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  1. Yeah tbh I was knackered and pretty much dozed until the last pitstop - I couldt tell who was who and what position. I still think it doesnt take a genius to sort F1 out though and make it innovative and exciting.....just bring back turbos and overboost - job done.
  2. I wouldnt blame 'Renault' on that - I visited Enstone last year before the colour change, and had a really good time chatting to the people there. They were as much mugged as anyone by those issues, end of the day 1 or 2 guys made the call and they got found out. Everyone cheats, you just dont get caught (McLaren spy drama, Ferrari with the team orders). Always liked Renault as a company and team, I think they're gutsy and always been fun to watch in all sorts of racing / rally. I wonder how die hard Renault fans think about having 'Lotus' splashed all over their heritage as well ?
  3. The correct answer is - your car looks like the size of a pea................IN MY REAR VIEW MIRROR !!!!
  4. 1 Observation is the results and the qualifying grid are not really that different from last year. The racing is there, tactics with pitstops is back in. We're not seeing totally random events. What used to piss me right off with F1 is you have a faster car that (becuase of the track layouts) could not pass a clearly slower car which held them up - thats not racing either. At least now if you're within 1 second you earn the right to pass, if you have a quick car you should be able to catch the one that just passed you and return the favour. A nice thing we get now, is no dumbass smack ups on turn 1 So many cars are finishing the race now becuase overtaking is in. Less smack ups - less crappy safety cars and so on. im still of the opinion F1 should be no holds barred with a limit simply on engine size to keep the speeds down, then we'd see some major innovation again...but that wont ever happen. As it stands now, it's pretty good to watch. Tad annoying for Vettel who hardly gets a look in until the podium though All the action happens behind him.
  5. Lucas - (aka mr Advocate ) - seriously go and have a read of their efforts. They developed that car in next to no time, with no major backing, about 3c to rub together and still managed to kick ass with the most modern of supercars (keep in mind the Esprit is already an old car by then) Not so much the power etc but the way they did it, a true Lotus racer with a bunch of American "JFDI" chucked in for good measure. On HP levels - what you want is 3 runs and an average to take into account heat soak into the chargecooler. Large chargecooler running same boost will have a lot less difference in the 3 runs becuase of its cooling capacity = higher average HP In all honesty a 1 off dyno run tells you the MAX HP the car produces on it's 1st run....anyone who knows anything about thermodynamics and turbos knows this figure can vary.......errr 10% downwards depending on ambient temps, humidity, inlet temps etc etc etc and etc.
  6. Been in a few bombers on the ground (never in the air) - it does very much give you a totally new persepctive on "f**k me them young men had BALLS". I'd be nervous to do it anyways without being chased by fighters and shot at with millions of small lead pellets ! What an amazing experience that must have been, superb pictures as well - esp the one from the top turret and chin position over the port. Little known fact neither the chin or top turret could elevate to shoot an direct oncoming fighter - during the 1st daylight raids B17s used to fly in wedge formation not the later combat box formations where the blind spots could be covered. Imagine sitting there in the navigators position with that happening ! Last I heard the only 2 seater spits are in the UK, one is a lady pilot who took over from her late husband training real RAF pilots to fly the real single seaters (post war of course) - it's totally do-able, although I am not sure whether the planes are privately owned or part of the IWM Duxford's collection.
  7. For their time the X-180R was an amazing achievement. When you read their story you get a huge appreciation for what they did with that car, esp over the pond in America land. Esp when you think they trounced some of the other runners when the cars were able to finish races.
  8. Was th car hot ? Car only overboosts at about 70 degrees c or something like that. Other prob is check you haven't accidently unplugged the solenoid or looped it out by changing the tubing - hehe easy mistake to make, seen that before If there is a fault the car will usually CODE 26 engine warning on the over boost solenoid.
  9. Makes sesne - I've seen this before either on Dermots car or someone elses. There is an issue with the fact the air flow has to do a hair pin 180 to get into the inlet - it would be interesting to see how that affects standard cars on max chat...although I dont think you'd be screaming for joy - at the boost you're running then yes I'd be expecting a result. (I do like machined aluminium) Just a quick point to note - you have made a new plenum stay haven't you ?
