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  1. I will but it'll be sometime next week now, all the GT2 had was a normal pipe - cut it so there was 4 slits down the length and boshed it over a mandrell to swell it out slightly. It was only there to clear the bodywork (not on there now, need to make a new tip).

    Its still a major issue with track noise levels - the GT2 is LOUD and throws hell and fire out of the back so a quick release baffle was in the works as well using this bayonet idea.

  2. I'd have to draw what I am thinking of - basically something similar to a bayonet light bulb thing. I had a slip on/off extender on the GT2 for a long time there is no significant expansion on the pipe - esp with a slit cut up the length of it, it'd be fine.

    Cut the slit in there in a 'J' shape, put a sleave over it with a locating bolt - jobs yer uncle.

    Might get a little hot though if you need to get the lid up quick you might need gloves - food for thought I reckon, sometimes you need to compromise between form and function :)

    That car's going to go like stink with all that weight loss !!

    GT2 would have been done weeks ago IF my suppliers could only do their jobs properly (I know, its my fault really...)

    I was just about to alter the track today and increase the rear wheels by 17mm each side but the dumbasses sent me the wrong really could train monkeys to do a better job...

    That HUGE wing is the next job

    GT2 Fotos are on facebook, I used to have them on flickr but no one goes on there much.

  3. Looking great - why don't you have a removable tip for the exhausts that poke through.

    Sure someone of your talents can make a push fit with a bayonet fitting on the end ?

    I've had to make similar compromises with my GT2 because I don't have £100,000 to develop it, a car transporter to move it place to place (so it has to be road legal) and 15 guys in the pits to take the boot lid off every time :P

    The rear hatch is neat - my rear deck is held up in a similar way, with 2 broom 'andles :D

  4. The speed kills thing is just a gimmick - we all know its not true, even the people who made it up.

    As pointed out if speed killed then the autobahn would be a long cemetry. Its just a phrase, like it or hate it speed is generally a factor (not the sole facotr) in many fatalities and so on - end of the day if we all drove at 10mph not many people would get killed eh ?

    Application of speed can be defered to certain vehicles, road conditions and driver ability - but it remains the only thing you can really measure on the go. No-one has made a camera that analyses your ability or car's maintenance level yet as far as I know.

    This is why we have a speed limit - its a simple solution blanket insurance policy that says if we keep speeds down then we reduce fatalities and injuries - I can see the point of it - the higher the speed the more chance, if the shit hits the fan, you have of coming a cropper.

    Its like booze, I'm wasted after 1 bottle nowadays - I know some people who could perform eye surgery at 10x times the drink drive limit. While we are at it argue tiredness vs never ends....

    I used to be blinkered by the speed limits but since doing my driving instructors course the 2 things I will DRUM into my pupils are Speed, and distance to the next vehicle. I honestly DONT speed in the Corsa at all (I technically cant, not a good idea for a driving instructor to be caught speeding...) and the journeys are really just as quick, I save more fuel, I'm much more chilled and find I dont have to e-stop for people - as a whole its a more pleseant experience - Importantly I am within the car's limits as well as my own.

    The Lotus is different - it can operate and make manouvers in a much higher speed band than the Corsa by far, and part of the thrill is the speed.

    I guess you have to justify it to yourself - I cannot think of something worse than being in a crunch and having to explain your actions whilst driving over the speed limit, you killed someone.......personally I couldnt live with that which is why I tend not to drive like a tit on the roads and why Im gonna get more into track driving to get my kicks. Speeding on the roads is generlly folly anyways - shit road surface, other cars, pedestrians, kerbs, lamp posts, negative cambers, obsticles and so on - technically you'd ahve to be a bit nuts to

    I think the main reason why anti speeders see somethign like a 38 in a 30 as bad news (not picking on you Owen, just an example) is that if you don't notice the lack of speed signs (no signs is 99% cert a 30 limit - not a lot of people know that) or the big yellow box ont he side of the road - you're kinda gonna miss the tell tale signs that a kid might jump out of somewhere and so on. So whilst your speed might not be lethal - your observation and road craft might be seen by someone as somewhat lacking.

    I don't think speed cameras are the answer (they wind me up to be honest), more police would be nice to catch the BAD drivers and also act as a deterent / give a human approach to the limits. Motorway test and re-take your test every 10 years / 6 points would be much more applicable.

    The other thing is the end of the Red light sea - it generally take me 10-15 mins to move 2 miles out of my house, make lights at night give way as opposed to must stop (lol came home one morning at 3am - copper pulled this fella over for jumping a red on a roundabout you could see miles for hahah, to be fair - he missed the cop car behind him so who says he might have missed the car coming in side on as well ?).

  5. Ian, a lot depends on the server, not just bandwidth / speed - which is actually a relativly pointless.

    I was on Orange broadband and ditched it within a day, speed is only one factor in data throughput.

    The problem with orange for example is their system couldnt work with large amounts of requests. When looking at a webpage for example the server finds the address then downloads the HTML code, which invariably contains a LOT of requests for data.

