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  1. pics from my trip last year to lake Garda italy @ Julierpass and one on a very wet clubmeet
  2. Update 01/02/2011 hi all, the roadbook for the trip of 10/04/2011 is finished. We make a trip trough Flanders starting from Tielt. We have lunch at the Royal yacht club in Nieuwpoort, in the afternoon we make a small detour to France to arrive at Tielt around 18:00. For those interested in Rally. On 09/04/2010 takes place the international and historic TAC rally in Tielt, with usualy a lot of Britisch competitors. For info look at Mind : finding a hotel in near region will be impossible, have a look at Gent or Brugge or Ypres Bert
  3. Hi all, on 10/4/2011 I am organising for the nineth time a Lotus run in the Brugge region (Belgium) for Club Team Lotus Belgium. We start with a breakfast between 09:00 and 10:00, followed by a run of about 100 km with a roadbook. Lunch at noon followed by a second run of about 120 km. Reception and diner at 18:00. Prices are not fixed yet but will be around 55-60 euro per person all in. More details will be posted as we get closer to the date. Mark the date on your new 2011 agenda and plan a long weekend in our nice region. Brugge, Gent, Ypres are all at less than a one our driv
  4. for what it's worth : in my former Elise s2, when i pushed the pedal to the ground the butterfly in the throtllebody wasn't 100% open. By correcting the cable i gained at least 5 bhp ! Bert
  5. So, this will mean the end of the 2-eleven ? Would be interesting to know how many cars are build in total ? Will the 2-eleven start to grow to a classic ? If you want one, hurry up as prices want go down from now on !
  6. Well people, I had the same problem last weekend with these mirrors, so I tried to tighten them. suddenly had my mirror in my hand...this mirrorbody is fixed to the stalk with a balljoint, but the tightening nut + spring is located in the mirrorbody behind the mirrorglass... so I tried to get the glass out of the body by putting the plastic body in very hot water to soften the plastic, as it is a snap assembly. In the end, altough I was very carefull, the glass did end of story. A quick search on the net and with the info that the mirror is from a Yamaha Fazer( thanks to th
  7. I can only recommend them, have them on my car with Pagids and this works excellent Bert
  8. Happy birthday to my 2-eleven ! Last year on good friday i did my first drive on the road with my 2-eleven. Since then it has been a nice compagnon to me. About 12000 km, some 5 trackdays, yesterday at Croix-en-Ternois with Lotus on Track to 'celebrate' the occasion. I do a lot of km's on normal roads an untill now it was always a pleasure. Only downside of the low ride height is that you tough the street now and then. I had to repleace the alu-sheet on the front because there were cuts growing through the sheet and the whole nose became to much play up and down. No other problems t
  9. Well I closed 2009 last sunday with a little drive in the elan sprint and opened 2010 this afternoon with a short blast in the 2-eleven. It was around zere C but well packed in a good lotus fleece and jacket it was not cold at all. People turned their heads even more than usual! It was a bit tricky on the road but i needed the rush of blood ! good new year !! Bert
  10. If you want to drive it without helmet i strongly advise you a touratech windscreen you can clips on te windscreen. Especially if you are a bit taller. Keeps the flies and grit out of your face! I tend to drive it with helmet. My dealer has a brian james but don't know the type. Its a perect fit !
  11. some incredible pictures ! some 20 old europes in the same shot Keep up posting !
  12. Congrats and have fun, ...altough the good weather seems to be over Bert
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