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  1. Did have to read that 3 times 🤣
  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I recon second had car prices have gone up 25% in the last year alone. I bought a car 3 months ago from a main dealer (car was 4 months old when I purchased it) We buy any car are already offering me 10% more than I paid (even they couldn’t knock me down as there is not a stone chip wrong with it) The down side was I replacing the car I bought 4 years ago with virtually the identical car. 4 years ago I spent £15K on it and now I’ve just spent £22k on the same car. Even main dealer forecourts down my way are looking a bit sparse as they are not getting the trade ins as they can’t get new cars.
  3. Booked in on the 8th October at Hendy Exeter.
  4. The cost of a Fatality is in the region of £2 Million nowadays.
  5. That’ll go down as the greatest Major win since an 18 year old unseeded Boris Becker won Wimbledon. Didn’t drop a set all tournament. Amazing. 👍👏
  6. Yes that’s Danny’s 430 but Nicks Turbo Esprit.
  7. £15500 + vat for the frame set up only. I wonder if these were bought, donated or sponsored?
  8. I’ve just spent 4 nights at Silverstone last weekend sleeping under the stars in the midsts of an English summer. This actually translates to mean - I actually froze my nuts off in the wind and rain whilst trying to sleep on a wet blow up air bed with two fleecies, a bobble hat and a pair of gloves. It was raining too hard to actually leave my little 2 man tent during the night to excuse myself after numerous beers before turning in for the night. The plastic pint glasses then got refilled at intervals during the night but as I started to run out of empty glasses I figured the best thing to do is unzip the Tent 6 inches and throw them. My first attempt went airborne then came crashing down over the roof of my own tent. The second one I dropped over the inner compartment of my tent around 4am and had to write off a pair of socks to partially mop up. Do I enjoy camping ⛺️- not particularly for last weekend.
  9. I walked past about 7.30am. One of your party was up as I ask him if it was his. He pointed at your tent (still kipping) My red Sport racer was only 100 metres from you.
  10. Who’s do these two beauts belong to staying on same campsite as us then - anyone here?
  11. A soldier shows up for military training, but realizes he forgot to bring his gun. The sergeant hands him a stick and gestures to the training field. "You'll have to use this, soldier. If you need to shoot someone, just aim your stick at them and shout 'Bangity bang-bang'. If someone gets too close to you, poke them in the gut with it as though it was a bayonette and shout 'Stabbity stab-stab'. Now get moving." The soldier thinks this is pretty ridiculous, but to his surprise, when he aims his stick at a fellow trainee across the field and shouts "Bangity bang-bang!" the other soldier goes down in a theatrical display. Then, another trainee tries to run past him, so he pokes the guy in the ribs and shouts "Stabbity stab-stab!" and he too goes down, pretending to be dead. So, the soldier starts running through the mock-battlefield, shouting "Bangity bang-bang" and occasionally "Stabbity-stab-stab", until eventually he realizes he's the last man standing. He's feeling pretty proud of himself until another soldier rounds a corner and starts walking toward him. Slowly. Stiffly. Menacingly. The soldier takes aim with his stick and shouts, "Bangity-bang-bang!" But the other soldier doesn't go down this time. He keeps approaching, arms stiff at his sides, boots stomping aggressively into the ground. The soldier begins to sweat. He clears his throat, adjusts grip on his stick and hollers, "Bangity bang-bang!" But nothing happens. The other soldier keeps marching toward him. Now the soldier panics. He pretends to reload his stick and desperately cries out, "Bangity bang-bang! Bangity bang-bang! Stabbity stab-stab!" But to his dismay, nothing works. Finally, the other soldier reaches him, kicks him in the shin and knocks him onto the ground. He stands over the fallen soldier and says: "Tankity tank-tank."
  12. Looks like I’ve a spot of Driving Instructors Arm 🤣
  13. Happy Birthday mate 🍻👍😎
  14. It’s the - ‘it’s my right not to be vaccinated’ covidiots that will spread it and spread it some more. I am 100% convinced that if the Government now put out a statement declaring everyone who has not had Covid must now contract it to speed up herd immunity the same idiots would state it’s their right not to get it and demand a vaccine. Any argument to do the opposite and be different is the trend right now.
  15. I drive past it 7-8 times per day and still look every time. I just can’t consider it a Lotus main dealer yet until I see a Lotus sign outside and cars on the forecourt.
  16. I remember that. More gas and you climb the oval, less gas and you start to fall. I think it was 2 miles at around 100mph without touching the steering wheel. Shame I couldn’t fit in the Caterham for the Gymkhana.
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