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  1. WRT the cooling, is that the thinking behind the plenum being silver ? For the life of me I dont understand why the S300 was dark (heat retaining) grey - the heat from the engine bay is only serving to warm it up after the chargecooler has done all the work. Does make me chuckle a bit - Lotus were thoughtful enough to plonk some cooling (in the S300s case, heating) fins on the plenum but chose to paint it charcoal grey. The black rubber hosing doesnt help, neither does no insulation between the engine and the chargecooler. My thoughts on improving the cooling were to actually run the chargecooler hoses outside of the chassis so they are not pre-heated. Although the cooling on the GT3 is reasonably efficient, the other thing I'd like to try is adding a 2 litre or so holding tank in the boot area - ethos being more water, more stable the temperature.
  2. In truth - we dynod about 5-6 Esprits a few years back at Merlin motorsport in Milton keynes and they all came out spot on. Infact the ONLY cars to actually achieve their HP were the Lotus's and the Porsche....same HP and 23 years old 117000 miles....amazing. We had 2-3 standard cars, inc a V8 that came in at.............350hp corrected Mine was spot on as expected @ 252 hp with air filter / exhaust / catch tank mods (it did ponse the overboost up though, looking at the graph trend it was building power again and would have it ~260) So its fair to say I have about 212 whp Alans std S4s was 286hp (lol @ the TVRs, Ferrari and the Noble which were WAY under) So it is possible, using rundown to estimate flywheel horsepowers. Thing is a lot of people turn up the boost and eff around with the car and dont really consider their cars COULD produce a lot more HP if they didnt neglect the rapid increase in temperature the turbo is producing. You've only got to have a blocked chargecooler rad or have it misbehaving and you're gonna lose huge HP levels once the turbo start running past its effeciency zone and throwing out red-hot air. Plus you wont see these figures on the road becuase of the soak heat in the chargecooler which robs you of significant power - chipped cars only make the problems I say good for a short burst but you still get massive losses on prolonged runs and fast driving. FYI my drag factor was ~46.5 HP - 1 whole 5th of my output ! Lucas - this also rings true considering about 1-2% error with your figures. Your std car is 221 whp and has 200cc more than mine so I'd say that was more than fair.
  3. They can trace the data, any device that uses data transmission like this has a unique refrence similar to an IP. Its whether tomtom actually condition the data before dishing it out to anyone they want (or the highest bidder) is another matter entirely. Having worked heavily in privacy laws and so on as a member of the 'enemy', all I can say is the law doesnt keep pace with the technology. Very similar set of circumstances over Google's Steetview and recently super-injunctions and so on. Privacy laws are so woefully back dated this sorta stuff is bound to happen, its not right - but there are no boundries to this kind of stuff. If you're worried about it : 1) Lobby your MP 2) Dont use tomtom
  4. LOL, I've actually used the matchstick analogy once Nothing people say annoys me really, I dunno why people get irrate about stuff. One of the best ones was when my red car used to be called a Ferrari or "cant afford a ferrari" - I did stop and question someone when they said that and told them I nearly bought a 308 but this is much faster and better value for money. It just makes me laugh when people come up with the stupidest of comments thinking that its the ultimate insult - then you dont react in the way they expect you to Once we were following a GT40 home and his water pump let go and it lost coolant everywhere - eventually we gathered enough speed to catch up (he thought we were trying to race LOL - im like FFS SLOW DOWN) and let the guy know. Pulled into a petrol station to get it recovered and the attendant comes out (seeing a Cobra, Esprit and GT40 on the forecourt) and says "do you need anything ?.....apart from a match to burn them" That was the closest thing I have ever come to dying of laughter - it pained me to think that the guy probably had bred, and shooting him wouldn't have solved anything.
