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  1. I'd be a little worried if people can arrive on international flights without an identity!
  2. So this person that cannot be found that arrived from Brazil - Why not simply pubish their name? Pretty sure they could then be tracked down in 20 mins....
  3. Why not just replace the internal springs with a distance piece?
  4. And the tail pipe alignment.... NB - As Im sure you are aware, the body seam is structural, I would want evidence that any work had been completed satisfactoriy on the inside - Although I personally would not buy a modified car at that price. And there is also a possibility that the deseaming was conceived as part of body repair, id also want to rule that out too!
  5. Looks great Giz, but liked the yellow too. NB is that the Mobil pegasus logo? Seem to remember him gracing our petrol pumps many years ago.
  6. Its a bit rich coming from the BBC. Particularly during the first lockdown, they were going out of their way to undermine a lot of what the government were trying to achieve.
  7. It really is uncanny how much it smells like vomit.... Whilst discussing chocolate bars, can anyone remember how nice Toblerone used to be? Now its just a typical soft milk chocolate! Err back on Topic (Boom Boom) now!
  8. Great to see 'buy british' in action
  9. It Does give a G car a more modern look. Personal choice I guess, but not for purists.
  10. However well its been done, de-seam and roof rail delete are not desireable features....
  11. Using my own descriptions - 2nd Gen and 3rd gen engines are identical - The main difference is the improved front suspension. You will struggle to tell from looking at photos, but if it has a full glass roof (not a nasty 1980's aftermarket) Then it is almost certainly Gen 3. Looking underneath, as easy check would be look at the front discs. Solid=Gen2 Vented=Gen3. NB I think your logic is good, The Gen2/3 cars are the most plentiful and 'cheapest' and there is no price premium for the later improved suspension
  12. Only a train spotter and members of this forum, can tell the earliest from the latest Turbo Esprit, but they were developed and improved throughout the production run. Here's my thoughts (which wont be the same as owners of those particular variants). There will be some date discrepancies and there was overlap, but you'll get the picture: 1st Gen - Dry Sump - Has no 'real world' advantage over a wet sump and as Fabian says, some engine parts are vanishingly rare and do fail. Also uses trunnion suspension with the rollbar also forming a suspension link. Period parts such as Compomo
  13. I remove mine by undoing the 10mm (or possibly 11mm) nut on the motor linkage. I recall reading some threads that there is a suggestion that some linkages are both RHT!
  14. Cant see why you would need to theheadlamps... But thats just my assumption. NB you can easily get access under the headlamp pods if you just remove the motor linkages. Worth doing just to remove any debris and clean the area.
  15. I seem to recall the recipie change related to the then purchase by American conglomorate Kraft, who provided appropriate assurance that production would continue in the UK etc etc then rapidly broke all their promises?
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