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  1. @exeterjeepGood to see that car of yours today. 👍😊
  2. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907 4. Techyd (date dependant) 5. Dave Eds 6 & 7. Chillidoggy (Retired + retired wife) 8. Colin P 9. Benja-p 10. Bling 11. Mayevora (date dependent) Probably an overnighter for me as 8 hour round trip
  3. I’m pointing towards the resin option right now but need to look into it more yet. I’ve tried to seal concrete garage floors before but somehow the paint always lifts in places so that’s why I’m leaning towards resin.
  4. That’s also my next job. Done the walls and now the floor to do do.
  5. Date dependent - probably Bibs Just realised- Sorry I’m missing an S lol
  6. That’s true and the Journo bias is spectacular. 3 years ago got talking to Chris Harris at one of Top Gear filming days. I reckoned about every 20th word he spoke involved the word Porsche and just wouldn’t hear a word against them referring to them constantly as ‘the best.’ I can appreciate them to look at and I’ve only driven 3 to compare. The second hand Boxter price is astoundingly good where you can get an ok high mileage one for £5K. That is a great entry into the Porsche market if that’s your thing. How many Lotus on the market for £5K? - not many at all. Personally if Porsche
  7. British Weather 👍😊
  8. One of my best mates from school days was an Ian Miller. He’s lived 50 years now with the nickname Windy lol. Great picture.
  9. No. The other 3 live on the drive. (The overflow alcohol dept lol)
  10. Appearances can be very deceiving lol - this is the other one - spot the Lotus 🤣 I’ve also had problems with lifting paint in other houses I’ve had where I’ve painted. Unsure to paint (cheap option) or to lay some sort of epoxy/resin.
  11. Put mine on for the first time in months yesterday as it was treated to it’s first wash wax and clean this year. Didn’t know how well it would fit with the new wing now fitted but still stretch’s and fits perfectly in its new painted garage - just the floor to do.
  12. Yes a few tracks and track days but only 1 in the Evora so far in 2019. 👍😊
  13. I have a different answer now than I would have had a year ago. I always said I would retire as soon as I could afford to retire. I understand the last 12 months has been a very different 12 months for most of us with all the restrictions and not much open but whilst I’ve furloughed myself for 8 of the last 12 months I am itching to get back out and to work again. I saw my Father in law retire at 65 in good health and drop dead a month later and my Mother-in-law didn’t even make it to retirement age and she was in good health also. My own Father loved working and didn’t retire until he
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