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  1. If it was mine, I'd find an original elephant's trunk
  2. Well its not exactly a Bluespot, but it does have a tuner, an 80's look, with every connection method/interface I can use. For the £30 paid, I cant expect too much. If its useless, I'll put it in the shopping car.
  3. Although the SNP referrendum pitch is to use the Pound (Bank of England....) in the short term, then fanciful suggestions around a Scottish currency. The reality would be that membership of the Eurozone would be mandated. The EU would be able to dictate all terms and conditions. The SNP would have zero leverage.
  4. I've got one on my G Turbo with the external wastegate. Its the full system including backbox. (pretty much as shown in that photo) I had a few fitment issues, irritating, but nothing that was too problematic. I could also originally feel more NVH (maybe it was resonance?), although that has reduced over time. Once sorted its a great piece of kit and definitely an upgrade. I'm not aware of any that have failed in service, even on the higher performance models. It also has the advantage that it can be removed/refitted with the engine in the car and the V band clamps make removing/refitti
  5. there is a little hole in the water pump body, wher the shaft rotates. Check if the water drips are from there. You may also find that various alloy pipes are perforated where they overlap the rubber hoses - A right pain... Dont think there is any magic to flushing. Id do what you suggest in both directions with heater valve open. When 1st got mine, heater was blocked, to my amazement, the Holts Radflush stuff I used actually worked and its been fine for the last 23 years.
  6. on the other hand, all G cars including HC are badged "Turbo Esprit" But as you can see, I just call mine a random mixture...
  8. Dont think its 100% unique to Lotus, but its specific for Turbo installations. (Think an Alfa also used these carbs) If its leaking (it will leak air not fuel), you will not get full power as it controls fuel pressure in boost conditions. Have you tried Eurocarb? I suspect they will able to sort you out. Possibly repairable with low temperature alloy brazing rods, or bodgetastic JB Weld. It only has to cope with around 8PSI of air pressure Yes, car is driveable off boost or in low boost conditions
  9. Fabian - Have you seen the "Distributor Doctor" website? He helped me out with a problem and is clearly a wealth of knowledge.
  10. Certain its original, or a direct copy - Here's another original Its even got the same scallop in the bottom right. Whether its original to that car is another matter. E.G. I noticed the undertray is from a later model
  11. I agree, but I dont want to pay £400 for it!
  12. Last one is boot floor carpet. Long end is LHS
  13. Yes, I double checked, cabin is colour coded vinyl and boot carpet is cotton bound! (bearing in mind thats an S3 generation car(
  14. Think of an Esprit as a pretty time consuming, occasionally exasperating, hobby. Successful home maintenence requires good mechanical skills and a deft touch, otherwise parts are easy to damage and threads easy to strip. If that's not for you, I'd get an Evora.
  15. The only replaceable seals (not including easily changed orings) are on the output shafts and are servicable without splitting the box. I definitely wouldn't rebuild the box unless its proved to be faulty. They are durable and not particularly stressed in the NA models.
  16. Should the binding be herringbone cotton? It is on my slightly later original carpets
  17. Look's an interesting score. its got an HC engine (filler cap location) and the gearbox looks new/rebuilt. PS Do you clean chimneys in the Staithes area? (serious question!)
  18. I'm not a roofer , but do have a slate roof. The valley looks odd as do the tiles that are not lying flat. Think I'd be getting a second opinion at this stage...
  19. I'm thinking about updating my existing head unit (I dont have a separate amp). I'm thinking about something about something that looks '1980s' but has modern connectivity eg Bluetooth, USB and Aux input. Has anyone got any recomendations that wont break the bank..?
  20. Disapointed 'Ruthy' (Ozark) did not pick the Esprit!
  21. What's the deal about the cylinder head. Are they uniquely identifiable to a specific car. Any more than, say, a replacement water pump or carpet? Just Interested!
  22. I believe so. See Eric's post above for correct part number(s\. (assuming yours is a domestic model) If you examine your carbs, you will see the body size (eg DHLA40) is cast into each carb.
  23. None of the above! An 85 UK spec Turbo uses the DHLA40 body. Based on the WSM part number illustrated I assume they are NA variants Earlier post has correct turbo part numbers.
  24. Not to make light of it, but it reminded me more of a playground scuffle, not a 'frenzied mass brawl'.
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