  5. I'll never forget we were in a rather nice country golf club one time and left the misses to settle the bill (great boyfriend I know but she done the poaper work becuase she got gzillions off the room from her company...)...anyways I went to pick up the car and pulled round to a rather nice lobby area where there were toff shaped golfers wearing all that silly shit they do, hanging around and they clock the car.... "whats that ?" "looks nice" "its just a dumb kit car..." ....right as my misses walks out of the doors......she turns and says "ITS A LOTUS...ACTUALLY" she declares in that over stated angry voice only a woman can make
  6. Clearly they'll keep the 7, I would have thought some Elise competitor will be on the cards just to piss lotus off. Noble showed everyone that a fantastc car like the M12, and supercar killing M400 is possible for a small manufacturer to build. Imagine that if some nutter decided to build a 200mph+ 0-60 in 3.3 second Esprit rival (at half the cost). As Lotus move up market I am sure Caterham will quite happily fill the void, they're the ideal company to do so being the custodians of arguably the most Champman of Lotus's. Caterham GP2 team as well
  7. Can't wait to see what their product line will be like, bet people at Caterham are doing cartwheels
  8. Whatcha got to remember about the V8 was that it was developed, like the Elise when the company was cash streched to the extreme (under Bugatti ownership). For that reason alone to for Lotus to come up with their own engine is a miracle in itself. The biggest prob was the gearbox - not that its a bad box, it just didnt compliment the power of that engine.
  9. Personally I thought the 900 series and the V8 were pretty good engines. The engine in the S300 had the best BHP / litre of anything at the time - making that car easily as quick as some top of the range supercars. The LM cars had running in excess of 400hp from that engine - most importantly they were keeping up with the big V8s (same as in the X-180R where, in some instances they pulverised the competition). The 918 when free of the gearbox was pretty handy too - esp in the race series, again punching well above its weight. Sure they're not "great" great engines but they're certainly nothing less than pretty damn good engines. The amount of times my jap car friends have had their engines rebuilt and the GT2 is 95,000 miles and still on its original build ....oh and it can draw its base design to 40 years ago. I think it deserves much more credit.
  10. I'm waiting until they're actually on the road. All very well telling people and making models (I've invented a time machine as it happens, work in progress though....) but when the cars roll of the production line and into customer's hands thats when they'll be judged. I mean on paper Napoleon's invasion of Russia was a dashing, clever idea... The Elite and Esprit are logical choices to get done 1st and look superb imo, but thats just a working model....the original pre production Elise was different to the one customers got int 1996. Just wish they'd reconsider the front ends and save the back slapping and huzzars for after the cars are rolling off the production line.
  11. 1) Yes, "IF" it is overboosting the ECU will cut fuel to stop it. 2) I'd say so - wastegate opens at 0.65bar mechanically, the Esprit ecu can trick the wastegate to open upto 0.85 bar and beyond - keep an eye on the rpm, I've driven mine off boost to get me to a fuel station before. 3) Freescan - Should do, you're wanting to look at MAP readings anything over 2.2 is a problem if the chip is standard. A trick is to gun it from cold, ECu will only permit 0.65 bar boost under certain engine temp (about 70 degrees) so try that - if under load whilst cold the boost gauge is going nuts, fair bet its the wastegate. 4) You can with a compressor / hand pump, keep in mind you might have to disconnect the rod as well. I've heard of people trying to adjust them on the car and have catastrophic failure becuase the wastegate / actuator (more like the inhibitor) doesnt operate like many people think. At 0.58 bar the capsule rod should only move 0.4mm - just enough to over come the spring, the exhaust gasses do the rest. Freescan it 1st to determine whats wrong, as I say anything over 2.2 MAP reading is an issue - if the engine is not warm it shouldnt even go much past 1.7 MAP If it does it's over boosting (you should feel it ! +1bar is like another 30HP) If it doesnt I'd be looking to the transducer or the gauge fault / electrics up the screwy
  12. Gordon, usually thats an indication of severe overboost OR the gauge has got saturated to 5V and dropped out (they do this otherwise they would wiz right round and break) Double check the wastegate mechanics (make sure the push rod moves) Freescan it and check the boost under load, if thats OK then the gauge could be at fault - if you have a compressor you can test this by chucking some guff up the tansducer pipe mounted on the side of the plenum. My initial guess is the wastegate is stuck shut stopping the turbo from regulating speed - but it could b a few other things as well.
