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  1. 100% agree. If the composite ones leak, they are instant toast. The SS laminated ones are much more durable and easier to use
  2. I didn't. I originally used the flanged nuts, but they still managed to 'back off' I had sufficient spare thread on the studs to use a narrow 8mm nut as a lock nut, so that's what I did. I've had no problems since. However, it would seem locking plates are probably the best approach
  3. Nope - There's just a 'baffle' cast into the block then a plain hose to the airbox.
  4. Breather on earlier models is just a simple baffled feed direct from crankcase to airbox. (look for black hose attached to underside of airbox) Nothing really to go wrong.
  5. You could also use a 'squirty' oil can to 'pre-oil' the engine bearings via the oil pressure switch orifice, but as Filip says, I wouldn't worry too much. Just make sure oil pressure returns in, say, max 10 seconds of first start.
  6. I'll help her put them out. There should be consequences to his actions. Also The king is dead. Long live the king'.
  7. This is my favourite Saxon church in N Yorks (Gregorys Minster). Those solar panels are a dead givaway on your example that its a fake I guess there have been plenty of modifications and additions in the last 1000+ years. Oh yeah back to Brexit. Its amusing how the media have been hovering around for immediate chaos that seems to be noticably absent... They have even struggled to get negative soundbites at te port.
  8. Think you may have answered your own question. I'm not familiar with the water quality of the Black Hills of South Dakota, but could another possibility be Limescale from using 'faucet' water?
  9. That last photo is an outrage - I assume thats either a Saxon or Norman church. May as well convert it to a Macdonalds now for that lorry park
  10. As a grease nipple has a spring loaded ball to prevent water ingress/ lubricant egress, I don't see much point in swapping in & out blanking plugs. TBH There's far more contamination risk via the top trunnion seals. Keep a dedicated gun filled with EP90 and give them a charge every couple of months to force out the old oil rather than just drizzling in oil to top the things up. (Oil is fed to the bottom of the trunion, from a drilling in the upright and effectively changes the oil, by pushing past the top seal when charging using pressure). Does anyone remember the failrly commo
  11. I think the wording of the advert forms the contract, so as long as you, as a private seller, have not misdescribed the car, I dont think the buyer has any case. I'd tell him to 'do one' as I did a number of years ago with a TR6. By misdescibed - I mean a statement such as 'has a new clutch' when that is not true
  12. Well I've just learned that the disease (COVID-19) & the causing virus (SARS-CoV-2) have different names. Also 'COVID' is the legitimate shortform of 'coronavirus disease'. But it does seem sloppy reporting to continually mix them up). Looking at the British Society for Immunology's website, I believe the current tests would not include other endemic Coronavirus types (such as the common cold) in the results. https://www.i
  13. Regardless of how I voted in the referendum, would I apply for a French passport If I was entitled to do so? - Of course.... Presumably Stanley & Boris dont agree on many things, why should they?
  14. I was just musing, if and when, the BBC will end their good news embargo on Brexit
  15. Can you provide a link to that on the BBC?
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