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  2. Don't worry, it will be a Lotus only day both this year and into the future. I will not allow anyone else to interfere with our day again. The only reason the Mazda's were allowed on track two years ago was because of a request from their race organiser and also Castle Combe Circuit itself. Apparently their practice session had been curtailed because so many MX5's had been falling off (!). As they had a large number of novices entered they wanted them to get at least some experience of Combe before Monday's race. We said 'yes' on the basis that our exclusive Lotus track time would be
  3. Just to let everyone know that Brian Angus will be giving technical talks on Saturday and Sunday on the 900 series engines and Espriit. He'll also be around both days on the Club Lotus stand as will Brian Buckland who'll be hosting tech talks on the Elan and the twin cam engine. This is in addition to the wide range of technical advice available on the stands from the likes of Steve Fulcher, Option I Sportscars, Spyder Engineering, Hangar 111, Chris Neil, PNM, Nitron, and CTM Enginering to mention a few. Don't worry too much about possible traffic problems. We've had our show running along
  4. Thanks to everybody who made the trip down to Combe yesterday despite the very average weather. Great to see you all as usual. I can only apologise for all the race transporters/motorhomes that were everywhere in the paddock and ruined our intended display areas. The really annoying thing was that I’d complained last year to the Combe management about how the competitors were increasingly encroaching on our agreed areas. They promised it would be better this year but it was about 200% worse! I can tell you I was not a happy bunny when I arrived on Friday afternoon to set up only to
  5. Hi All, JUst to remind you that we're running a Parts Fair again this year but not at Stoneleigh. The new venue is the 3 Counties Showground at Malvern and the date is Saturday Oct 10th. Opening hours are from 10.00 to 15.00. Ful info is on the Club Lotus website We also have a small amount of undercover parking space available at Malvern in the main hall. Although there is much less than we used to have at Stoneleigh, I'd like to invite LEF members to take advantage of what is available. We'll be filling it up on a first come / first served basis
  6. You'll all hopefully already have seen this on our website but just a reminder that Club Lotus has registered with the organisers and Club members can buy tickets through us (same price 42 Euros) plus you'll receive a free pass to our infield parking area. This year the organisers are only sending out these passes direct to Clubs and only on a one-for-one basis for tickets ordered through Clubs. I've reserved spaces for 60 cars but I know we can increase this if there is the demand. However, we need to get our initial order in by the end of Jan although we can still order tickets up unti
  7. Brilliant idea Troy and the very best of luck with it. If you need any business help/advice let me know (I'm probably nowhere near as accomplished as Kimbers tho....... but I am a lot less pink........) When you've found some premises email me - [email protected] - and I'll put something into Club Lotus News.
  8. AlanM

    Castle Combe

    It was genuinely spine-tingling driving past at the start of the presentation laps and seeing everybody alongside the track. Still is in fact But..... watching the video and seeing Bib's photo of Si with an arm around him..... brings tears to the eyes. Very special people and friends indeed.
  9. AlanM

    Castle Combe

    Just putting together the last few things for Saturday - now all I've got to do is organise the weather....... We still have few track passes left but please be quick if you definitely want one. Call Jane on 01362 694459/691144. If you're still not sure we sometimes get a few cancellations on the day so come over to signing-on (in the Strawford Centre from 08.00) and ask us. You get 2 guaranteed 15 minute sessions and we usually get through all these by 15.00 after which you can have as many extra goes as you like. The hot lap pasenger rides (
  10. I've been reading the comments linking Club Lotus with UK Sportscars and would like to clarify a few points. I have received complaints about this company and have successfully helped arbitrate satisfactory conclusions in several cases over the past two years. This is a service the Club provides and one which I personally take very seriously. However, in neither case was the evidence sufficient to warrant me taking wider action. I'm well aware of the responsibilities of Club Lotus, how we may be viewed by enthusiasts and also our duty to give good advice and guidance. When we receive a
  11. Spoke to Brian Angus yesterday - helpful as ever and he's been checking his factory records but no luck so far. Brian said he hadn't heard of the car for a long time. I've also had replies from William Taylor: Alan I am afraid I have no idea where this car is. I was very keen to find it when we were working on our Esprit book, but had no luck. I always beleived it was owned by Giugiaro Design Studios and that they had it in storage somewhere, but despite several letters, e-mails and phone calls to Giugiaro we never had any response from them. Not even an acknowledgement that they had
  12. Caught up with all this a few hours ago. Just to summarise, and from what I know, I think the known facts are that it was built in aluminium on a stretched /widened Europa chassis and that it included three details that made it through to initial production - tartan seat inserts, two-spoke steering wheel and Wolfrace wheels. I'm not in the office now until Wednesday and will have a look through our archives then. In the meantime I'll email William Taylor of Coterie Press, Jeremy Walton and Olav Glasius in Holland to see if they can shed any light. I'll talk to Lotus as well - has an
  13. Looking forward to seeing you all at Donington on 17/18 March and having a LEW stand in the hall for the first time. I'll no doubt sort the outside car parking arrangements with Bibs/PaulC over the next few weeks. This year also for the first time we have track action on Saturday 17th with a Lotus trackday organised by Lotus-on-track. Contact them direct if you want to book a place. If you just want to see what Donington looks like from the cockpit there will be rides available in exchange for a small charity donation. See the Club Lotus website for more info. The other good news is tha
  14. AlanM


    I spoke to Neil Lovelock (good man) at Lotus Cars yesterday and he's going to be bringing a good selection of Esprit parts along. It'll also be an opportunity to find out just how much the factory can do (a lot!) for Esprit and all other classic Lotus. Free undercover parking as usual in a reserved area for Esprits - my thanks to Paul C and Bibs for helping out here. Advance tickets saving
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