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  1. The hole is almost certainly because the nut came off. This is not the first one I have seen. Assuming no damage to the geartrain, a new nut should be installed per the manual. You should be able to have an aluminum patch welded over the hole.
  2. At some point they ran out of the original 10-tooth motors, which were then replaced by a similar motor with three mounting spacers, sold as a kit. One of yours was probably replaced sometime during its life.
  3. I've only done this once, but did not experience any issues such as you describe. I do have a gently used synchro ring for sale, if you need it.
  4. I suppose it wouldn't hurt, but I never found it to be an issue. Usually a diode is added to protect solid state electronics from the kickback when the relay is de-energized.
  5. Ah, beat me to it. That's my drawing, FWIW...
  6. Lotus used a green-coloured pipe sealant between the fittings and the adapter plate, which dries very hard. The fittings are not tapered. The hoses to adapter mating faces are tapered, and should not require sealant. You could put some on the threads, but not on the mating faces.
  7. I sell ALDL cables and USB adapters for use with FreeScan and EspritMon here in the USA, see my website at to order. The original fuel pump cutoff switch is no longer available, but JAE does sell a kit using the later style switch as used in the later cars. Is your car chargecooled (SE)? If it is, an upgrade to the S4s chip is highly recommended. I can provide this as well.
  8. Is the Toyo T1 Sport not a good choice in your mind? It is available in the correct sizes for the V8 rims, and seems well suited for rain. BTW, just plug in 2000 Lotus Esprit when searching tire sites to get a quick look at what's available in the correct sizes. Here's another search tool/calculator:
  9. You really seem to be overthinking this. Front -- 235/40R17 -- stick with this, period. Rear -- 285/35R18 -- best Rear -- 295/35R18 -- acceptable Rear -- 295/30R18 -- acceptable
  10. 295/30R18 will be less than 3.5% off the original. With the speedo reading 60 you'll actually be going about 58. Here are a couple of handy calculators that make it easy to see the result of changes:
  11. Are you looking for a higher wear rating? Unless it's a daily driver the tires will probably dry out before the tread wears away. I would be more concerned with rain performance, assuming you drive in the wet. My Toyo RA1's have a 100 wear rating, and are doing just fine for my limited mileage use, including numerous track days. A heavier wheel/tire is going to cause more wear, but Lotus used the same bearings on the SE and the V8, so I wouldn't be too concerned. The better rear choice in the Neovas is the 295/30R18. which is a bit shorter than stock. 285/30R18 is going to be shorter yet. The taller the tire, the higher the top end, a shorter tire will give better acceleration. None of them differ enough to be blatantly noticeable. i would avoid going bigger than the stock 235/40R17 in the front, they are going to rub as it is.
  12. Edit: 275/35R18 would work, leave the fronts alone. Or try these: The rear would be 295/30R18. These might be my next 'street' tires.
  13. They are Toyo RA-1's, but are no longer available. Try Nitto NT-05, others may have suggestions. The front size (235/40R17) is pretty easy to find. The correct size for the rear is 285/35R18, but you can also use 295/35R18 or 295/30R18 without too much effect on rolling diameter.
  14. On the V8 wheels I currently have 235/40-17 and 305/35-18. The rears ought to be 285/35-17 or 295/35-18, but they were not available in the type of tire I wanted..
  15. I run V8 wheels on my SE without issues, other than some rubbing at full lock. I see no reason why you can't use the Saturns.
  16. Incorrect. All of the switches listed in the PDF have the same rating with respect to proof and burst pressure, 6000 and 9000 psi respectively. Look at the first page: Specifications Switch SPST; SPDT Repeatability See Table 1 Wetted Parts Diaphragm Nitrile (optional EPDM, Viton® or Neoprene) Fitting Zinc-Plated Steel (Optional 316 SS) Electrical Termination DIN 43650A IP65; Spade Terminals IP00; Flying Leads IP65; Conduit with Flying Leads IP65; IP option IP66 Proof Pressure 6000 psi (414 bar) Burst Pressure 9000 psi (600 bar) Approvals CE, UL Approved units available Weight, Approximate 0.4 lbs. (0.15 kg)
  17. Not to speak to its suitability in any other way, but the switch he referenced is proofed to 6000psi regardless of sensing range, with a burst limit of 9000psi. The range merely determines the available switching point.
  18. Dave, Will Alunox be sending out the twin upgrade automatically to those of us that made a prior purchase, or so we have to request them? Thanks.
  19. Sorry if I missed it, but which part of the support broke, and where?
  20. Dave, Will this be sent to all previous purchasers?
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