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  1. I had it on last two cars for last 8 years and don’t even notice it anymore.
  2. But... it’s a Porsche. For men who've reached the pinicle of mediocrity - Grab ya plumbs and give them a sharp squeeze man! 🥴
  3. Snap! Great decision. Great car. Great colour
  4. I was in the audience (standing behind the American guest who’d done the hot lap) last night. Filmed about 8 months ago - Even when it was being filmed other people around us were commenting not more Porsche stuff.
  5. I’d be expecting hoover and a tyre dressing and a complementary Newspaper at £1.59 lol
  6. Engine management light on. O2 censer I think. BMW say book me in earliest 6th March. Typical useless service from overpriced main dealer.
  7. Anyone have similar? Pleasantly surprised when pulling in for petrol this morning at a garage not been to before. Two chaps walked out. One asked how much would I like him to put in and another went round washed and cleaned all windows! Gobsmaked really. Not seen that for 20 odd years at least. Makes me want to visit again. That’s proper old fashion service with a smile - and I like it
  8. I agree. Shame Harris is the only one staying for the next series
  9. Just send the cash mate. It’ll be gratefully recurved They were mentioned on BBC local radio this morning and I Googled out of interest. (Nothing more I promise lol) BBC describes them as ‘Gucci now selling new dirty/muddy trainers for £615’ and asked if they were ’the’ new fashion statement to be seen in? Well....Bollox (If you you would excuse my French) If Gucci advertised a bag of cold sick, some idiot would buy it.
  10. I’ve just seen these advertised. These are Gucci trainers designed specifically to have the ‘used’ look already built in. Obviously made for label obsessed branded dickheads with too much money. I genuinely think the people who buy this stuff are plain stupid or infact have some sort of illness. Unbelievable. Notice the cost.
  11. Daft question time. How do I turn the rear boot lights off? The charger cable is stopping the boot from closing thus leaving the 2 lights on in the boot (draining battery)
  12. Most likely yes. It’s definitely an option.
  13. This is two car garage unfortunately with a damn supporting wall between the two garages.
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