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  1. Too funny - (apologies to anyone that thinks sportsmanship is alive and well) - I cant believe RedBull didn't see that coming. WTF would they put their cars behind the Mercedes who already had banker laps?
  2. My hope is that Red Bull do indeed appeal and the FIA remind RB what 'predominantly' actually means with a token penalty imposed on RB, to hopefully take some heat out of this. Both drivers are now going to be so wound up its not fair upon them.
  3. I would honestly get a 2nd opinion on your engineer. Brakes are incredibly simple. I dont believe there is any condition possible (other than air in the system) where the VAG rear calipers could cause there to be no brakes. The only checks I would perform is that the piston size is compatible and the bleed nipples ar uppermost.... EDIT - Crossed with Gary's post, but pretty much says the same thing...
  4. which they deemed to be worthy of a 10 second penalty....
  5. Are you effectively selling it as a non-runner? Surely it would be worth the money to get it fixed or reliably diagnosed?
  6. I dont think anyone has said he was blameless, but maybe the system is slightly flawed, as generally there are no penalties when drivers successfully take evasive action to avoid aggressive driving? Its interesting that the driver with the most to gain (Charles Leclerc) thought it was a racing incident (as did some other neutral drivers).
  7. The irony is that if Max Verstappen met a clone of himself on a racetrack, he would crash out every race. Had the 2 cars had been 10mm apart, the opening lap would have been lauded as one of the greats of the modern age....
  8. Think you have got all that right, but it's old news to anyone living in the UK! (or Europe for that matter). From today, we (England) are now letting the Delta variant rip (eg we are removing most restrictions, but still have high levels of the virus circulating). The reasoning being that we have good levels of vaccination, we know we cannot eradicate the virus, so we need to view it in a similar way to seasonal flu. From an international perspective, this poses a problem for any countries that have isolated themselves but do not have a saturation vaccine programme. If I was an Antipodean citizen that was denied re-entry to the country, I'd be very angry. If I was a unvaccinated vulnerable Antipodean citizen, I'd be slightly worried. And If I was locked down in perpertuity, I'd join the revolution!
  9. Citroen transaxle, but I dont recognise the bellhousing. eg starter is on the left. You also are missing a crossmember that should run across the top of the box
  10. To be fair, the government are now opting for herd immunity (avoiding use of that phrase). Against the 'better' judgement of various local mayors. If you look at the stats for India, which was out of control a few weeks ago, its now back to a similar number as daily cases as the UK, which I assume is because the 'delta variant' has naturally peaked. I'm personally looking forward to 'freedom day' on Monday. Although based on my experience over the last week or two, I think my locale was part of a pilot that lifted it ages ago without telling anybody else....
  11. Not sure John. Compare pictures 2 & 4. Looks aftermarket to me
  12. Ive been watching the rolling BBC news today and it seems racism is out of control and has gripped the nation once again. Can somebody remind me how many people were at Wembley, how many in the UK tuned into the match (25m?), how many watched it in bars/pubs and finally, how many disappointed pissed up UK idiots posted offensive content on social media? Jeez can we have some perspective?
  13. If it was stored in favourable conditions I cant see any reason why the engine or box would have significantly deteriorated. Assuming these are OK, I would budget for a C service and also budget for replacement of brake and clutch hydraulics. I would have thought that would be enough to get you up and running. £10k sounds an extremely generous budget to me and I would expect you would have a great car if you are prepared to invest that much. NB As a quick assessment of 'favourable conditions' what to the discs look like? An even layer of surface rust or a mass of crumbling oxide!? Does the car still roll freely?
  14. I think the other reason carb cars are 'incompatible' is more due to the fact they are vented to atmosphere and therefore suseptible to evaporation and sticky residues, rather than the materials used in carb/fuel injection systems. Clearly regular use will alleviate this. However certain machinery definitely has issues with the solvent effect of E10 fuel. EG the plastic floats used in Amal carbs need replacement with ethanol resistant versions. Only time will tell what else may fail. I also guess more older cars will start going up in flames...
  15. Its not just the fuel lines. I wonder about the non-metallic bits of the fuel pump, the diaphragm in the regulator and the non-metallic seals in the carbs. I also have a couple of carburated motorbikes and even E5 causes these ongoing problems at the moment, possibly as the jet drillings are smaller and they are used more infrequently. IE ethanol fuels seem to leave a sticky residue when they evaporate, I assume this will get worse with E10.
  16. Can someone to measure the extended length of an original damper off the car? All bets are off for any measurements with aftermarket units. (in your case George, I assume they are longer than standard) I'd be pretty confident that the original setup avoids any chassis to link contact. I could even imagine it being an MOT fail if a tester spotted it.
  17. That is interesting. I'm currently listening through headphones and the first one seems to have a more of a bassnote (straight through or blowing exhaust?). With an underlying light tappety noise. However, the second one seems to have a distinct metallic clack, which sounds abnormal.
  18. You wont hear any tappet noise on a correctly set up 910.... That unfortunate diesel sound on the first clip is not untypical, However I would say that the 2nd clip from 10 seconds onwards sounds very bad to me and needs further investigation.
  19. Dog shit bags hanging from bushes (just leave the f****** stuff on the ground if you're going to do that) Nitrous Oxide capsules in gutters Discarded facemasks all over the place Any other entries welcome....
  20. Maybe that's why you both have the same issue! To the best of my knowledge, mine's original and from a design point of view, it seems to make sense to perform a captive function on the trunnion. Is yours a replacement part?
  21. Well it's the same bracket. However, I think your spring is different. Mine has a much less pronounced kink - see where yours bends to bypass the cable trunnion? Mine has a slight kink but completely bisects that trunnion effectively locking it in the lever. Also I think my spring may have longer 'legs' as its in the same orientation as yours bur appears to be tucked further under the throttle linkage.
  22. I've had a look at my linkage and cant see what the problem is, so presumably its a completely different design. There is about 4" of inner cable between the bracket & the carb linkage, but full deflection of the throtle uses maybe only 2.5" of inner cable. The bracket is straight as a die and would not be particularly easy to bend as it's "L" section. Unfortunately, I can no longer easily post photos to illustrate. Looking at the bracket, I do wonder if its reversible and possible to fit upside down?
  23. I'll have a look after breakfast. I dont recall seeing anything fouling or deformed in this general area and I must have removed/refitted that bracket 20 times!
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