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  1. Am I right in thinking the pop-out side cameras that have replaced the wing mirrors are not yet legal in America?
  2. BBC have reported on the riots twice that I can recall although certainly not to its fullest content. BBC do need to prioritise what is most newsworthy though. An individual’s personal sexuality choice should be a non-event from a news perspective but as already mentioned above ‘celebrity’ sells news unfortunately
  3. It also demonstrates the lack of ‘real’ news to report on imo
  4. 27 years of marriage. I did say to my wife - “Well we’ve been married now for 25 years so still be on your guard - however it will be considerably longer than that before I turn around and say I’m feeling a tad partial to a bit of
  5. Thought I spotted Batman! - but it was just a horse
  6. Anyone any recommendations for Hotels in an around the area that they have stayed at that are good and have Lotus friendly parking?
  7. I always leave the handbrake off in the garage but just had to put the towing eye in and pull it out of the garage as brakes had ceased. Definitely shouldn’t have put it away beginning of December after a clean without drying the brakes out.
  8. I’m booked to go out Chanel Tunnel early 2nd July. Taking the Evora.
  9. Was going to stop for a quick bounce but didn’t have time.
  10. Always fancied real alligator skin seat. This is the LaCoste version obviously
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