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  1. So I scanned an old Triplex decal . . . It looked like this: And then I did my best to mimic it in Photoshop: . . . and then I thought, "Hey, wait, someone probably sells these on eBay . . ." And as I'm sure many of you know already, yes, they are available on eBay. But I had fun doing it. For what it's worth, the closest font I could find was Gill Sans MT, the black letters are about a 21.5 point, but I went with 22 and doubled the layers to make them look more bold. The width of the stroke is in the letters T R I P L E X is closer to 80% of the standard width, but the width of the letters themselves are closer to 65% give or take (which makes the letters look skinny), so I ended up compromising and just varying the actual widths of the letters between 70%-80%. It's not exact, but would fool most people, especially when scaled down to the correct size of 2.5x1 inches. Most notable is the R, which has a straight leg on the original and a bent leg on Gill Sans. Oh well, a fun and useless project. Posted here for posterity, or for anyone else to use. I have the original 600dpi .psd file with layers if anyone wants it.
  2. Not certain of this, but I would look into the flasher unit from a U.S. spec Jaguar XJS, as I once encountered one whose flasher unit had also gone missing, and had been replaced by one of those Hella units...
  3. Had it been an S1, people would be looking at the car, not the girls!
  4. Thank you, Paul. Which way do the clips go? Like on the left?
  5. Hey everyone, Quick question regarding the clips used to hold the bright/chrome strips to the doors/dash/console of an S1/S2. Up until now I've had a small supply of the early plastic three-prong style; those are now out, and I am now using the metal clips for the first time. Looking at the attached photo, in relation to the trim piece itself, how do I affix the clip? I'm assuming it's like the one on the left - want to make sure. And if so, is it necessary to place a washer behind it, or if not necessary, does it help? The interior is trimmed in leather; given its thickness compared to cloth, I'm thinking that may help. Thanks! Tony K.
  6. Still!!! 3:53 am here in Texas!!!!!!!!!!! Best thread ever!!!!! Giugiaro Esprit or Stevens Esprit??? YES! BOTH!!!!
  7. Greetings from San Antonio, Texas!!!!!!
  8. I've got to hand it to them for being clever, in a Smokey Yunick sort of way!
  9. Hi Mark (and everyone), The past couple of years have been overwhelming. I have been keeping 100% busy with two small children, an exciting full-time career, the restoration of two old houses, and the maintenance or servicing of a fleet of now seven classic cars and two daily drivers. To add to it, I've continued to work on car projects for other people in the past two years. At the moment, a V12 Jaguar XJS convertible sits in my garage awaiting a new headliner and some interior work . . . I am a bit weary of having projects to work on everywhere I turn, and cars tucked away in three different garages in two different cities. And I want to spend more time with my children while they are little. So Patty and I are talking about simplifying our life. What this amounts to, among other things, is that I am motivated to sell one or two Esprits and a Lancia. I'd really like to keep all of these cars forever, but at this moment my motivation to simplify is greater. I thought I'd start with this car, 355H, only because it is in nice shape and doesn't really need much. It has 27K original miles, full owner history, lots of service history both recent and old, including the 12K mile service stamped in the owner's manual for the original owner by the selling dealer. It has the E-cams, and I replaced the worn Dellortos that were on it with an excellent (and freshly rebuilt) pair. Also sourced an original pair of chrome Raydyot mirrors, correct for a Federal S1, and an original air box. This car has the Federal "hot climate package" (4 radiator fans) and air conditioning (very rare), although the AC needs to be serviced. It has a new radiator and otter switch. Since I stopped posting in this thread, I have tended to the car, worked on a few things, and kept it waxed and covered in the garage with extra layers over the cabin so the marcasite doesn't fade. I roll it to different positions to keep the tyres from flat-spotting and the wheel bearings from sitting in one position. I keep a large fan blowing under each of my cars for most of the year to prevent condensation when the temperature changes; the brake rotors are still shiny and the undercarriage the same. I have not allowed it to deteriorate. If anyone might be interested in this car, I would entertain selling it to the right person (read: good custodian, knowledgeable collector, and NOT someone who is just going to paint it white. I have a white S1 if you must . . .). Right now, the car still has the head off. Due to my own lack of time and tools, I sought to have someone else lap the valves and set up the clearances on the new head. I finally found the ideal person this spring, but he is busy until the middle of November building race engines, and then I may or may not get a timely spot in his queue. Otherwise the car would be back together and driving already. The only other functional things it really needs are new rubber shifter bushes (they are worn, resulting in longer throws), and the heater core (matrix) has been bypassed because it was leaking. The tires and hoses are good, the electrics all work, and the car drove and functioned great and doesn't really need anything else. I can deliver the car as-is, or wait until I can have the valves done and put it all back together, or I can put a "used" but good head from another engine on the car to get it going sooner. I can prepare the car to any level that suits the new owner, from "as-is" to "every little thing sorted". It can be had with the current Speedlines, or I can fit it with a set of Wolfraces. I can send it off with the wrinkly Federal bumpers as-is, or fit Domestic/European bumpers. Price would be dependent on what I do to the car. Would be happy to discuss it in detail with seriously interested parties so you know exactly what you are getting. Given it's uniqueness, history and condition, I'd be looking for a healthy offer. It's an awesome S1, and far better inside and out than all the S1s I've seen change hands lately. Here's a photo from a few weeks ago: . . . and another with my littlest sweetie: If anyone would really like this beautiful S1, please PM me with any "indications of interest". I tried to list the car in (and will as soon as I can), but I was unable to register, so I hope nobody minds my mentioning it here; TLF members deserve to hear about it first, anyway!
