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  1. Just a thought. See link to this thread. These could also come in handy right now maybe
  2. mayevora

    Anton du Beke

    Same. I deliberately make a point of not watch anything that includes the word singing/dancing/jungle/get your knob out on an island/talent/celebrity type tv Bollox. Put a Lotus In there though.... Hmmm... who says I couldn’t be bought.
  3. It Friday night Anyone else think this looks like a can of Stella?
  4. Keep an eye on your phone today - Cos if you lose your phone, you’ll have lost your contacts as well.
  5. Sat 28th September. Always a good well attended event.
  6. Our friends we stay with in Bavaria are Jewellers. They specialise in setting and designing Lapis Lazuli (semi precious stone) into gold and silver. Most people know Lapis as the blue stone set in the gold found in the Egyptian tombs. I know one of their biggest issues is buying/importing the stones as most of the Worlds Lapis mines are in Afghanistan. Interesting in their workshops with all the tools though.
  7. I experienced this for the first time a week ago. Yes the clubs and bag fits!!! - all accept the Driver that sat in passenger seat. Incidentally, two separate strangers in the car park asked if they could sit in it - couldn’t get rid of one of them lol
  8. Also bought mine unseen privately from a Forum member here. A very easy and pleasant experience and exactly the car/spec I wanted.
  9. And that, right there, says everything anyone needs to know. A bottomless pit of where does all the money go.
  10. I don’t have any children starting school today but here is a picture of what my front door looks like if I did.
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