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  1. I don't like getting into arguments about whether or not traction control, as a general principle, is a good or a bad thing. I completely understand why an enthusiastic driver might not want the interference of a 'driver aid', and it must be said that a LOT of OE traction and stability systems as fitted by car manufacturers are dangerous and late-acting at worst, and at best make for a dynamically dull driving experience (BMW is guilty of this.)

    That said, I often come across opinions such as 'Traction Control is my right foot' and 'I want to be in control and not leave the driving to a computer' and these are generally made by people who have never tried our system. Racelogic Traction Control is designed to make the car faster to drive, end of story. The safety aspect is a happy by-product.


    Very succinctly put!

  2. What is the possibility of fitting ABS rings and sensors from a later car on to the front hubs of my non ABS SE ?

    This is related to fitting the Racelogic traction control system on to my car.

    I've looked at the parts and service manuals and can't quite figure out how and where the ABS ring fits.

    Can someone with a later car shed any light on this ?

    Thanks in advance.



    You've already got the rear rings on your driveshafts as shown in Jonathans pics, one is currently in use for the road speed sensor. Drill a hole in each hub carrier for the new sensors and you're good to go.

    The front rings are press fit onto the rear of the hubs, behind the brake disc. Your existing hubs may or may not have the necessary step machined into them. The ring itself should be readily avalable from Lotus, as are new hubs if needed. The sensors can mount to the backing plates.

    Here's a pic of the ring, I can't find one of the hub. The teeth face inwards, towards the centre of the car.


  3. thusfar have not found any sources here in the US for cyls or repair kits for that 'Bendix 23' cyl.

    Did you try Lotus for the repair kit? I got a rebuild kit from them a while back, includes literally everything except the casting and reservoir, and all the fiddly bits are preassembled. Of course, they may be out of them now, but it's worth checking. Part number A082J6082F. The actual master cylinder is no longer available, which caused me no end of grief, as I had to have mine resleeved.

  4. Used the Dunlops last year. Even though fronts were a tad too big and rubbed on hard left-handers, they worked well. Nope can't find them anymore. Kumho not making our sizes anymore either (I called them) leaving only Michelin Cups (fronts a tad too big at 245/40-17 but rears are fine) and the Toyo Proxes RA-1. Front is correct (235/40-17) but rears are either 275/35-18 or 305/35-18. I am leaning towards the 305 if someone can answer my question.


    I've seen the Toyo 305's mounted on the Esprit V8 rims, but I don't know if he had any rubbing issues. He was very happy with them. I'd hate to be the tire installer...

    Let me know how you make out, as I'm in a smilar dilemna. I need either V8 sizes, or V8 fronts/315-35R17 rears.

  5. Hi all,

    I've just had a batch of circuit boards made for my world-famous :D ALDL cable design, for use with Andy Whittaker's even more world-famous FreeScan engine monitoring program. These are the only ALDL cables specifically made for the 4-cylinder Lotus Esprit with GM ECM, featuring circuitry that is entirely contained within the DB-9 connector shell. The newly designed board is even more robust than my previous model, dozens of which are in use all over the world.

    I have a few cables available for immediate purchase. In a few weeks, WC Engineering will have these available for purchase as well. Contact me offlist for more info.



  6. Sorry to hi jack a bit but I have just bought some new plugs from (NGK standard jobies). They seem to be a different size to the original (I havent been able to get the original out yet due to the size difference). The new ones are 14mm where as the old I assume are 10mm?

    Also the new ones seem to have two pieces of metal at the top and not the usual one over the core of the plug. Am i making sense? lol and if so is this correct?

    It sounds like you had a different set in your car, what you describe sounds like the new ones are the correct part.

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