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  1. mayesprit

    TLF Film Appreciation Society

    In brief - it turns the true life 1960’s Space race into a low key study of grief (imo) and speculation not fact.
  2. Driver and Passenger of the towing car both in their 80’s
  3. mayesprit

    LEF Jokes & Gags thread

    New toilet install at Wetherspoons.
  4. mayesprit

    TLF Film Appreciation Society

    First Man Have been really looking forward to this. Glad I’ve seen it, but, wasn’t quite what I was expecting I have to say.
  5. mayesprit

    Happy birthday Yasou (Esp88)

    Happy Birthday Yasuo. Good to see you again at the 70th 🍻
  6. mayesprit

    Donington museum to close

    That’s a shame. This is what Lottery money should be used for imo. I bet the rest of the collection is split up and sold off. 👎
  7. Just when you think you have seen everything ......
  8. Sorry I missed the first dozen rows. Spot ya car 😁
  9. Huge thanks to the Bibmeister. Great weekend mate. More pics later when home again 😊