  10. You're 100% right - esp with a car like the Esprit (I did actually type it but deleted it), driver makes....50% of the performance Id say. However some people just like to tinker and tune, its a filthy horrible desease of the wallet and there is no known cure. I dont really drive mine fast fast anymore - I cant afford 6 points on my spotless licence or I'll lose my big licence and my job. So to 70mph the 255bhp Esprit is more than adequate which is why I dont care for chipping etc The other thing I forgot cus I havent said it for so long is tyres....oh so important. Tracking it a different beast altogether. Thing is once you're upto speed with the car the GT3 does feel a bit saggy - mine is for me, its not got enough poke (certainly not as much as the GT2). I'd like 300hp and less lag and reliability, so new turbo is the only route I can really think of.
  11. Mines only got an exhuast and air filter on it - Oh I got rid of the air/oil seperation rubbish as well. 100% clean chargecooler works wonders for nice constant inlet temperatures. It's fast upto 80-90 on my family estate's private runway / drag strip. My Current GT3 is 212bhp / ton A chipped one will be in ~ 220 / ton A standard V8 is 253 / ton and a shit loads more torque...physics dear Watson Cheap performance is a chip. I was about 4mm away from chipping mine until i saw what crap goes into them and pulled out. I'd only do it now if I could program my own and do it propperly. If you wanna use the power sparingly and dont mind paying out your ass for an EPROM, then chipping is the way. When the boost goes off the scale an Esprit generates close to 300 hp which is bloody fast. To be honest having seen the chips in detail - I dont see what the relative difference between an unbelievably overpriced IC vs a decent boost controller - I'd prefer that on mine to take the boost to about 1 bar so I have good average power (peak power is generally only available until the boost heats the chargecooler up so much it cant reduce the inlet temps and you lose HP). but again i'd like to see the fuel map at 1 bar in the ECU before I'd spend money. At least you can adjust it in car, unlike a chip. The chips I saw made the turbo wind up so quick by fooling the overboost solenoid it gives the false impression of 1,000,000 horse power - not the kinda thing I wanted to do. Pushing yourself back in the seat and going neeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnngggggg ! is cheaper. As you can tell I'm not a fan - the sensible route is hybrid (WC eng) turbo and an ecu program to match it - and lots of regular servicing ! Oh and some nice secondary injectors. And a fuel pump.
  12. Buy a V8. By the time you ponse about with the GT3 - a V8 would be cheaper and still whip its ass.
  13. The LM car's one is about twice that size
  14. LEW did a DVLA freedom of information request some time ago........answer is not a lot. Prob is also some cars are just registered as Esprits and it doesn't cover non-taxed cars (like mine !) iirc. Ahhhem... Source: LEW Think about 4-5 a written off a year we know of (death by winter) Perhaps request the info again ? I seen more Veyrons than Esprits on the road outside of meets.
  15. Read the terms and conditions. Gordon - Classicline (who I am insured with) on an agreed policy, the value they state is maximum they will pay you out in event of a claim. Your S1 is agreed becuase it's a unique car (ie #1) at market it would/should be worth more than another S1 in the same condition - hence the agreement. I have had lengthy discussions with insurance companies about this - your best bet it to talk to them on the phone about their policy, what it entitles you to and so on, then get it in writing. Darren is the bod to talk to at Classic line, tell him I sent ya How do you value a car - you say to yourself what would it cost me to get back into a vehicle of this type / model etc. If you spill a S350, you technically should have another S350 (chances are you wont find one for sale) - a normal V8 and its value wont do. Arguing over modifications / restoration is questionable - some companies will deal with it / others dont give a shit. Case in point is my £15k GT3 with S350 wheels / S350 brakes on it. Technically some companies will say "its a GT3, nothing more - here's £15K - end - bye" - I wouldnt give them the time of day. Some companies will allow you to adjust the value for significant mods and be much more reasonable about it - it's all about talking to them and finding out their policys. Things you cant insure are the time etc - I mean i spent £5,000 and a few years on the GT2 over the time I've had it - I cant get that back and I cannot insure against it. In this case if I dinged it we'd have to talk and talk about the market value which is probably about £8-9 grand. A lot of this is down to your powers of persuasion. When I claimed on my V8, I had it insured for £22,000 - a friend of mine dealt with the claim and got me £25,000 out of the insurance becuase he successfuly argued the value had gone up So the spoken word does have some effect, believe it or not. If the Ts & Cs say you'll get the agreed value then go for it, but do read the small print, esp with a modified car - if you cant find it talk to the company and ask them where you can find the clause on your documents. If it's in black and white there is no drama. Talk is good.