  13. 1. Reasonably hard becuase of the fan cowling. Pressure wash would higly likley damage the radiator and the chargecooler rad infront of've been warned ! Ideally lift the car up, take the fan cowling off and clean it that way using an air line or similar.....blowing the dirt BACK the way it came, not vice versa 2. Yes. 3. Yes. See question 2. Freescan uses the engine ECU temp sender (located under the inlet manifold) Dashboard uses a sender located in the water pump - they invariably tell different stories but the one to trust is the freecan one. I had to put a trimmer / calibration onto my 1997 car so that it reads the correct temperature. Quick tip - gauges are a (very) rough guide, Freescan is god becuase it is the ECU telling you what is going on and the ECU controls the engine so it matters.......a lot....
  14. Black cirlces Shop around, you can do so much better. Audi only..... These are the tyres Audi ONLY recomend, like Continental SportContact3 on the Mercedes
  15. I have done so much work on this its unbelievable, and come up with only 1 conclusion : looks can be deceptive. I've just quickly pulled 5 V8s and a few S4's /SE's off press and other photo sources and lined the wheels upto the sill line, and guess what - they're all the same, and they're the same as the 'riding high' GT3 and only...5mm (Esprit ride height tollerance is +/- 5mm) out on original poster's car. I think they look great lower than a snakes gonads as well, but the thing wont handle anywhere near the same as it left factory.
  16. Yeah, did you see his feet ? 43 in 51 days with a bit of pre-training - tbh running 26 miles x 6 days a week is training enough ! I think if you trained for that you'd be wasted before you even started.
  17. Dunno what your setup is there now Lucas but remember more boost = more heat. Example running a std turbo past 1 bar might feel good for about 2 seconds but when he heat kicks in the turbo has to work 45% harder to maintain the boost. This is why a lot of chipped cars are great off the line but look shit on the dyno becuase the power only lasts a few seconds before the turbo chuffs out. I would always go efficiency over more boost, thats the Lotus way imo Most poeple I know who have chipped their car need some sort of major repair in 40,000 miles On the flip side most cars that are standard seem to last a LOT longer (the GT2 is 93,000 miles on the same head gasket and it goes like a rocket, notably faster that the GT3) I think what ever the situation adding more boost decreases the life expectancy, IF I ever chip either of mine the most I'll goto is 1 bar - the remaining performance through efficiency. I think the S300 Lemans cars run at about 1.4 bar at 380 horse power for the race....or along those lines as a guide. They did have some overheating and headgasket issues too, thats within a 24hr race....
  18. In all seriousness it's on my list, if I dont do it within a few years I'll fall apart (its not the age, its the mileage). Depends on what time people are looking to do on whether I would seriously contemplate it. My un-laden walking pace is 5mph but never tested that over 15 miles, net alone 24+ If anyone thinks of doing it below 5 hrs then thats pretty mean feat, its not the speed that affects me in person - its the joints and the impact. TBh Ian, if you wanted to do it - running/walking in a crowd is probably 20% of the effort, the psychological effect of that helps a lot of people complete it, end of the day a LOT of people take 5-9 hrs to complete it which is walking pace all the way around. Does make me chuckle why people run at 4mph using up silly amounts of calories when they can walk more efficiently at the same speed
  19. Out of interest, whats your height above sea level
  20. Remember ambient pressure will change slightly, and boost pressure is a measurement of pressure above atmospheric pressure - if you draw that line back towards zero bar - you will get about 0.85 freescan value - what does the baro sensor say on my freescan readings ?....0.85 Travis who lives at altitude will see this differently, Im about 40 meters above sea level I think here - to give you a reference. Its important to realise also when the car is at idle you'll see MAP at about 0.56 which is less than atmospheric pressure so that the car can actually breathe air in without the turbo. So as a summary - the freescan reading is just a number. Hope that helps, it can be a bit confusing - which is why I made that graph to un-muddle myself.
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