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  1. OMG... I want it so bad! Any ideas of when it might be available? 3-11 deliveries will be early next year.. If so waiting for the new exige 400 might take forever..
  2. I really don't want to turn this in to a Evora 400 vs conversation. Weather be it the pricing,quality,overall performance.... For my money, GT4 takes it easily against the Evora 400. Thats my opinion off course and I do respect yours.. However the Exige is in another league.. It's all about the raw performance. And if Exige gets the 400hp + revised manual gearbox there will be no room for the GT4 to breathe... And might push Porsche Weissach engineers to plan B '' GT4RS''
  3. Am I the only one that thinks the Cup 360 looks cheap? Especially compared to a Green Exige S... Not yet, I'm really torn between the GT4 and the awaited Exige 400.. But my heart belongs to an Exige 400.. Hope they can come up with it asap... And block the gt4 sales... I think the Evora 400 has no chance, but exige 400 can change the game for sure...
  4. I have never driven a an exige, but to me it looks like a much better alternative to the Evora, Also the club Racer model has the Lotus Throttle managment, that autoblips the Manual box and not he Ips such as Nissan 370z etc... Only on saturdays and sundays, 50% Street and 50% Track
  5. Thanks for the Response Buddys, however there is a big price difference, and if I want to drive a Lotus I would drive the lighter one which in turn Exige suits me better The Club racer makes alot of sense as well, not to big of a weight difference with the added benefits of music,airbags (safety) etc.. What do you guys think? Is it possible to put the exact suspension setup on the Cup to the club racer?
  6. Dear Friends, Just sold my 997.2 MK2 GT3, and I'm looking forward to purchase a Lotus Exige V6 Cup or Club Racer. I always loved my housemates Evora, hence the chassis willingness to turn in, amazing steering feel and much faster and telephatic in B roads... now it's about time for me to order one as well. I have already read the Exige thread from the beginning but there are still some questions that I couldn't quite understand. 1) Does the V6 cup come with Airbags, or is it optional? Isn't it safer on the streets to have an airbag? 2) Does the V6 Exige have a footrest next to the clutch? My friends Evora did not have any (launch edition) and it drove me crazy.... 3) Does the V6 Cup come with the Auto-blip function on downshifts such as the Club Racer model? 4) Is it right time to buy one? since I read the Lotuc Ceo's reportage and he was mentioning about a new exige with much smaller door sills, making easier to get in and out and much faster... Could this be out in the Frankfurt motorshow? Better to wait for it or pull the trigger? Thanks!
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