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  1. OK, here we go again, I've just made a fatal mistake and chnaged the rear pads on my Esprit. I should know better than to do maintenance two days before I REALLY need the car but seemed like an ideal time... However, although the footbrake is working perfectly, the handbrake is not holding the car and doesn't grip even when pulled to maximum travel on the lever. Anyone know where the adjusters are? I suspect under the carpet but would rather be sure before ripping it all up. Any hints about what not to do when adjusting the handbrake? Owen
  2. Anyone had to replace the seat belts on a Stevens Esprit? My X180 Turbo is due for MOT and the drivers belt is pretty bad (even the old fag lighter trick isn't gonna fix this one). Price for new belts from SJ looks pretty reasonable but experience tells me this is orobably because it will take 4 days to fit them! Advice anyone, is it worth attempting myself or should I just put it in and have somone else deal with the limb bending and head scratching? Owen
  3. Damn, of course it couldn't be that simple could it Oh well, I guess I can try the covers and see of this makes a difference as it seems to be the simplest step to take. Beyond that it's into a specialist as my mechanical ability is not exactly legendary. Thanks for the advice guys and im (sort of) glad I asked first. Owen
  4. Been loosing a fair bit of oil recently and after a bit of a run today pulled up at some lights, glanced in rear view mirror to see large cloud of smoke exiting the engine cover. Sheepishly tried to look away from all the other people in their 'normal' cars which were running just fine tankyou very much After I got home there was still a bit of oil buring off on the manifold and little pools of the stuff in the spark plugs which leads me to believe the cam cover gasket(s) have gone again (annoying as they were only replaced about 6 months ago after a C service). On first inspection
  5. Hi all, In need of some advice here, please excuse my total ignorance on mechanics as I've only discovered I need to know this stuff since buying the Esprit! I am however learning fast Replaced the starter motor in my 89 turbo over the weekend due to a busted solenoid. In order to get it out I had to dismantle and remove the air filter tubing and pipes. Since installing the new one my throttle is sticking open for about 2-3 seconds before dropping off again. It used to do this occaisionally before the maintenance but now it's all the time and much worse than before. It has been
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