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  1. Commander Ally Pollard used to own an Elan Sprint. Her second in command found this out and thought it would be a suitable surprise for her to be driven from the Ship as she exited the gang plank for her final time immediately after the ceremony to pass command to the incoming Captain before finishing at the Officers mess (we managed to include a 20 minute blast in there too) We were then given a tour of the Warship that arrived back from Canada last Friday from another officer. Extremely interesting day. Super tight security but I guess it is a nuclear site.
  2. We were privileged to help out as the outgoing Commanding Officer of HMS Northumberland left her Ship for the last time today in Devonport.
  3. I Very much liked Clarkson’s approach to casting his vote this time round - “ I’m going to be taking the ABC approach to this Election - Anything But Corbyn “
  4. Hospital visit went well. All apart from the fact In my haste I forgot to pay and display. £70 ticket but discounted to £35 if pay promptly. Ya got to laugh
  5. Today IS one of those days and it’s only just 10am. Car was booked into the garage this morning. (Not Lotus) Car drives fine but Engine management light keeps coming on. 6am alarm didn’t go off so overslept till 6.45am Left the house 7.15am (dark still) so didn’t notice a flat tyre - not totally but half flat (1.2 bar) No tyre fitters open yet so limped to a garage to put air in. That got me to my garage at 8am. Left my car and key and drove off in their curtesy car. 10 miles later their curtesy breaks down. Now at the side of the road awaiting recovery. I have an 11.30am Hospital appointment. (If I get there) Can’t wait to hear those results Bring on the weekend.
  6. Proud of my Wife Went to a large open air Christmas fair yesterday. There was a chap there with his Morgan selling ‘Morgan Experiences’ As we walked past the chap tried to make conversation with her. My wife just pointed at me at said “that’s the wrong car for him, it’s not a Lotus” The chap then replied “Well until he gets one give him a Morgan experience” ”Already got one” she replied and walked straight passed him.
  7. I'm even surprised in this pc world of bollox we live in that even this 'women's hour' is still aloud. I mean, isn't this sexist? Can you imagine the uproar if some producer at the BBC tried to insert 'Man's hour' into the schedule heaven forbid. Knowing what the BBC is like, 'Transgender hour' will be along shortly.
  8. I’m the last house in a village at the bottom of a half mile cul-se-sac at the end of a turning circle so it’s very quiet with no passing traffic. 6 houses in the turning circle and 2 are rented out (partly my fault as I used to own one of them and sold it to a chap who I knew wanted to add it to his rental portfolio) - one is rented by a young family who seem to have fallen out with everyone except us lol. The other is rented out by a chap who is as quiet as a mouse and says nothing to nobody - the only way you can tell he’s in during the summer is when you can smell he’s lit a Rastafarian Woodbine and the breeze is my direction - don’t know his name but rest of the neighbours have christened him Jamaica James.
  9. Le Mans 66 Just got back. Go see it. Just do it. One of the best Films I’ve seen in years. 10/10 A two and a half hour film but seemed like 60 minutes.
  10. A bit Jag/A bit Aston/A bit uninspiring
  11. Look at this bit of awesomeness Mark has done for me. Should arrive in the post this week.
  12. Not my photo but that’s what I call usage
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