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  1. Seems that lower ball joint life is about 60,000 miles. Although at this stage we are looking at only two cars. Be really interested to hear from other owners who have done more than 60,000 with their original ball joints.
  2. Parked the Evora in Auckland the other day. When I got back to the car. The 570s was parked in front. Interesting comparison. PA.
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  4. The lower ball joints on my Evora are showing signs of wear. The near side joint has the most wear. while the ball joint boot and Spring clips are listed as spare parts by Lotus and De Roure. The ball joint is not. Therefore if the ball joints wears then a complete lower control arm assembly is required at around 500 pounds. Looking at the ball joint it looks to have been press fitted into the arm. My question is has anyone had to replace a worn A arm ball joint outside of Lotus warranty. Has anyone experience in pressing out the ball joint from an Evora A arm? Looking on The N
  5. Rich, If as you say SSC can offer cars at competitive price in NZ that would be great. They have done a great job with Lotus in Sydney. Their's appears to be a business for enthusiasts. I think a similar style offering here in NZ would work. Ultimately it comes down to Lotus in The UK selling cars to SSC. Or whoever takes on Lotus in NZ. To allow them to sell cars at prices where they can make a sustainable margin. Whilst still being competitive with UK prices. It may be that Lotus stuffed the market by selling to their UK dealers at a much lower price than their export dealers.
  6. Whiteline looks a good option. My cars has done 90,000km (60,000) miles. I am about fit my third set of Genuine Lotus drop links. They could almost be considered a service item at this rate as they last roughly 20,000km. Will try Whiteline and see if they last any longer. You call feel the gradual fall away in the quality of turn in and handling as these things wear. Car is a wonderful thing when drop links are new. Baggies.
  7. You will most likely find that the cable in the window mechanism has snagged. This in turn breaks one of the plastic parts that controls the window movement. solution is a new power window assembly at just under three hundred quid. Plus labour to fit. Plastic part to repair is not available as a separate part. There was a thread a while ago that looked into whether the power window mechanism was unique to the Evora or was used in any other vehicles. No one was able to find out. Not sure how common this fault is. The mechanism is made in Croatia. Would be good if someon
  8. SSC have been NZ agents for Lotus in NZ for 6 months and have done nothing with the brand here. While Lotus Insist on believing that NZ is part of Australia. So that any cars officially sold in NZ have to come through the Australian agent. Which in turn means that the cars need to be specially Australian type approved. A Lotus sold officially in NZ can never compete with a car bought new from UK dealer and privately imported into NZ. Lotus need to wake up and realise that NZ is not part of Australia. That the market in NZ can access Pistonheads etc.. UK approved cars can be easily
  9. Hi all am based down in Napier. have had my Evora for just over 2 years use it to commute between Hawkes Bay and Auckland. also have an Elise S1 which I bought new. in the process of building an Elan 26r/GTS replica. not too many Lotus down here in Hawkes Bay. Paul Aston.
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