  10. I'm having the same difficulty - I'm trying to register, I enter my password once, then when I type my password in the second time, it erases the first password and only shows one character, the most recent that I've typed. I've tried it on both Firefox and Internet Explorer on a laptop computer -- does exactly the same thing. Will try on my phone next, but would appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks! Tony
  11. Happy Birthday, Tony! I hope it's a great day and a great year!
  12. Hello TLF friends! As some of you know, I've been happily addicted to the Esprit S1 for many years. Well . . . . I'm not sure how else to say this, therefore I'll let my previous posts do the talking: Sooooooo . . . . . . . . . (scroll down) . . . . . . . . . . . . after many years of wanting one . . . . . . . . . . . . Wish fulfilled! Finally! Just the car I was hoping for - it was worth the wait! I'm very happy with this car. It's a 1988 U.S. model with Citroen gearbox and Bosch injection, in what is tied for my favorite color combination (black on tan) for a Stevens Esprit -- pretty much exactly what I would have gotten if I could have ordered one new! It needs some work, and I have numerous people (Atwell H., John D., more) to thank for their help already in beginning to diagnose its issues . . . Also want to thank TLF member scooterbugg for a very pleasant transaction and accurate representation of the car. What can I say? Very happy with the car, I like it a whole lot, and it's very exciting to have a Stevens Esprit after drooling over them for so long! I'm hoping to have its running issues resolved over the next few weeks. Also looking for a few parts Regardless of how long and how much it takes to fix, I'm looking forward to it! Cheers, Tony K.
  13. Which best defines remote: 1. Farthest from it's place of origin (Hethel)? 2. In a least populated area of the globe, farthest from a populated area? 3. Farthest from another Lotus, or from where Lotus might be found? My first Esprit S1, 260H, lives in a museum in Sao Paolo, Brasil; a very large city, but far from it's place of origin, and I believe there are very few Lotus in Brasil.
  14. I believe the owner is a member on here. Car used to be white, I think.
  15. As far as fonts go, the font used on Giugiaro-bodied Esprits is Eurostile, only widened a bit. Matra used it on the Bagheera, too.
  16. I have to second the part about the Elise/Exige/Evora being well-received here in the States. Two parts to this: 1) When people ask about reliability and the answer is "it has a Toyota motor", it's the end of that discussion (regardless of how much else of the car's quality is Lotus' own doing, people associate reliability most with the engine); 2) As with Ferrari's brand image overpowering the cars' shortcomings and issues, the Elise/Exige are so strongly and positively recognized as being exceptional handling, pure driver's car, best steering ever, great track day car, last hand-built sports car, pure sports car, etc. etc. etc., that all of those positive connotations of the car fill the narrative, leaving talk of quality/reliability behind.
  17. Going back to the Nextel portion of this thread, I want to add this data point: This is a "Federal-spec" car, no clue whether originally sold in Japan or exported there from North America. But this is the most intact original suede/flocking/nextel/whateveryouwanttocallit that I have seen on the internet. Not sure if the early (UK Domestic) S1s had this or something different, but this is what I remember and am used to seeing the original fuzzy covering on the tartan cars looking like. On the other hand, this looks like it might be fabric and not sprayed on? Can't tell, and can't tell whether it is original or a very dedicated attempt to look like the original stuff. Might be worth it to reach out to the owner and ask for some close up photos? - Tony K
  18. Hi Matthew, On an S1, hot, normal to spirited driving, at idle, the needle should be just above the red zone (right on the line, but fully on the green side of it). This is approximately 20psi. In cooler weather or on a fresh engine it may be higher, up to a "red zone's width" of green space. Same conditions (hot, warm day, etc.), while on the motorway, the needle should be in the middle of the gauge (~3K rpm). This is approximately 55-60psi. It will be noticeably higher in cool weather or rain, as water misting the oil cooler will keep the oil cooler. With all of this said, if your readings are low, the first thing to do is connect a mechanical gauge to check the oil pressure, as any issue with the dash gauge, sending unit, alternator, ground, etc., can cause a low reading on the dashboard gauge. Turn your lights on and off and see if that affects the oil pressure gauge... By the way, those minimum numbers in the workshop manual are minimums, not 'normals'; on a healthy engine with tens of thousands of miles, you should only see those minimums when really flogging it on a hot summer day. Cheers, Tony K.
  19. This is what happens to the kitchen table when she's not home, Barry!
  20. Has anyone else here eaten supper like this before?
  21. Tony K

    hot wheels

    Guilty as charged! I am keeping a few in each car to give to young families at car shows/gatherings who like the car.
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