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  1. Thank you. Tried googling and couldn’t locate.
  2. Removed the rears yesterday to get the rim rash repaired. Should be back Wednesday. Anybody know the Wheel nut torque settings or where I find the info?
  3. On the news that Trump has today been tested positive for COVID 19 - my thoughts today are with the virus at this difficult time.
  4. I thought that said shorts Happy 16th. TLF can ride a moped now then
  5. Excellent Wanted to do that myself but lacking in skill and no how. Thanks mate. I’ve a few of me where my beer gut needs similar treatment - Does it take long to do?
  6. 6”6” and still room with a helmet on.
  7. No. You are not the only one - I’m with you all the way here. I’ve always thought/described all Audi’s BMW’s Porsche’s as the pinnacle of average-ness.
  8. @PaulCP Yeah agree. I did actually when I booked it and they put me in that cue and train on the way out but didn’t on the way back. It was also the mate I went with who happened to be in the drivers seat at the time so he feels guilty. I probably should have moaned at Eurotunnel staff at the time for not putting us on correct carriage to maybe get some monetary compensation towards fixing. Only a rim but still annoying.
  9. Well if you are going to scrape your wheels, better do it properly and do the whole rim. Eurotunnel is narrow.
  10. I parked the Evora up on Sunday for a leg stretch in a German Autobahn Service station for 15 mins. A chap arrived 2 mins after me in his Porsche (And a very nice one Identical to picture) and parked up 3 spaces away from me and we both sort exchanged an appreciative nod. Another 2 minutes later a large coach pulled into the service station and I could see loads of kids pressing their noses on the windows looking at the cars. The coach stopped and parked up further into the Services. As soon as the door opened 7 kids ran over to the Evora and started posing next to it as other kids took pic
  11. Last one for a while I promise lol. Today.
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