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  1. Love Germany. Usually go twice a year and have been going there for 45 years. Next visit is in 7 weeks. German people are some of the friendliest I’ve eve met. So many times I’ve been in pubs/bars and complete strangers want to chat and buy you a beer (proper beer not our English rubbish) just because you are English! - imagine that situation in reverse - whos approached a German in a U.K. pub and offered to buy them a beer? - it just wouldn’t happen obviously. if you like food and a drink (think you’ve said you do before now) you’ll enjoy it immensely. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the Autobahns
  2. mayevora

    Age & Time

    I was having a conversation about state pension age just last night and thinking 15 years to go for me and that’ll be here before I know it basted on the last 15 years - unless it’s extended again by the time I get there.
  3. Just walked past another brand new bench in the park this morning. Why is it an old person has to die every time a new bench is installed?
  4. See thread under this one
  5. Booked and looking forward to it. Think I’ll do twice as many miles in 5 days than I’ve done in 18 months of ownership lol
  6. I’m reading it should be good to spot for about another week from now.
  7. Very interested in this. Awaiting more details.
  8. Nope. Driven in. It may have come to that if lockdown eating had continued much longer though.
  9. Definitely a knack lol. Open drivers door, reach in, key in ignition and turn, wind driver’s window down completely (no door frame) breathe in and squeeze Definitely couldn’t do it anymore on Esprits of old as window frames.
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