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  1. The initial five star rating was based purely on driving, after the full road test they adjusted it because of interior functionality and perceived quality. They concluded that Evora owners would have to make some compromises. Hindsight reveals it was an accurate prediction. Also, the car Lotus provided for the test failed to get near the claimed performance figures.
  2. Why don't you speak to other dealers to see what Audi recommend for the TT, Nissan for the GTR etc. There must be a solution for 911/XK/TT's etc? Seats suitable for 5-9 year olds only would be a bit restrictive sales wise. Or ask Bibs if he wouldn't mind using his contacts to expedite an answer from Lotus. Surely they must have considered this from day one.
  3. S7 EXG ordered on the 22 August and has already taken delivery. Whilst at the factory I asked if there was any favouritism towards certain dealers, ie - did particular dealers have first reserve on early build slots? I was assured that it was a first come first served basis as any other approach would be detrimental to Lotus. I ordered mine on the 4th August and I am (sort of) expecting delivery sometime this year. What are other peoples order/delivery dates? Maybe S7 EXG is Beyonce!
  4. It is a 747-436. Also - nice picture (no 3) of the flat floor. Since Lotus advised that unless a car has a completely flat floor, a diffuser is simply an adornment (and completely useless) - I must admit to having a wry grin at other cars fitted with their "aero aids". You can't fault the attention to detail.
  5. Fair answer Bazsport. I realise I am a bit sensitive about a lack of attention whilst driving. Although I wasn't directly involved the impact of those incidents was so sickening and far reaching that I feel obliged to say something. I can assure everybody that I am not so twisted as to use two deaths to mock forum members, despite the utterly vulgar suggestion that I might. I was also not aware that the handbrake trick works on all cars. In fact, I was under the impression that they were speed related and as soon as the car goes above about 2mph the screen reverts to satnav.
  6. That kind of indignation isn't very helpful is it? If you had actually understood the posts you would see that I have already spoken to a senior employee at Lotus and my dealer. The problem is that the information they gave me regarding the change to specification and price rise (and I posted) was contradicted by Bibs and Guy Monday. So I have a choice of believing senior management at Lotus and my dealer who say that zenons are standard and the price has risen by
  7. It beggars belief that forum members seem rather chuffed that the mechanism to stop the driver being distracted by Dvd's whilst driving can be easily defeated. In the past few weeks, two friends of friends have been involved in fatal accidents, one was texting, mounted the pavement and killed a mother of two young children. The other ploughed into and killed a young girl. If Lotus owners need this explaining then maybe you should invite a traffic officer to your frolic to give a presentation or will you be too busy hooning round the track?
  8. Are you saying that Zenons are now standard and there is no price increase? Or that halogens are still the standard light and Zenons are available at
  9. Although Zenon headlights are now standard, Lotus have hiked the base price by
  10. Apparently Lotus have only approved the Zenon headlights. Therefore they are now the standard equipment. Can anybody confirm this?
  11. Tony Shute told me (on the 20th September) that all the niggles with component suppliers have been solved (all new vendors had to be type tested), production is now in full flow & they are currently producing four complete cars per day. I didn't ask when the non LE cars will start to appear (which was rather stupid considering that is what I have ordered). He also advised that all UK dealers have been told when their customer slots are & therefore should be able to tell all their customers exactly when they can expect delivery.
  12. I was told that Phantom black had been deleted whilst at the factory during the August shutdown. Then again, I was also told that Evora servicing would be between
  13. I was very pleased to meet Tony Shute at the Pistonheads Sunday Service on the 20th September. He was in a Aquamarine/Oyster + silver cast alloys left hand drive Evora which looked stunning in the sunshine. Lotus Silverstone had their Aspen white/Paprika + black forged wheels demo car on display which seemed the popular choice with the Ph'ers. He says that production is now up and running at 4 per day, so deliveries should start to speed up. He also expressed several useful opinions regarding spec that I hadn't considered. Also, I was overtaken by a carbon (Ferrari) grey Evora on the M6 northbound (around junction 15) today which looked awesome. The amount of road presence the car had was unbelievable.
  14. Thankyou for taking the time to post the pictures, they are very well shot and extremely informative. Maybe the 124 has the carbon cover to hide the lack of an engine? It would certainly be a good option to offer on the standard car. You seem to have more colour options that Britain. Lotus told me that Phantom black had been deleted + I don't think we get Saffron.
  15. Considering the current climate and the fact that Evora residuals are a complete unknown, the finance companies are bound to play it safe. I don't think you can assume anything from these figures. I'm no expert but I would expect the Evora value to be significantly higher that the equivalent Cayman after 2 years, with that gap then widening in the Evoras favour. I would also suspect that there will be few enough on the market at any one time so that spec won't be that important. (Compared to a 911 for example). One reason Lotus residuals values are exceptional is because owners tend to keep them. Therefore, a low percentage of cars ever make an appearance on the second hand market. I think (as do Lotus) that the Evora's will be cars that people own then sell which means they may not match the market leading figures attained by Elise/Exige. Out of the 911, Cayman, R8, Vantage, Nissan GTR, I would think the Evora and the GTR will preform best. However, it wouldn't be the first time if I turned out to be completely wrong.
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