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  1. Nikasil wont fit your engine (which I assume is LC spec) without precision machining to modify the block and not really sure they offer any benefit for a carb turbo. I'd save the £££ and use that money elsewhere in the rebuild.
  2. That's the best condition failed gasket I've seen.... It's not an original Goetze item, as it has a copper seal on the oil gallery (genuine uses Viton and the outer sealing ring is black if I recall). So that's the first change I would make. Would also suggest new studs if you have had unpredictable results with the old ones. NB I work on interference fit engines with the crank rotated back 90 degrees (All pistons halfway down the bore), then rotate forward back into TDC position when cams are set for TDC.
  3. Looks like the media may need to move on to something else, drove past several fuel stations in Gtr Manchester tonight, with fuel and no unusual queues.
  4. It will be a rare option on an S2, so definitely worth progressing as long as you still have the evaporator in position. Have a look at this thread
  5. I remember during a previous fuel shortage, a taxi driver filling up his wheely bin with petrol. Seemed like a good idea until the petrol melted the bin....
  6. I also keep hearing reports about 'empty supermarket shelves' Where exactly are these empty supermarket shelves, as I've not found them yet
  7. That seems an epically wide space for a wooden structure. Looks perfect for the job in hand.
  8. First mention of a Holt's pub on TLF. Always a favourite brewery of mine. Crown & Anchor, Hare & Hounds...?
  9. I remember that someone on here used those low temperature alloy brazing rods to fix theirs. Seemed a good solution. After lockdown storage, I found myself chasing this problem, even though car has 'in date' ethylene glycol inhibitor/coolant. Think I replaced 3 in total. The good news is that they are readily available and not especially expensive.
  10. The other thing you can do, under the car, with the cable end disconnected, is familiarise yourself with the range of movement of the crossgate shaft and what gear plane each movement represents, You then know what you are aiming for with the cable connected - Yes its very easy to adjust so you are trying to set off in 3rd or reverse is unavailable.
  11. Same here - but I know exactly what they will look like!
  12. Just throwing it out there - Could you use an oil cooler, or 2 oil coolers in series, I wonder?
  13. The smaller ones are also metric, 22mm from memory.
  14. Mine is broadly similar. i.e. starts as full, reads full for a period of time, then drops fairly progressively until 50%. Stays on 50% for ages. Then drops like a stone after a certain point. (but that's fine, as its most sensitive as its nearing empty). NB Doubt I could get 360 out of mine, but I never brim it and have never run it empty, so not sure what actual max range is.
  15. Obviously had plenty of money spent on the 'cosmetics' but not keen on the dubious chassis paint job in engine bay, covering a fair bit of rust on the chassis member adjacent to manifold. Also looks a bit leaky down that side of the motor. Been inexpertly jacked quite a bit under front cross member. Question for the experts out there. Apart from the decals and cam covers, are there any other parts unique to an 'Essex'? Think I'll have a go on WBAC now!
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