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  1. @TARPoor little soul. Yes this is my third 4 figure vets bill this year. We just do it though right. Part of the family. I’ll never complain about Lotus costs again! 😜
  2. Happy Birthday Mike 👍😁🎂🍺
  3. Operation day. Just dropped him at the vets. He’s been in really good spirits the last couple of months. Back having short walks, eating, drinking and playing - He’s having a Tumour removed this morning though. He’s 13 so really hoping he makes it through the aesthetic ok. 🤞
  4. Just found a short YouTube clip of my car posted 5 years ago when the owner before me bought it.
  5. Thanks fellas 👍😊 And the best pressie….. Superb hardback 250 page Evora book 😍
  6. Found these quite interesting today. Things Prisoners make out of cardboard to pass the time of day.
  7. Truly dreadful ‘Bahar’ marketing from Lotus. Everything I hate under one roof - ‘Celebrity/Influencer nobody’s’ only there as being paid to be there! - How many of them own a Lotus? Makes me want to go buy a Porsche.
  8. mayevora


    What a fantastic last couple of weeks on the US Markets. I can’t remember for the life of me (years and years) the last time the Dow had a run like it’s been on in last couple of weeks.
  9. Tickets I have are for Sunday. Been many times in many cars: like Mke says it’s field parking but park on the flat relatively close to entrance and you’ll be fine. It’s so high up on the hill it also drains quite well.
  10. I am already going 👍😊 I have some tickets complements of BBC Radio Devon.
  11. Ours Crashed & Burned 2 months outside the warranty last Friday. 😡 A new one ordered Friday night and delivery of new actually turned up Saturday morning at 7.45am. Plumed in and old taken away by 8am. Service was impressive!
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