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  1. Check/replace (22mm) the core plugs on the exhaust manifold face carefully for the same reason, they are prone to corroding through
  2. Thats what I thought, but PNM seems to have a significant price difference between the S2 and later models? NB - I would not expect any 'softness' in feel on the earlier cars (I dont know about ABS models). As long as new calipers have a similar size piston, there should be no difference in brake feel
  3. 910Esprit

    Gearbox backplate thread size

    Aluminum back cover is 7mm with an exception for the bolt securing the speedo drive. Nuts are 10mm securing silencer mounting to gearbox mounting
  4. Be impressed if you get get cam cover gaskets completely leak free, dry, especially as they are only bolted down with 3 screws. I use a small bead (1-2mm)) of silicone , applied very evenly with a gun, both sides of the gasket. Use Loctite 518 for pretty much everything else. The only 2 I fit dry are head gasket & oil pump. Have you disturbed your liners, do you know what gloop was used? Wrong thread - should be on Fabians!
  5. 910Esprit

    Crank pulley wear.

    I'm assuming that's an optical illusion and we are looking at the convex side!
  6. DVB are asking £600 for this on Ebay. 'Requires Welding' Really?
  7. It will never be pretty, but presumably you could get it reuseable with a hammer, heat and a dolly to get it back round. e.g. using an old bearing or similar as the dolly?
  8. 910Esprit

    Crank pulley wear.

    The crank pully and associated thrust washer locate the belt, so you would expect to see some evidence of polishing, however this does look a lot more extreme than my 110K motor. I would check there is nothing else out of alignment forcing the belt against the pulley. I'd probably rebuild the tensioner as a starting point.
  9. Not a solution as such, but maybe remove the floor carpets until Spring arrives?
  10. 910Esprit

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    First run of 2019. 22 years of continuous service....
  11. 910Esprit

    Exhaust cam housing removal

    Never bothered , I just turn housing through 90 degrees as I lift it away. Use a syringe with a small tube extension to suck cam housings dry prior to removal to avoid mess.
  12. Flanged self tappers. Finished in black. screwed directly into the body.... About the size of a number 6 woodscrew
  13. 910Esprit

    The best-looking alloy wheels ever

    And a spoked BBS at no two!
  14. 910Esprit

    Headlight help

    ?? That justs sounds wrong.... There should have either been 3 (or is it 4) little plastic tangs that you turn through 90 degrees, or if you have the earlier setup, 3 self tappers securing the chrome bezel. Sounds like you have either dismantled the later setup, in error, or have a non standard setup. Can you take a picture?
  15. 910Esprit

    Headlight help

    You can get very nice quality 'serviceable' fasteners by using motorcycle fairing clips