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  1. A soldier shows up for military training, but realizes he forgot to bring his gun. The sergeant hands him a stick and gestures to the training field. "You'll have to use this, soldier. If you need to shoot someone, just aim your stick at them and shout 'Bangity bang-bang'. If someone gets too close to you, poke them in the gut with it as though it was a bayonette and shout 'Stabbity stab-stab'. Now get moving." The soldier thinks this is pretty ridiculous, but to his surprise, when he aims his stick at a fellow trainee across the field and shouts "Bangity bang-bang!" the other soldier goes down in a theatrical display. Then, another trainee tries to run past him, so he pokes the guy in the ribs and shouts "Stabbity stab-stab!" and he too goes down, pretending to be dead. So, the soldier starts running through the mock-battlefield, shouting "Bangity bang-bang" and occasionally "Stabbity-stab-stab", until eventually he realizes he's the last man standing. He's feeling pretty proud of himself until another soldier rounds a corner and starts walking toward him. Slowly. Stiffly. Menacingly. The soldier takes aim with his stick and shouts, "Bangity-bang-bang!" But the other soldier doesn't go down this time. He keeps approaching, arms stiff at his sides, boots stomping aggressively into the ground. The soldier begins to sweat. He clears his throat, adjusts grip on his stick and hollers, "Bangity bang-bang!" But nothing happens. The other soldier keeps marching toward him. Now the soldier panics. He pretends to reload his stick and desperately cries out, "Bangity bang-bang! Bangity bang-bang! Stabbity stab-stab!" But to his dismay, nothing works. Finally, the other soldier reaches him, kicks him in the shin and knocks him onto the ground. He stands over the fallen soldier and says: "Tankity tank-tank."
  2. Looks like I’ve a spot of Driving Instructors Arm 🤣
  3. Happy Birthday mate 🍻👍😎
  4. It’s the - ‘it’s my right not to be vaccinated’ covidiots that will spread it and spread it some more. I am 100% convinced that if the Government now put out a statement declaring everyone who has not had Covid must now contract it to speed up herd immunity the same idiots would state it’s their right not to get it and demand a vaccine. Any argument to do the opposite and be different is the trend right now.
  5. I drive past it 7-8 times per day and still look every time. I just can’t consider it a Lotus main dealer yet until I see a Lotus sign outside and cars on the forecourt.
  6. I remember that. More gas and you climb the oval, less gas and you start to fall. I think it was 2 miles at around 100mph without touching the steering wheel. Shame I couldn’t fit in the Caterham for the Gymkhana.
  7. Crickey that sounds a bit ‘techie’ - Did it work? Impressive?
  8. I actually agree with most of your post, however being paid or not, if he’s putting his hand in his own pocket and paying £2M for an Evija, Lotus won’t mind paying him whether that be a healthy payment or an payment equivalent Evija discount - we shall never know. (I would love to know profit margins on Evija’s but £260,000000 in sales before costs isn’t too bad) and JB having one will be priceless pr.
  9. Daughter tested positive last night so she’s in her room, door shut and windows open. And I’m just cancelling the next 10 days work to sit on my arse again. 👎🤨
  10. I’m gutted I missed that game but my parents were still waiting to meet. 😜
  11. So…..Score Predictions for the big game. My first experience of a final in my short 53 years so fully Hope to enjoy it. 2-0 England 🤣
  12. Chiropractor visit yesterday for partially dislocated hip. Kin painful.
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