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  1. This just popped up on my FB earlier.
  2. Nailed it in 6 words. Nailed it in 7 words. The last car show I went to (remember them) probably Jan 2020 was similar to taking a walk around the car park outside Sainsbury’s - boring, bland, samey and nothing with a Wow factor
  3. It must be my 20 stone girth lol You also need to go a long way to beat the TVR interior facia/dash designs - with the attention to detail they are more like works of art especially with the later cars (Griffith/Chimaera/Tamora/Tuscan/Sagaris)
  4. Peter Wheeler was a lovely fella and very approachable. I spoke to him a few times when he was racing his TVRs
  5. Exactly the same as me then lol - and still more room in a Lotus
  6. I’ve always like these - In fact always liked all TVRs. Look great and sound great. Only downside imo is it’s one of the very few manufacturers that the owners size needs to be smaller than in Lotus ownership. Nice colour.
  7. Quite looking forward to seeing this back on the car. 2014 wheel was sent off a month ago for a re-trim to bring it in line with the rest of the Sport Racer Alcantara interior. This is going to give so much more ‘feel’ than the original hard leather.
  8. Christ he’s annoying!! - does he have to open his mouth - Couldn’t he just point at things.
  9. It’s just gone over to the 25th so Merry Christmas. I have lots of beautiful friends so thought I’d get the ugly fuckers out of the way first.
  10. That’s just awesome Some beauties there also. Only car I’ve ever made any proper profit on was my M100 -Bought 2015 for £8K and sold 2017 for £13k
  11. Just sold oldest daughters car last week after she’s used it daily for 4 years and put 24k miles on it. I bought it privately and sold it privately. Nothing special at all, just a run of the mill Ford Fiesta. Been 100% reliable and only cost over 4 years was 2 tyres. Absolutely delighted to say I sold it for just £125 less than what I paid for it 4 years ago. Now that’s cheap motoring I recon. Reminded me of a mates old Volvo that he bought a number of years back for £2k and since then put 200000 miles on it. What other bargain motoring deals/no cost driving (or even profit) hav
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