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  1. lol my lights did that for a bit too. Its an easy fix with a kit from Rodney Dickman's Vehicle Accessories (262) 835-9575. Common issue with the motors. I think they are the same as the pop up light motors for a Fiero. It was about $10 and 2 hours.... But then you would lose the fun of betting on the light staying up
  2. I am having trouble getting into reverse in my 89 lotus esprit. I have not had any trouble getting into reverse since I obtained the car in May. When I try to select reverse I end up in 2nd gear. I have check the reverse lockout pin and its not that. The pin is moving above the strike plate and the gear select is meeting the strike plate before I attempt to move it back into reverse. I also tried putting the car in 1st gear then reverse but have not been sucessful. Any info on this would be appreciated. Could this be a misadjusted crossgate cable? I read a post on the topic from Lotusguy fr
  3. Im in Phoenix, Arizona. I don't think they had 120 degree summers in mind when they designed the esprit. 'Install bigger fans' is on my to-do list before next May!
  4. Hey all! I have had my '89 Lotus Esprit Turbo for about 5 months now and stumbled onto this forum! This is my 1st Lotus and my 2nd British car (I didnt learn my lesson the 1st time). The car seems to be in pretty decent condition but needs a few minor things sorted out with it. I've got a few of those typical 'why does my esprit make this funny noise' questions for you all. I will see if I can answer them myself w/ the information already in the forums though Here is a picture of my Esprit. Its got a really silly tail on it right now that I plan on removing. It will most likely st
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