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    Depends on what you are planning to do with it? Prices vary from a few hundred pounds to +£10k Hub drives are cheap and cheerful, ideal for going to the shops. Any serious off road use needs a centre drive but the price goes up exponentially. I built one a couple of years ago from a kit, but I now tend to use my standard 'non assisted' mountain bike much more. i.e I think the electric bike helped build up a fitness level and I now take more pleasure in my mountain bike.
  2. Forgot to mention the standard ARB bushes to lower link dont last a long time. I replaced mine with polyurethane ages ago with good results
  3. Sounds like it may be the trunnion? (the brass coloured 'thing' that connects the upright to the lower link. If so, they are straightforward and inexpensive to change with no special tools or press required. If they have not been changed in living memory, they are worth doing as a precaution, as they are a critical, wearing joint that often don't get serviced correctly. Also double check its not wheel bearing or top ball joint play. All these are probably more likely than easily detecting play in a metalastic bush unless it is beyond shagged!
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    I'd always associated Scotland with crap beer (although always liked Deuchars as a session ale). Look's like I need to give it another try!
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    Yes - And lots of the dark malted ales of my youth seem to have disappeared. Can't recall seeing 'Mild' on draft for ages! The supemarket shelves are now also lined with canned versions of the beers you describe.
  6. My understanding is that it deletes both the external wastegate and the adapter manifold, which allows the use of a 'modern' turbo with an integral wastegate. Regarding 2nd quote - That's my point. If the main wastegate casting was reproduced it would allow G car owners to fully service the existing external wastegate to new condition, as all other wearing parts are available in the UK.
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    I didn't manage to see the whole thing, but I reckon the Germans were lucky to finish with 11 players on the pitch!
  8. I've now put this gearbox in the car, just because I want to try out the various mods. Only went 'round the block' for a shakedown as the weather was crap today. But radial seals seem to be working fine (see original post...) Also good strong synchromesh. Need to do longer hot run to see how everything is working and check noise levels. (That was the original issue - tended to get a little noisier when hot). Something I forgot to mention previously; Even at room temperature the pinion roller bearing outer race can spin in the casting in these boxes (I've seen this on more than one box). It may well be part of the design to avoid side loading the roller bearing as the case expands or contracts, however, its not something I'm comfortable with, so I have used a medium strength bearing fit compound to fix it in place. I guess time will tell if that was a wise move....
  9. Yes - There is a ratchet mechanism attached to the back of the piston that takes up the slack as wear naturally occurs
  10. See he also has a conversion kit to use a later manifold and turbo. Seems pretty good value. I always surprised that nobody has reproduced the main wastegate casting, which can corrode very heavily.
  11. Liz Truss has only been on a fraction of the political journey that the Kier 'integrity' Starmer has been on in the last few years! Based on the media's endless negative coverage of BJ, I assume Truss can expect similar. I would have liked to see Kemi win as she would have been a 'disrupter' that Starmer would have most struggled with.
  12. My suspicion would be that this arises from spurious legal cases for injuries (not) sustained.
  13. Just out of interest I measured the force required to start to compress the input shaft on an assembled input shaft/primary shaft - 5.25kg measured
  14. Because any detritus will potentially find its way into the bearings at the end of the pinion/primary shaft - even if the oil is drained. TBH I generally store them like that too
  15. Interesting, mine (84 Turbo) definitely isn't a Supervac 50 - The bolt pattern is different (50=oblong, 28/38=square) and there would not be room to fit a '50' without it fouling bodywork. Based on the Girling literature and measurements mine appears to be a Supervac type 38.
  16. The contemporary Lotus handbook (1984) recommended something called Valvoline X-18 MD SAE 80 GL5 (apparently X-18 was invented in 1939!) I would imagine Citroen probably specified some 'ELF' product
  17. Looking at the condition of the piston (very good) and the cylinder bore, I think your problem lies elsewhere. If its not prohibitively expensive, I'd recommend exchanging the caliper assembly & flex hose. NB - I've personally not come across a directional internal seal on a caliper before.
  18. NB - Anyone know what's going on with Starmer & Rayner? The press have gone spectacularly quiet on 'Beergate'. I wonder if the rumours of fines issued and injunctions are true?
  19. I would wager they were machined separately. That's not to say there was not some final process to process the bearing cutouts to the finished size. Apart from the witness marks and inconsistent measurements, a 'smoking gun' would be the fact that the gearbox and bellhousing are not dowelled. In fact the bearing cutouts are subsequently used to pull everything into alignment on assembly.
  20. Well there we have it! - Note split gasket. Happy that I was on the right lines
  21. I've overstated the discrepancy, which is nearer to 7.5 thou, but as the specified pre-load is only 12 thou, its bound to have an impact. All measurements I have taken are using bona fide engineering tools (engineers square and calibrated depth gauge for the above) so I'm confident that these are material discrepancies. Its entirely possible these castings are the exception to the rule. I have been mulling over the ide of switching to another set of cases, but will probably persevere with this set for now, as they have previously been fine for circa 75k miles.
  22. I must have the diff apart/rebuilt 10 times. Actually have done the final assembly 3 times, with gasket cement etc. Still not happy, as the pre-load always measurably increases on final assembly. Anyway, I'm now certain (again...) that I know what's going on. I am equally certain that the 2 main transaxle castings gearbox/bellhousing were not machined as a single unit. Presumably the Lotus specific bellhousing casting was made as an independent thing and united with the gearbox after initial manufacture. (This is evident in the line bore for the diff bearings, where there are clearly unmatched machine patterns on both castings. I believe the pre-load issue occurs as the bellhousing flanges are 10 thou narrower than the corresponding gearbox flanges when measured from driveshaft 'flange to flange' As the calculated pre-load is measured from the gearbox flanges before you assemble the bellhousing, everything measures fine, but when you bolt up the driveshaft housings the narrower bellhousing will allow an increase in the preload. Haven't fully decided how to address this without having the 2 castings matched. Could possibly subtract 10 thou from pre-load calcs, or more likely to introduce a 10 thou shim/spacer to make the bellhousing/gearbox the same width.
  23. If and when Scotland re-join, it would be on a completely new set of EU imposed non-negotiable T&Cs and there would certainly be no preferential/priority treatment. I would imagine mandatory debt reduction (AKA 'austerity'), free movement and of course the Euro. It's also hard to see how an open border with England could work. But equally inconceivable that a border crossing would be an acceptable solution to Brits (I'm also including Scottish folk as 'Brits'). I'm looking forward to reading NS's proposals in due course.
  24. Put the box back together, which is straightforward. The only tricky thing is holding the box while applying a lot of torque to the Primary & Pinion shaft securing nuts. That's achieved by holding the casing in the press and the selecting a forward gear & reverse simultaneously to stop the shafts rotating. So far so good, especially as I'd previously selected the shims for pinion height, end float & backlash. Now, for some reason unknown (although I suspect worn Citroen tooling), the pre-load is going out of tolerance when I bolt up the bellhousing to the box. I can double check this by removing one of the drive shaft housings and measuring the bearing depth, which I'll do in the next day or two.
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