  16. Rumor has it there was a lot of cheating for all sorts of race prep-companies. The LM cars were done by Chamberlin Engineering, NOT Lotus if my facts are correct.....and they didnt use the T34 from my information (again whether thats right or not I'm not to say....just repeating). From pictures the compressor housing is huge. I know the X-180R was hitting 325hp top - totally standard boost when it was racing (rumor has it they fiddle this to run even higher !) I dont really know what the tech specs are of the T34, but running it at 1.6 bar and it not melting from the RPM would require immense cooling of the air. The LM cars ran the standard intercooler - I think the restrictions were simply put on the diameter of the air intake - from there the engines were tweaked to suit. Clearly whacking a truck turbo on there wont help if your inlet is restrcited to 100mm diameter.
  17. Nope, you'll probably find in the T's & C's by switching it on you are giving them the data, to which they can do what they like with it once it's theirs. Data protection covers personal information, age, eye colour etc. Since Tomtom say your indentity is not part of the re-distributed date they are not in any breach. It's like google tracking everyone transit through their search engines, then telling a company like the BBC they had 3,000,000 searchest from people in London on a Friday.
  18. Ireland has some amazing sights - I had a brouchure from the boat show of all places for road trips to Ireland. Considering the amount of Guniess/Murphys/Caffreys I used to drink I do class myself as 1/4 Irish so it would be good to visit my ingested roots. Heheh cool Beetle, I dont blame ya - if you gone off the Esprit and the Elise then its time for a change - I always liked the 944 / 911 turbo with the huge arches
  19. Paul I totally agree - theres so much on your doorstep you kinda forget its even there. I did a boating course a year or so back with Sunsail from portsmouth - cost ~£500 for a week and it was one of the best holidays I had - great people, great instructor. It is nice to get away from it all once in a while - I guess it depends what you want from a holiday.
  20. Go the 9000 rpm route, you wont be happy otherwise. Jobs worth it propperly - it'll sound fantastic. Seriously hardcore though.
  21. Peanut smuggling I see ? Loadsa places - after watching the royal wedding I can honestly say I've never been to Westminster Abbey or st. James park, which is kinda strange considering we go away on hols to spain and so on and see these jack churches and Westminster wipes the floor with the lot of them.... Wanna do the south west more and Lake District, I've also dreamed of taking the Esprit to Ireland. Hadrians wall yomp is up there so is the land of my fathers. PS nice shorts PPS wtf is this about a bloody porker ? (cant tell if you're assing around or speaking the troof sometimes)
  22. Lucas - when my car was dyno'd, along with a few Esprits that day, you get a wheel horsepower reading. The operator can see when max hp is reached then lifts off and lets the engine run down - the computer knows the deceleration of the rollers, as the car is keeping the rollers from slowing down the computer can then estimate the transmission losses. I got 206hp at the wheels, and ~252 corrected. Standard my car should be 240hp - but mine has a superb exhuast and some induction mods. The standard cars we had there produced flywheel and wheel HP figures within 1hp of the factory specification. The F355, TVR 500 and Noble M12 3R tested on the same day were all WELL under their factory (que the excuses LOL) As I say the 2 lemans cars and the GT2 (300 sport) were producing ~ 420hp for qualifying and through the race about 400hp with 1.6 bar boost. They were fairly well modified as you can expect but even they run standard chargecoolers ! They would also have been race fit for 24 hrs with that power. I believe the X-180R racer was running about 325 hp on standard boost - 0.85 bar. They did a similar thing and got the extra 25 hp just from tinkering with the chargecooler.
  23. Lucas you didnt read my post correctly - my GT3 is showing ~ 206hp at the wheels (roughly) standard, your with an extra 200cc made 221hp which is comparitable. The dynos we used were not sexed up, they were basic roller types - the guys had never seen Esprits before and 3 standard cars within 1% true BHP. The thing with cooling is it gives you more usable HP. Fine for a 1 off dyno run you might get 300hp, then the chargecooler get so hot from then on you're only getting 250hp I'd much rather have something right up the middle, 275hp running consistantly. True black does radiate heat as quickly as it absorbs it, but it radiates it into an already hot engine bay - fine for heat sinks where the surrounding air is colder, bad if its hotter - much rather reflect the infrared away from the metal. Those in doubt check the silvering on top of a standard chargecooler - colder than the red areas. If / when / how the GT2 project goes as planned my engine bay was going to be 'silverised' and the chargecooler pipes run outside of the chassis under the seat bolts in copper or aluminium tube - mine has the aircon routed in series with the chargecooler rad so there is a bit more cooling capacity there.
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