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  1. Well you can adjust the front and rear camber to be more negative... about -1 degrees front and -2 degrees rear. Toe: Front zero, Rear 1.5mm in That's about it.
  2. First - you won't get a Toyota engine to fit into the space that a K series was in. So just forget that option. Next - maybe getting your engine fixed is a quicker/safer option than looking for another second hand engine (of questionable quality)? (remember, the newest K-series engines out there are now approaching 20 years old)...
  3. Eliseparts bar requires cutting... only the bar from Seriously Lotus leaves everything intact (as it attaches to the seatbelt holes on the roll bar):
  4. I'd jump at that - even with shipping to/from Australia...
  5. Engine related issues have to be related to one of three things... 1. Fuel 2. Electrical 3. Air Fuel - check/replace injectors / fuel filter / fuel pump... I don't think it is electrical, as the engine doesn't seem to be cutting out. Air - check the throttle function. Check the air filter. Does a Toyota engine have the equivalent of the K-series Throttle position sensor? Check that too. Good luck!
  6. Soft top has arrived - yay! But what an ordeal... Car ordered: March 2021 Built: October 2021 Delivered: Jan 2022 Soft top arrives: May 2022...
  7. Make sure the "V" part of the bar is as far back into the rear parcel shelf as it is possible to go - otherwise there is a bit of a mis-alignment. Apart from that, mine fitted within a millimetre...
  8. Ok - Chris Hinks just got back to me now: ————————— Hi Rob We have concluded our investigation into this topic, unfortunately we have found it is not feasible to "back engineer" the Final Edition Instrument Pack to operate in the same manner as the Aftermarket Instrument pack. During meetings with AIM engineers and our own Electrical Engineers a great number of hard stops were identified, but a summary of the main reasons are: 1) The software between the two units is incompatible, it is not a "copy paste" process 2) new software would have to be written for the Limited Edition Instrument Pack 3) New software introduced into a vehicle changes it's specification from it's Type Approval and so re-Type Approving would have to be carried out, for example Eletromechanical Interference Testing is just one of the many safety tests which would have to occur 4) Type approving a vehicle no longer in production is not within Lotus priorities Sorry to be the bearer of this disappointing news Best regards Chris
  9. The three Lotus people I'm emailing are: Geoff Dowding (Executive Director, Sales and AfterSales) Chris Hinks (AfterSales Director) Tony Parfitt (Regional AfterSales) Standard email format for Lotus employees is: First Initial followed by surname Keep it polite (just asking, not demanding) and see if you have any luck... My email was: >>> As a recent purchaser of a Final Edition Elise 240, I’ve found the new TFT digital display very good - however with just a few more tweaks it would be perfect… One of the main missing features is that although the dash unit has input for a reversing camera (which is available from the manufacturer Aim sport systems) the software in the dash is unable to detect it. I have enquired from Aim sport systems as to if they will bring out a firmware upgrade to enable this, but they state that it is up to Lotus to request this - not them. Aim separately sell the Lotus-specific dash called M2XE which does support this and many other missing features - and they only want to sell me this version, however I feel I’ve already paid for it in the form of the Lotus version in my Final Edition. Is there some chance that Lotus could ask Aim to provide an upgrade to the Final Edition dash to provide at least this basic safety feature?
  10. I've emailed Lotus again yesterday, as a followup to my request/enquiry a month or so ago... No response as yet. Will keep pestering them until I get a response, or they block my emails! ("The squeaky wheel gets the oil"...)
  11. AUD$ 1.85 at present - so that converts to GBP 1.05
  12. I’ve sent off an email to the after sales head at lotus UK and received a response indicating they would follow up with a meeting with Aim Systems to see what they could do… I’ll email him again as that was a month ago…
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