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  1. I had the same conundrum but just added wih rack on the car using a pump action oil can with the nozzle pushed between the new boot & the track rod before tightening the clip. NB I recall not been able to find a specific quantity of oil, so just added what I felt was a reasonable amount.
  2. Just remove the Plenum! Dont use gasket cement on the gasket, just a smear of grease. Makes it a painless 5 minute job.
  3. How can you get 47k out of original tyres on a sports car? I got through the last set on my wifes Nissan Micra 1.0 in less than 20k. And can still get through the rears in less than 10k on a 37yo Esprit.
  4. That's true, but still less than 50% of votes cast were for pro-independence parties (according to somebody or other being interviewed on TV)
  5. Hey Alan - Where is Soup Classic Motoring Project Binky Ivor's Shed Tyrell's Classic Garage Tavarish (if he's doing his Lotus or an Exotic) B is for Build - For comedy value.... Jonathan W
  6. A quick number plate search on google suggests owner is an active member of this forum. Does look very keenly priced!
  7. I am not aware of different versions 'electronically' However there are 2 & 3 wire versions, but these can still be interchanged with some simple config changes. Also the trigger connecting plugs seem manufacturer specific. The trigger tails are polarity sensitive as the waveform that triggers the amp is asymetrical. What coil are you using? You need the correct version such as a DLB198 with a low primary resistance.
  8. Based on all the advanced jobs you have done on your car, I'm puzzled why servicing the trunnions should concern you! You just need a dedicated 'grease' gun full of EP90 and you can charge them with the car on full lock, still on the ground. As they should be done every 1000 miles, or so, you don't want to be taking it to a garage! NB - They have fairly recently updated Gates Carbon Drive with a new version, that retains a history of the last several tests. I prefered the previous version that just did 'spot' checks and didn't have an annoying introductory video. I tend to run mine
  9. The general opinion seems to be that its ornamental, There are a number of owners that have discarded it. But I'd personally choose to replace it, as its already there.
  10. I used to wonder how amazing empires such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman etc. crumbled to dust. How could that possibly happen? Unfortunately, I now have a ringside seat.
  11. In the UK I could have imagined such a case being prosecuted as 'joint enterprise', where a group of individuals are held equally culpable even if only one of them 'wields the knife'.
  12. Why weren't there any 'aiding & abetting' charges for all the other public officials who allowed this to happen?
  13. Well I'm not condoning it but - In the late 80's, when I worked for the Inland Revenue (Worthing), we had 2 licenced bars on site. which were open at lunchtime and after work. It was routine to have maybe 4 pints at lunchtime and then carry on into the evening, which didn't seem to trouble the management at all. I dont like the idea of people driving around 'under the influence', but apart from that. I suspect its just the drug(s) of choice that have changed over the last few decades.
  14. I like the interior, reminds me of a pair of 1970's '15 upper' DMs....
  15. 1. Yes I converted it myself 'on the drive' (hoses, compressor & dryer) Evaporator & condensor are original parts. 2. I get between 2.5 - 4.5 centrigrade at the vent. (Even though compressor is smaller than the original Sanden SD508). 3. As above. I recommissioned the system maybe 5 years ago and its been 100% reliable and only been topped up with a few ounces since then. There is a thread about it somewhere. Andy Warne did a full install of AC on a non-AC model around the same time.
  16. The power of the internet indeed.... @DarracqI owned CYH822V for some years from around 1986 I recall. Think I bought it in the Rotherham area for £5600 I put it on a new galvanised chassis as the original had accident damage from a significant rear end shunt. At the time I was working in Sussex from my home town of Middlesbrough. It could regularly cover the 330 miles door to door in less than 4 hours... I can't recall when I sold it - probably in the early 90's in the Manchester area. Unbelievably, I don't think I have any photographs!
  17. For the last year all our home broadband has been from an unlimited 4G contract from Smarty (part of the Three network) for £20 per month. (using phone as a Hotspot) Its been very reliable and good enough for remote working and concurrent HD streaming to several devices. It also gives continuous coverage when we have had opportunity to travel between the NE and NW. Just got 28mb download and 21mb upload from this laptop, but didn't bother switching off the TV box or stopping daughter from streaming YT.
  18. There are appears to be a roughly cut hole to gain access to the top of the left petrol tank. Should that be there? The engine bay photographs and presentation are a little disappointing for a car at this pricepoint.
  19. You need to go back to square one and start again Fabian! Return carb to 100% standard and dynamically set the timing, as per book. I recall you mention that you had corrected the float hight a couple of days ago. This needs to be checked in isolation before you move on!
  20. I've got an early 84 spec bodyshell, which means I need to remove the drivers door to remove the electric aerial, which has just packed up. I can see that there are 2 large bolts that appear to secure the entire hinge (and door assembly) to the body. Can anyone confirm if it is 'simply' a case of removing the 2 bolts to get the door & hinge off in one piece? And are there any pitfall such as non-captive nut plates? If this approach is sound, I'll use the engine crane to support the weight while I swap out the old aerial. Ta!
  21. Brett - My link above shows the actual GM igniter thats inside the Lucas AB14 box - they're cheap and readily available. Think I could find a spare if you get stuck
  22. Well that doesn't leave much else! Presumably there must be a path to earth in the distributor, but its a mighty big co-oincidence that it should go fall after you have been working close to this area. You could substitute your S1 rotor & cap to test?
  23. If its an AB14 box, this is what is inside: ( along with a zener diode I recall)
  24. if your fuel level was low in one of your carbs, I suspect you will be getting closer to solving your problem. Fingers crossed!
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