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  1. That would be super useful my friend. Ideally 2-3 bed, parking or driveway and around an £800pcm budget. But prepared to look at anything available. 😊👍
  2. @C8RKHThank you. I’ll ask her. Similar position by the sounds of it then. She wants to leave us in Devon to move in with boyfriend (Works Wolverhampton) and both rent for 12-18 months before buying their first as well.
  3. Long shot but anyone here have or know of any rental properties within 30 minutes north of Wolverhampton. (So Litchfield/Cannock/Hendsford or surrounding areas) My daughter and boyfriend are having a real problem finding anything that doesn’t get taken within 30 minutes of coming on the market. Estate Agents seem to say we’ll add you to the list of already 25-30 interested parties then don’t get called back. 🙁
  4. Most Coppers haven’t got the time or inclination to pull someone over for this anymore. Yes he’s doing his job but I’d also say he’s a cock if that’s the most important bit of Policeing he can find to do. Both plates not spaced correctly 2 fines yes. (I’ve obviously been lucky as exactly the same as you) Bit like driving around with 4 tyres with less than the 1.6mm of tread - 4 tyres/four fines. (In my opinion that means sod all - ones dangerous potentially life threatening and one isn’t) Drove around for a decade with a smaller rear plate on a bike and never got pulled once. Ye
  5. Left home 7.10am and arrived 8.15am just after gates opened. The new parking area on their newly laid hard standing (500 cars) is great and very well organised. The £5 admission booked in advance only is well worth it. Next month is already fully booked but may go in July again.
  6. 2nd car event in as many weekends. Great to be out again. 👍😊
  7. Never heard of it but sounds like it’s worth a view.
  8. 2 - but I hate our cars being referred to as Low tie. 🤣
  9. This happens on my Sport Racer also. Sometimes don’t hear it for days then twice in 5 minutes. Again no idea what it is and keep meaning to ask. Artic Monkeys - I bet she looks good on the dance floor and No other clues on screen as it beeps as far as I can see.
  10. The danger of warring shorts permanently lol. My fluffy little puppy gives me at least one of these per week. Ggrrr...☹️
  11. Ideal. You’ll be able to use the largest item (top right) to roll the Rizla’s around for the perfect skinning up and one of the small lugs with the hole as a filter. 😜 #Smokin
  12. @exeterjeepGood to see that car of yours today. 👍😊
  13. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907 4. Techyd (date dependant) 5. Dave Eds 6 & 7. Chillidoggy (Retired + retired wife) 8. Colin P 9. Benja-p 10. Bling 11. Mayevora (date dependent) Probably an overnighter for me as 8 hour round trip
  14. I’m pointing towards the resin option right now but need to look into it more yet. I’ve tried to seal concrete garage floors before but somehow the paint always lifts in places so that’s why I’m leaning towards resin.
  15. That’s also my next job. Done the walls and now the floor to do do.
  16. Date dependent - probably Bibs Just realised- Sorry I’m missing an S lol
  17. That’s true and the Journo bias is spectacular. 3 years ago got talking to Chris Harris at one of Top Gear filming days. I reckoned about every 20th word he spoke involved the word Porsche and just wouldn’t hear a word against them referring to them constantly as ‘the best.’ I can appreciate them to look at and I’ve only driven 3 to compare. The second hand Boxter price is astoundingly good where you can get an ok high mileage one for £5K. That is a great entry into the Porsche market if that’s your thing. How many Lotus on the market for £5K? - not many at all. Personally if Porsche
  18. British Weather 👍😊
  19. One of my best mates from school days was an Ian Miller. He’s lived 50 years now with the nickname Windy lol. Great picture.
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