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  1. Congratulations ! ! Great and Lovely pictures of an Esprit V8 SE. B) I like the #gar06sm and gar01sm, taken like a professionel photographer !. Don't you think that the Esprit V8 on the pic #gra03sm looks like an AutoArt' die cast model ??
  2. Hi, I am looking for pictures or videos of the Lotus Esprit V8 used sa "safety car" in the 1999 / 2000 BRDC GT championships and the 2000 BTCC Lotus Sport Elise championship. This Esprit V8 was metalic BRG with gold OZ wheels + decals "Lotus Sport". I saw it in a 1999 issue of the magazine "Pure Lotus". Thanks Remy25
  3. Hi everyone, I just discover this topic and I could answer some questions you asked. I sent a copy of my book to LEW in september 2007 to publish an article about it in the LEW e-shop ("Lotus Esprit" on LEW e-shop). Different pages could be seen at the end of the article. If you want to see some pics, I could send other pages of my book on this topic. If anyone had problem to order it on the (french) website of my publisher, just send me a mail, I will pass on it to my publisher. I know that the book is written in french and that is a problem to people who speak english. But I have the same problem when I try to read the wonderful book of Jeremy Walton about the Esprit.... I prefer looking at the pictures and figures.... And my book was not first translating in english because Jeremy Walton wrote this book (in english) about the whole story of the Esprit !
  4. In fact, special Colin Chapman Turbo Esprit exists. It is a limited edition Esprit Turbo SE called Esprit Turbo SE "Colin Chapman limited edition". This edition was produced and sold by Lotus France in 1992 to commemorate the founder of Lotus Cars. It was an idea of the famous Gerard Crombac. There were 10 cars of this limited edition. To distinguish a Colin Chapman edition : Revolution wheels and wing taken from the 1990 Esprit SE "X180-R replica" , commemorative plate on the dashboard, Chapman signature on the body and commemorative inner door sill. No specific body or interior colour for these 1990 Esprit SE. No ABS. See the link : Lotus Esprit SE Colin Chapman edition
  5. No. Each Esprit "Colin Chapman" has its own body colour and interioir colour. The lucky owners could choose them. I know, there is one BRG, one Black, one violet, one dark red.... If an Esprit is rare, a Colin Chapman edition is very, very rare on the roads in France.
  6. Do you know the Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
  7. That's the big question : Doing or not doing a book written in English ?? Why doing a book in English ? 2 beautiful books about the Lotus Esprit from Coterie Press have already been written in english by William Taylor and Jeremy Walton (I have 1 copy of each, even if I did not read the text in english, only for the pics and the fantastic work made by these 2 authors ! !). That's the reason why I illustrated my book with beautiful and unpublished pictures : to create an interesting book for Esprit owners around the world reading English, French, German, Spanish, having a passion for the Esprit and looking for every book about their lovely sport car illustrated by picture never seen before..... As I said, I have a true passion for the Esprit ! ! :smiling:
  8. I understand what you think. But written a book about the Lotus Esprit in France is a big adventure and got a lot of difficulties. Finding a publisher in France who is agree to publish a book about this fantastic sport car - not as famous as a Ferrari (!) - is very difficult. My publisher took the (financial) risk but could not offer each Esprit owner a copy of the book. I want do that. If I could do that, I did it as the book was published. I worry about that. I managed to make this book because you helped me with pics of your Esprit. I know that but I told you that I could not give you a copy. regards
  9. I have a true passion with the ESPRIT and I bought a copy of each book published about the Esprit, about Lotus or sport cars with some pages described the story of the Esprit, even they are written in English, French, German.... Don't you do the same ???
  10. Hi Esprit guys, Are you looking for a original Esprit gift for Chritmas ? Do you want to complete your Esprit books collection ? Do you think about the last book published about the LOTUS ESPRIT :
  11. Hi Peter, I have a true passion with the Esprit and I bought every book and magazine about the Lotus Esprit, even English books. Because there is no book in French about the Esprit, I decided to write a book that I understand from the first page to the end ! Jeremy Walton wrote a well-researched book in English about the story of the Esprit. The main interest of my book for you is the unpublished pictures coming from owners around the world and from LEF. If the book is a success, my publisher told me he would translate it in English. It depends on you .... Regards R
  12. Hi Esprit owners, I have the great honour to announce to you that the book I wrote in French called
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