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  1. Just preparing the back garden to welcome a few guests come Monday
  2. I’m kind of in a similar situation. Not earning anything and can’t see that changing until back end of the summer and 40k sat in the garage. but I am kind of treating that situation as a last resort. It’s our Silver Wedding in a month and we did have a big blow out holiday planned but as that’s not happening those holidays funds/costs are being lived on at this moment in time.
  3. mayevora


    Ahh. Scrubbed. Back in 3 days for another go.
  4. mayevora


    Not really but it will be pretty much following the ISS path. Should be easy to see with naked eye from the East. it used to take the Space Shuttle 15 minutes from launch to over the U.K.and this should be similar.
  5. mayevora


    Anyone else quite looking forward to tonight manned launch? It will be live on NASA TV and YouTube. If weather permits it will lift of at 9.33pm (BST) and should be visible as it passes over the U.K. around 9.50pm Sky doesn’t get any clearer
  6. Looks like the Elephants have been cross-breading again.
  7. ^ That could have been me writing that. “Tune in tomorrow for the next instalment of CummGate”
  8. We did have a few years, back in the 50s/60s where we didn’t have any speed limits on our UK Motorways (granted we didn’t have many of them lol) When the 70mph was introduced it was funnily enough supposed a temporary measure and reviewed. Like we’ve said before cars have changed unrecognisably but the human brain hasn’t - the 70mph speed limits were and are still set up so the worst denomination of road user is able to cope with that limit. Unfortunately (and obviously) you can’t have max speed 50mph for new drivers and anyone over 80 and the rest of us a different limit. So right now (and personally don’t agree with it) 70mph is deemed the safe limit in the U.K.
  9. mayevora


    This weekend down here in Devon. Farmer gets some quality trespassing revenge
  10. Stunning. That really is priced to sell. Good luck.
  11. mayevora


    Yep. Weird one this one. Just like the owner of the property just disappeared. You could only see the back half of the Excell from memory in the overgrown garden.
  12. Fear not - back up at the ready!
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