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  1. Maybe - It connects on a right angle union on the front side of the Plenum.  EG just to the left of the alternator.  Wouldn't normally be a connector there, but that's clearly fairly recent.  Perhaps it got damaged & spliced. 

    NB What's that strange thread dropping vertically down to the alternator?? i

  2. I guess a coup would be a good way out for Russia to re-engage with the West, but Putin still has a lot of popular support.   But like you say, I cant see a way out for him

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  3. If you compare the STC1816 to an original Supervac fitted to the Esprit Turbo, the mounting pattern looks the same, but the overall diameter is bigger on the Esprit (compare the 2 servos side by side looking at the square pressing with the 4 mounting studs)   The STC1816 is flush with the outer diameter of the servo, the original has around 1/2" additional material beyond the pressing (1" approx overall larger diameter).  Hope that makes sense...   (maybe its different on the NA Esprit?)   

  4. Its possible to remove and service the tensioner assembly leaving the cambelt in position.  (I have done this)   As long as nothing is disturbed, the belt will hold its position until the tensioner is reinstated.   As the tensioner should only be backed-out a max of 12mm, even for belt removal, I would investigate further.

    NB - Mine is also an 84 with AC with recent tensioner springs and I run a lower Hz (typically 107) which would require a 'slacker' tensioner screw (My threaded portion sticks out by maybe 4mm beyond the locknut).


  5. Lou, its not a great picture, but my avatar shows the AC bracket for an S3 Turbo.   The alternator mounts entirely  outboard of the bracket and has a secondary cast triangular bracket (not shown) to support the other end of the alternator mounting (The Prestolite/Motorola  AC alternators just have a single long tubular pivot - not one at each end unlike the non-AC models  (on an S3).   I'll have a look in my S2 service notes (when I return home in a few days) as I wonder if the S2 may be similar, and you have a mixture of parts. 

  6. 23 hours ago, ChrisJ said:

    I'm now in the middle of planning a road trip across Zambia. Lusaka (play some hockey), Livingstone (Vic Falls), Kafue (safari), South Luangwa (safari).

    Did something similar in the early 80's - was staying in the Copper Belt and drove up to the DRC border and down to Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls).  Pretty epic trip with a few adventures (Guns, Roadblocks, DIY safaris and breaking down in the bush many miles from a metalled road etc...).   2023?  Probably just Croatia again!       

  7. That's my thought.  Alternators are of a standard size - Its unlikely there are 2 size variants of the 70amp Motorola cases - But there may be 2 mounting variants - One with a lug at each end of the unit and one with a large single 'tunnel' lug at one end (non AC /  AC variants).  Part number may clear this up

  8. We have a stone built, solid wall house from around 1860.   Heated by a single small woodburner and 3 night store radiators.   It is without doubt much easier to heat, stays warm longer and always cosier than our modern construction brick house.   I guess it is much more efficient at capturing and storing solar energy in the wall stones themselves.   We always used to buy solid fuel from discount shops which was 2.99 for 10kg as long as I remember.   It is now typically 7.99 for 10kg   But you do have the option of scavenging wood from skips etc, which is always plentiful

  9. I did it on an S2 in a lock-up single garage without any problems.   If I recall, there were about 6 'lifters' and we put an Acrow prop under each wheel arch to allow the chassis to be rolled out.   

    Presumably if you measure the height of the top of the engine to the floor.  And measure the bottom of the sill to the top of the car roof.   These 2 figures added together would provide the scientific answer!          

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