    Its like going to arestaurant and asking the waiter for a meal (the webpage for example)and then they are all going off to find the ingredients (the parts that make the web page) - the more ingredients the more complex the meal and the longer it'll take to prepare.

    Download speeds generally refer to how fast a single file (ie 1 ingrediant) is taken from the server.

    Take for example the two broadbands I ran together for comparison

    1) Orange download = 5meg, upload 0.5meg

    2) Virgin download = 4 meg, upload 0.3meg

    The Virgin one on paper was slower, BUT it was about 80x (I kid you not) faster at requests. Orange couldn't understand this (and they were the computer boffins not me !) when I talked to them about it - "yes but we're faster" is all they could say to me - duh.

    I did have a link to a site, (not speednet) that moved the web browser from page to page and simultaneously downlaoded pages to work out this speed - in the end Orange had to ceed that their service was shite and we terminated contract.

    Building a webpage for Orange took about 10 time longer than the Virgin system. Thats the danger of being stuck into figures and numbers - it doesnt tell the whole picture.

    The key word - simultaneously - if you're doing multiple things on a system , the server might not be able to cope or at least slow down whilst its dealing with other requests. Simply having a device switched on can have an effect - for example if my PS3 is streaming TV I will pull the plug on the other devices (PC) and switch wifi off on my phone to stop it chattering. You might only be using 1/5th of your bandwidth - it matters not

    Its like having a waiter take your order at the restaurant - he might move quick, the kitchen staff might be on their game - but if they have million+1 orders to take and keep having to down tools and pick up new ones they are gonna be slower.


    Wireless can also be slower due to errors and signal strength.

  6. Be ultra careful when mixing standard length springs with adjustable front dampers - the turn buckles on ANY adjustable front damper cannot go low enough to attain the desired ride height and your car actually rise like a 4x4.

    Rears are not a problem due to the stroke and clearance.

    Check this and notice he's using custom springs :

    People have got around it in the past by using old spring sets which have lost their length over time, but new ones wont have this luxury.

    I had AVO's on the later Esprit for about a day. Incidently they were also recomended to me but neither fitted correctly or lowered my car (infact they raised it). Needless to say I took them off and got the Lotus ones.

  7. 1) not noticed myself - if its around double skinned areas these are sometimes filled with a foamin agent (at least, they are on some of my panels) - drilled parts also let double skinned panels move and 'breathe' if you trap air in them they could likely crack. Thats my best guess.

    2) I always thought epoxy resin was the better stuff to use - Ive repaired faults using the same method, does take time and patience

    3) Prob has to do with the fact its a highly strung engine - 2.2lites producing regulat 265BHP is pretty intense - plus Lotus sold a few thousand of these engines vs a few hundred thousand on other cars, cost rises / unit when producing lower batches.

    4) Heheh, cost. The nuts / bolts would have been zinc plated like all bolts - but very rarely do any manufacturers use things like copper grease to stop corrosion. What you're talking about is galvanic reaction between dis-similar metals - aluminium and stainless steel usually have this problem of fusing (but not zinc plated steel as far as I know) which is why people use a barrier grease such as copper grease to stop it happening - copper grease also helps prevent corrosion which is more likely the result of the oil cooler failure, being so low to the ground and collecting a lot of water/salt. So its cost, the more cynical among us could suggest...extra parts required on repair ? Its one of my biggest bugbears on cars, once propperly greased, working on the car is a dream.

    5) You'd have to ask Colin Chapman. I believe Hazel Chapman knows but as far as I know its a secret.

  8. You're better off running a standard 80mm wire re-inforced duct from the airbox to an 80mm aluminium/stainless straight coupling then to a 80-60mm reducer to the turbo - cost = £30 all in.

    Not idea but then again neither is £89+vat - pay money / take choice.

  9. LOL what a polava.

    I was adament the bolts went INTO the chassis and the bolts were spinning - so all the trim comes off, gear lever comes off, the gear translator pulled up and plonker boy stuffs his arm down into the chassis. Of course what goes in invariably doesnt come out and my arm gets fish hooked inwetween a razor sharp piece of trim and the gear translator mechanism which springs back into neutral (after moving it to 3rd gear to get some more clearance) - ouch and double ouch lots of blood usually serious - cant release it for about 30mins, eventually I work out if I push my arm back in I can pull the trim out of my arm to release it LOL - missed 2 viens by millimeters.....

    Heeeeeennny way - why didnt someone tell me they were nut / bolt jobs - seems the later cars past the SE turbo have captive nuts, the SE has normal (spinny if you try to undo them 1 ended) nuts.....

    Rain stopped play today (bags of fun building a track car in the open elements) - anyone hazard a clue where the foot well bolts are - carpet is very very well stuck down and I cant see them, rather not repeat anyone "shall I, shant I" 999 call just incase :lol:

  10. TBH I looked away when those clips were shown, if you've seen them before you get plenty of warning - once is enough for me as well.

    Personally I think its important to know what happened though, even in the full frontal horror or it all.

    I liken it to telling people about the Bradford football stadium - you tell someone about it, people just go "really ? thats bad..."

