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    Ian May
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    n/a Esprit gone. V8 Esprit gone. S2 M100 gone. 2014 Evora SR
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    Evora seats and adjustable gaz shocks then stock
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  1. Well I loved it today. Stunning from every angle. So much nicer in front of you than in a 2D picture. Scott couldn’t have been more welcoming and helpful. I want one 👍😊
  2. That’s fine by my maths. Even at the 10% calculations that’s more than I paid for it 3 years ago. 👍😊 I enjoy referring to my car (just so the wife won’t suggest selling it lol) as my investment. 😁
  3. Personally I’d say their valuations are always 5%-10% under true market value - just my opinion.
  4. I do this periodically. My Evora webuyanycar valuation 1 month apart. Still rising.
  5. Did have to read that 3 times 🤣
  6. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I recon second had car prices have gone up 25% in the last year alone. I bought a car 3 months ago from a main dealer (car was 4 months old when I purchased it) We buy any car are already offering me 10% more than I paid (even they couldn’t knock me down as there is not a stone chip wrong with it) The down side was I replacing the car I bought 4 years ago with virtually the identical car. 4 years ago I spent £15K on it and now I’ve just spent £22k on the same car. Even main dealer forecourts down my way are looking a bit sparse as they are not getting the trade ins as they can’t get new cars.
  7. Booked in on the 8th October at Hendy Exeter.
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