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  1. Next instalment should be more dramatic than an oil change!
  2. Apart from paint, doesn't look a bad car. Very good shutlines down both sides. Original interior better than many. It would present 10x better if headlamp pods were adjusted. I'll be suprised if it doesn't sell fairly quickly.
  3. I think most of us that have recomissioned/installed AC have made our own hoses from AC parts suppliers found on the internet. However, I do recall seeing that SJSportscars had ready made AC hoses.
  4. It's a repair. The stock hose is continous. It looks a perfectly good repair, however, my gas sniffer finds the original braided hoses pretty porous with R134. I'd swap the hose if you can do it yourself, as its not a particularly expensive job, especially if you can crimp your own fittings.
  5. Me neither, that, amongst other things, seems to give credence to it being a very early turbo installation, rather that a 907 with a turbo bolted on (which would presumably have detonated many years ago). Although its in unrestored condition, the engine was running very nicely. Also just noticed that there is no 'turbo' script cast into the plenum pipe, which I think that was in place by the time the dry sumps were produced. Maybe one for the historians...
  6. Hi Dave. Yes it's a tartan car, very original inside. Current long term owner did the exterior work. Lotus sunroof, Louvres,wing mirrors, S2 chin spoiler and S3 ears. Chassis is original S1 with driveshafts providing suspension links. My understanding is that the owner purchased the turbo engine and did the conversion. It seems a pretty unique lump, which I was wondering if it pre-dates the original production dry sumps. Apparently Lotus previously confirmed the provenence of the motor as a 'development' unit. If I see it again, I'll look at the engine mounting arrange
  7. This S1 turned up at my house today. It's a real curiousity from all points of view. The hybrid turbo engine includes many 907 features and a development engine number
  8. On the early turbos there is a 'damped' common vacuum rail for the servo and accessories that is shared across all 4 cylinders
  9. I seem to recall that a few people have previously expressed slight disappointment with bigger front calipers on early turbos? Possibly as the standard calipers are not the limiting factor to good braking, especially at low speed pootling about, when it may be more difficult to generate good vacuum. Think I also recall that some aftermarket calipers, have less in the way of weather seals than standard road calipers, so I wonder if they may be more prone to corrosion in the longer terms or after periods of inactivity? NB - Parts for Girling calipers are cheap as chips, so you could
  10. You may have a point Fabian, but let's explore this further.... Your car only has a 3 point advance curve specified. Not exactly a complex map! 1000rpm - 12 (no cetrifugal advance) - MIN 2000rpm - 20 (12 degrees static +8 degrees of centrifugal advance) 3000rpm - 28 (12 degrees static +16 degrees of centrifugal advance) - MAX (there is no significance to 3500 other than to ensure max advance has been achieved during dynamic tyming) So assuming your dizzy is a genuine Turbo version, in good condition and has been timed correctly, the idle position and the
  11. You have already found Lotusbits, who are probably the 'mainstream' source of performance parts and are race proven. Another route maybe to use a the NA HC engine which has 180bhp as a starting point, I recall. After that. your options may get more bespoke. E.G. Gary Kemp was one of the original high performance tuners of the 907 and was doing some really trick stuff, I've not seen anywhere since. Think Mark Sudderby (cant remember his tag) has very recently had his S2 Restomodded - presumably fuel injection & mappable ignition. Maybe worth sounding these guys out. I
  12. Can you also ask them why the 'hot' end of the grade is only 40? Most, if not all, recommendations I've seen are '50' or '60'.
  13. And dont forget to ensure the spigot bearing is fitted flush with the flywheel. And also the nylon washer is present on the input shaft!
  14. Ah yes air rifles.... did you also make slugs from crushed aluminium foil, these could be used to 'safely' shoot your mates! Forgot to mention the self combusting incendiary devices powered by potassium permanganate and glycerin. Then got into motorbikes from around 13, when you could pick up old mopeds and british bikes for peanuts. That was the next chapter of youth, from which I didn't emerge unscathed.
  15. Yes, I remember that too. came in a little tin. Got the recipie for gunpowder from one of the original Star Trek episodes! From then on we experimented trying to make rocket fuel, with varying degrees of success. Of course made 'Genies' and banger guns from fireworks and I once had the 'exitement' of setting off a real parachute flare in dad's vice - that was a scary 20 seconds! Also made smoke bombs from ping pong ball celluloid wrapped up in silver paper?! We also enjoyed the low budget approach of setting fires and piling wet leaves on top!. Can also remember larking about and
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