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  1. I was going to put a batten up in the garage to replace a single pendant light. However I've discovered the current 'loop in' fitting has 5 circuits 'looped in' plus the switched wire for the actual light. So my original plan to remove the 'loop in' fitting and fit a wiring junction box in the garage roof may not be the best idea. I then thought that I can relocate the original 'loop in' fitting from the ceiling and relocate it in the garage roof. I could then run the flex from the batten to the relocated fitting. Although that would clearly work, I have no idea if it would break any electrical code or good practice for that matter. I could of course just leave the pendant loop-in fitting in place and replace the pendant flex with the flex for the batten - but that would look crap Could anyone recommend what the correct 'code' approach is for this?
  2. According to 'the book' the plain pin is at the bottom. That makes sense as the calliper is mounted to the rear of the disc.
  3. The rubber sleeved brake pin is the trailing pin. Plain pin is leading
  4. Because you can't join if you are already at war.
  5. To use the 12v starter feed to bypass the ballast resistor on cranking, with the diode to avoid the coil then feeding back to the starter in running mode?
  6. Looking on the internet an SP7665 (Talbot) is the same 13/16" master cylinder kit, with the exception of the seals that attach the reservoir. Can anyone help with the original master cylinder service kit reference for a Turbo Esprit prior to 1985?
  7. I can find earlier and later editions on line, but haven't managed to find the Esprit range. Particularly interested in identifying the part numbers for all the original service kits.
  8. Well the press arrived and did the job effortlessly. (Think I slightly over specified at 20 tons!). A tool would have been handy, but my low budget solution was a bar through a couple of wheelnuts resting against the floor. I used a bit of science with my bodyweight and the length of my breaker bar to 'torque' up the nut, however its not an exact science as you then need to keep going until you have access to the next split pin hole.
  9. I'd like to think there is deliberate misdirection and a lot of stuff going on in the background we don't know about!
  10. Maybe this? I suppose there is some sense in simple & cheap?
  11. Well it all depends! Main coolant pipes only from the front. Heater pipes also 'doable' from the rear (with the engine in), but some finagling required. Also check the 'tell tale' (The small hole under the water pump).
  12. @GTK Haha - I'm waiting for you to get sidetracked by the Lotus again! Don't worry about brake dimensions (on my behalf). I too have been sidetracked by other stuff!
  13. New press arrives tomorrow, so looking forward to assembling that. I've not got a 200lb torque wrench so will almost certainly just go FT and keep my eye on it!
  14. There's definitely some 'funny business' going on, as there now seems to be little difference between motorway and supermarket prices.
  15. Hmmm "boutique synthetic"? I personally take the word 'racing' as marketing spiel to describe an oil's premium properties in a single word. Like "budget" would be used to describe a cheap, poor specification oil. I can provide empirical experience of a 38yo turbo, which has done 115k miles, still has all original bearing journals, excellent oil pressure, original cam buckets, which have not materially drifted from spec n the last 40k miles. I reckon the 907/910 engines are tolerant to any good quality l10/60 15/50 20/50 that is changed regularly!
  16. I thought the book reading, in Hz, for a fixed tensioner/round belt was 100 - 110Hz? So when you say a "correct turbo at 85Hz" are you suggesting the Hz reading on the phone is inaccurate? You could calibrate that against a 'tuned' guitar, or similar. You could also calibrate the Burroughs gauge by cutting the old belt and suspending a known weight from it to compare the reading on the gauge. Mines currently running at 110-114Hz (Semi Auto/Trap belt). The other check I like to do is ensure that the spring in the tensioner has almost, but not quite, 'bottomed out' with the engine hot. Many years ago Pete Musgove told me another method to informally measure belt tension - It was to compress the tensioner to its limit and then set the belt by the total deflection in the longest run - but I cant remember the figure suggested!
  17. I do a fair bit cycling on the B roads of rural North York's and my advice is to put self preservation first... If you stop and wait, I've found that drivers also tends to become far more courteous in slowing down and giving space. Possibly as it diffuses the competitive jousting that seems to naturally occur between all road users?
  18. Well its ended in a draw. Wheel flange removed easily with rattle gun. Upright removed from car and started to drift out axle. Shifted around 5mm but then seemed to bind up. Wasn't prepared to hit it any harder, so packed up for the day. On the plus side, I'm going to 'invest' in a press in the next day or two!
  19. As title - can I replace rear wheel bearings, without a press, without risking damage to rear uprights? Looks straightforward, but I guess it depends on how much interference is used. Who has done it previously? Order of operation looks like: 1. back off axle securing nut and use puller to remove hub 2. disconnect outer driveshaft coupling 3. drift out axle, avoiding hitting casting.... (This is the contentious part if the axle is stubborn) 4. remove rear upright from car (lower link is not seized) 5. remove circlip, heat hub and drift out outer race from hub (hub can be supported on outer machined face once axle remove)j
  20. There is a certain irony that NS has a couple of known Covid rule breaches and was found guilty of misleading MPs (but did not apparently breach the ministerial code on a technicality - Hmmm). Her deputy was guilty of a Covid breach and tried to hide the evidence. And as for Margaret Ferrier..... However, she is still allowed to give her opinion on BJ and Westminster unchallenged.
  21. When mine went round the clock, the tester had to enter exactly what is says on the odometer. He wasn't allowed to assume that the first digit was '1' (on a 5 digit display). Hence mine now records as something like 15k on the MOT database. In a few years it will start to look credible as the original mileage!
  22. Yes, I'd read that as throw away the existing and fit a new 'thing'. Is there a particular part or thing you are wondering about?
  23. I'm with Andy on this one. Always treat 'dogs welcome' signs as a red flag. I've also noticed an explosion in ridiculous dog clothes round my way. That certainly makes me shake my head, along with the dog shit bags that now are the unwelcome xmas decorations festooned on bushes for unwary kids to encounter. Must be pretty impossible to make a descent 'den' these days. I was off the beaten track through Roxby woods yesterday and encountered a wire snare placed across the track I was following. That made me shake my head too. All it would do is randomly kill a badger, deer or fox that had the misfortune to put its head in it.
  24. I do all my work on the drive... no clearance, headroom or light problems. Also live adjacent to a public footpath... Local guy walked past today who happens to have an Excel and an M100 within a few hundred yards of where I live. Interesting what people have hidden in their garages!
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