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  1. For the last year all our home broadband has been from an unlimited 4G contract from Smarty (part of the Three network) for £20 per month. (using phone as a Hotspot) Its been very reliable and good enough for remote working and concurrent HD streaming to several devices. It also gives continuous coverage when we have had opportunity to travel between the NE and NW. Just got 28mb download and 21mb upload from this laptop, but didn't bother switching off the TV box or stopping daughter from streaming YT.
  2. There are appears to be a roughly cut hole to gain access to the top of the left petrol tank. Should that be there? The engine bay photographs and presentation are a little disappointing for a car at this pricepoint.
  3. You need to go back to square one and start again Fabian! Return carb to 100% standard and dynamically set the timing, as per book. I recall you mention that you had corrected the float hight a couple of days ago. This needs to be checked in isolation before you move on!
  4. I've got an early 84 spec bodyshell, which means I need to remove the drivers door to remove the electric aerial, which has just packed up. I can see that there are 2 large bolts that appear to secure the entire hinge (and door assembly) to the body. Can anyone confirm if it is 'simply' a case of removing the 2 bolts to get the door & hinge off in one piece? And are there any pitfall such as non-captive nut plates? If this approach is sound, I'll use the engine crane to support the weight while I swap out the old aerial. Ta!
  5. Brett - My link above shows the actual GM igniter thats inside the Lucas AB14 box - they're cheap and readily available. Think I could find a spare if you get stuck
  6. Well that doesn't leave much else! Presumably there must be a path to earth in the distributor, but its a mighty big co-oincidence that it should go fall after you have been working close to this area. You could substitute your S1 rotor & cap to test?
  7. If its an AB14 box, this is what is inside: ( along with a zener diode I recall)
  8. if your fuel level was low in one of your carbs, I suspect you will be getting closer to solving your problem. Fingers crossed!
  9. If it were mine, I'd be interested to test it with just the choke changes. I also wonder if raising fuel level by, say, 1/2mm will have the desired effect. I believe either/both of these measures will potentially enrich the mixture from transition.
  10. You'll be fine as long as you dont get a puncture on the way to Cortina Any update on the carb mods?
  11. Did you consider DaKa's brand new HC DHLA 45's he's currently got for sale? I'll be really interested to see how you get on with new set up.
  12. That opinion makes no sense. MV went off circuit as a direct result of the momentum/track position from the overtaking manouver. i.e. Its still part of the same 'event', even if he happened to be in front at that point in time. LH had his fair share of bad luck with poor stewards calls last season.
  13. Are you going to install one of his 'reversed' crownwheel/pinion sets? As a point of note when I change from 40's to 43's I need to turn in the mixture screws exactly one full turn to achieve the same idle CO2 - my datum is 2 full turns for 43's 3 full turns for 40's. (measured with a gas analyser). NB - I passed my MOT yesterday and he was very impressed with the emissions readings until we spotted the probe had fallen out half way through the test!
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