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  1. Must have nice outlook of the Valley Gardens from that property!
  2. Just double check its specifically a Turbo kit as the gasket material etc differs from an NA. Assuming your clutch and brakes are free, are the brake disks still OK? Fronts can be suseptible to judder if they are unevenly corroded where the pads have been left in contact Dont be suprised that even if the hydraulics brakes/water pump dont initially leak, they may start to after you start to use them. For that reason keep them under close observation - If you are going to 'use' the car, I'd consider changing all the hydraulic seals & brake hoses as a matter of course - Not as difficult as it sounds. Drop all existing fuel - Be good if you could look inside the tanks with a boroscope, as flaking crap will either leak or cause running issues with debris. If the rad is original, I'd be suprised if its not getting a little crusty & brittle in the fins. This tends to run the car a little hot. Dont be suprised if you spring a number of leaks in the alloy coolant pipes, as they tend to pinhole corrode 'upstream' of the clip where the rubber overlaps the metal. However, the rubber pipes seem to survive age very well. Is there any mould on the leather? If not, storage conditions have probably been OK. If any interior switches have become intermittent, ping them apart with your fingers and give them a spray with a professional contact cleaner, which will bring them back to life.
  3. If I was Bournemouth council, I would have been very tempted to leave the 22 tonnes of rubbish on the beach, for a week or two, rather than immediately tidying it up....
  4. I would discount the idea of fitting the Turbo carbs to an NA. In addition to the main and idle jets, you would also need to consider the jet holders/emulsion tubes, pump jets, pump jet springs, diaphragms weight. recalibration of pump jet volumes etc. There may also be physical differences in the castings, such as number of progression drillings. And as you note, you would also need to modify the venting system. Looking at your old carbs, I'd probably treat myself to an ultrasonic cleaner (not too expensive) and start from there. On the plus side, those later spec turbo carbs are a valuable part, so are unlikely to depreciate.
  5. 99% of the population were not aware of the existance of these 'offensive' statues or what they represent (probably the hubris of the might of the British empire?). 'Acedemics' have now decided to educate an audience of their wickedness, based on today's values. I agree that education could be the answer, which may help us all to understand why certain communities seem permanently marginalised and unable to compete on equal terms (which is in nobody's interest). However, hiding or defacing historical artefacts is ridiculously futile and probably a divisive approach. Just seen on local TV that 'they' now want to get rid of Captain Cook from Whitby - I'll be joining protests to keep him there....
  6. Think its the right option (apart from one aspect you mention ).
  7. How much was it up for?
  8. Interesting. I've only had to replace one of those bearings in almost 35 years of running an Esprit! Although as mentioned previously I've had several seals fail. How much are you paying for the bearings (i.e. are they a standard size or Citroen unique expensive?)
  9. Yes, as long as you maintain social distancing and apply common sense. Remember to 'be kind'....
  10. TBH this media hysteria is beyond ridiculous now. Fake outrage feeding frenzy....
  11. 910Esprit


    Maybe for the same reason its not a good idea to film yourself driving at 200mph, or committing any other crime for that matter?
  12. Ian - As a non-scientific experiment, could you try a back to back tension comparison with a phone app such as Gates Carbon Drive?
  13. I had a Rover 220 same colour - except it was the Turbo version (judging by wheels I suspect that is not a turbo?) Not sure how I survived ownership as it was fast, coupled with the most outrageously floppy chassis.
  14. Likewise, not heard a dickybird from the teaching staff and online tasks seem more like revision
  15. Fabian - Pete (PNM) certainly used to sell new remanufactured valves for the external wastegate. Althogh its a pretty harsh environment, these are not working under the same conditions as rhe turbo exhaust valves. Iconel would possibly seem overkill for this application?
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