    You SHOW them, people start buying fire alarms and so on and taking it a lot more seriously

    It's worth watching - esp if you like Sir Jackie, oh and if you've not seen this, its also well worth watching too (before it gets removed !) :

    I agree, about Jackie Stewart being the most complete racing driver on and off the track - but thats why I love that era, the guys today are simply standing on the shoulders of giants that have gone before them.

  11. My 106 GTi did this last year.

    I ONLY just got it under by ragging the arse off of it to get it absolutly red hot for the test and even then it took about 30mins at fast idle to get it to pass (top bloke at Nationwide Autocentres bent every rule in the book, what can I say....)

    It was like at 0.40 - 0.39 - 0.37 creeeping down until it finally went under - never seen the temp gauge so high !

    When I sold the car it was burning a fair bit of oil and possibly underheating - I never got to test it but I think the temp sensor was reading slightly under value and also possibly the O2 sensor had contamination with the burning oil stopping it from reading the right values.

    I would clean the O2 sensor, check the engine temperature and scale, replace the plug leads if they are old.

    Check for any bad seals on the O2 sensor and any exhuast leaks - usually if the o2 sensor is bad it'll be well over the 0.8%.

    Was the engine run in correctly ? See with a freshly run in engine you might not have booted it in a while - the old italian turn up thing ;)

  12. Yeah, its just a case of cash now and the thing is ready (eg 1 more month of unemploymentness)

    I noticed it when replacing the steering rod ends, one wheel was closer to the body (looked inset) than the other.

    Thing is the tracking has never been right on the car, so I kinda ignored the fact but looking at old photos you can definatly see a difference even on the original wheels.

    I've marked known lines up the middle of the body (badge is spot on, centre of bonnet, screen, roof, tailgate, transom) so I know I am looking dead on to the car.

    I measured cardinal points and photogaphed it and also run some string under the chassis as well to align it from the rear hoop to the front and it seems it is indeed about 14mm offset.

    By the looks of things the body is actually wider one side than the other, which doesn't help but its not a rolls royce so I can forgive that.

    How best to position it ? I was thinking loosening the back bone and the front 4 then trying to pull it across by using the spin before clamping it back down.

    I can understand it wont be perfect but its a bit nuts atm and looks are one of the main characteristics of the car....besides the GT3 is perfect.


    Oh joy - all the tunnel bolts spin in place, out with all the gear stick, translator - ho ho ho !

  13. Just doing the steering alignment on the GT2 and noticed (why I've never noticed this before) how far the body work seems to be out.

    Measured all the chassis up (did this anyways when I bought it) and unless there is a bend in the back, the thing is as straight as an arrow (drives OK to).

    Only thing I can think of is the body has crept, we're talking about 15mm difference from one side to other so I'd say the body has jumped ~ 7mm overall.

    Looking back at pictures you can see the original photos also show this - cant think why I've never noticed, but anyways.

    Thing is it LOOKs straight, I've had all but the body off on the car by now and never noticed any crash damage, never been written off etc - must admit its a bit odd.

    Whats the score - take all the mountings off and check alignment ?

  14. I quite like classic Porsches, from when they made cars with soul, 944 etc.

    I did give serious thought on whether to keep the two money pits, err I mean Esprits this year - both need at least £1000 spent on them to get them back on the road roadworthy (servicing, tax, MOT, tyres)

    Clear choice would be the Evora (the old shape of course) I must admit, I was very taken by it. Prob is thats a car you buy with your head, not your heart and the GT3 has really be uber reliable. However there comes a time when spending lots of money on an older modern sports car becomes less cost effective than spending it on a state of the art one.

    Paul, what about an Elan ?

    Nooo, this one....


  15. We nearly looked at it for a project, but was sold at auction last week for about £8.5K

    Nice mark up - seat's badly ripped though on driver's side and there was a lot of bumps and scrumps on it - all that and 80,000 miles for that price - ouch.

  16. Good luck with the sale Paul. I had a similar thought the other day when doing the valuation for my insurance, if it came to that - what next ?

    Think I've had my fill of Esprits by now - likely be a TVR or something. Ferraris too much £££ per bang, Lambo too expensive, I will never own a newer Porsche, £20k Elise is too fun pack for me.

    Prob use the cash to go through all the older cars I always wanted and just tick the boxes - Celica GT4, mini etc - then settle for a Noble or something.

  17. As with most of the incidents there were additional influences on the reason why driver's died. I'd never seen Jackie Stewart give such in depth information - I knew about his role and the fact GP was a very dangerous sport and the fact he carried his own tools in the car, but the comedy (bad choice of word) of errors was amazing. The fact marshalls for example didnt have fire retardent clothing, the circuit safety approach was shocking. Rindt also managed to smack into a loose barrier which didnt help.

    But deaths like Ronnie Peterson's (late 70's) was totally preventable - it's just amazing to think in the world of the safety concious how different it all was, what 40 years ago.

    Interesting to hear Jochen's widow as well - there is no doubt where her blame lies.

    Its just really sad listening to these really brave men. OK no one held a gun to their heads to do it, but the conflict of interest between doing what they loved and gambling it against their lives and their friends lives, is quite moving.

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