner in the same garage with a 88 turbo too and he is facing the same problem, never seen that in the other side of the channel ? B) +V
  18. Thx I may have a look here too, There is oil on the outside of the center section of the turbo but as the smoke really come in the area of the exhaust manifold, I was much thinking about something related to the engine, (?) I contacted Andyf who seems to have had the same problems few months ago, here is his reply : "It actually turned out to be 2 problems, a small water leak combined with a very small cam cover leak, basically the oil would slowly build up in the recess round the head and then once in a while a little water would exit the cooler, mix with the oil and rund down on to the e
  19. erf any ideas of where it can come from, could-it be related with the turbo ?
  20. I made some test runs, When I drive under 4500rpm, (using the turbo of course, cant do without ), with moderate acceleration --> then no smoke at all, When I go to 6000rpm with strong acceleration, smoke will appear when I stop, It seems that the smoke comes from the exhaust manifold, any ideas ?? Artie --> the smoke is still there so I'm affraid my Lotus dealer didn't fix the problem docf --> I see on my bill that my mechanic has changed one rear cam seal 'o' ring, but could there be another ? Many thx for your replies, it could help (me &) the Official l
  21. Thx Artie & docf, I will have a look this afternoon, I'am not sure at all about translating into French, what is the "lower cam tower", how could you describe it differently ? +V
  22. Good evening... another problem with my 88' Esprit Turbo... When I have been driving "hard" and stop the car (engine running or not), after a short moment there are some "clouds" of smoke coming from the engine bay, As if they were some oil falling on a very hot part and then coming into smoke, I just have the car serviced at Official Lotus Dealer for this problem, they "repair" one of the cam tower but the problem is still there, I just read this topic : where do you think I have to search next ? : - the r
  23. Actually my boost gauge is not working... the part is no longer available @ sjs, interested if you know where I can buy one...
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