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  1. Same right across the whole of Europe right now. Hasn’t rained for weeks now. Everything is brown and all reservoirs and lakes running the lowest for years at the moment. Temperature is too warm for me really.
  2. Great scenery @Simon Batemanover that part of the world! - I’m still over here for the next 4 days but annoying not in the Lotus - Couldn’t convince the wife to pack 2 and a half weeks clothing into Tesco’s bags for life 🤣 Switzerland and Italy - They do like a good Tunnel so blipping that throttle is a tad enjoyable also. 2100 miles clocked and only seen 2 other Lotus (both Elise’s) so far.
  3. I was surprised how cozy (small) it did feel inside. My head (with the seat completely down and as far back as it would go) was on the ceiling. So it’s a good 4-5cm lower than the Evora. As Scott correctly pointed out the Evora is a 2+2 so naturally it’s slightly higher and extends to a higher point. Emira definitely has less headroom and less room behind the seats so has a understandably smaller cockpit. The only issue on a personal note is I couldn’t track the car as I wouldn’t fit with a helmet unfortunately. Would I still have one swap/trade the Evora? - Absolutely I would, it’s stunning. 😊👍
  4. As I’m already spoken for I did actually have to turn down Scott’s generous Proposal 😜
  5. 70!!! Jeez!! - Happy Birthday to you 🎂🍺
  6. While many are complaining about the excessive heat, life in general and the cost of living etc, I am sitting on a sofa that costs £3,500. I’m lovely and cool in front of an air-con unit costing £2,300. I’m watching the latest film on a 70" smart TV that costs £4,000 Right now, I'm happy, with no worries and not a care in the world, not even the employees at the shopping centre who keep asking me to leave can spoil my day........
  7. Devon? Absolute stair rods 30 mins ago. Even the rain was warm lol.
  8. Far too late for me - Xmas is sorted! - I’m looking for Easter Eggs right now 👍😜
  9. Yes. Very easily. Nice cheap eBay purchase😊👍
  10. Forgotten we had an email - now I got to find it. Doh 👎
  11. Just filled up 1.64.9 Unleaded in Newton Abbot. (Meant to be cheapest in the Country)
  12. No just France. I’m using the same next Friday going France/Belgium/Holland/Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy but not Spain. 😊👍
  13. I’d say 10/15 days is surperb. My rear wing from China took 8 weeks.
  14. This was sufficient when I went 2 weeks back. One on each number plate.
  15. I’m sure it will be about any day now that Asda will decide to put out their Christmas display. ☃️🎅🏽🎄❄️🤣
  16. Tried searching and thought we would have had a thread on this subject. I went to one of my daughters University Graduation ceremony’s on Thursday. 2 years late re Covid but at least the University still gave them one. Whilst having many individual and group photographs taken with friends all in gowns and mortarboards I was waiting camera poised for the group picture of the throwing of mortarboards - This I am now told is not allowed anymore due to health and safety reasons!! They may have sharp edges or hit someone on the head!! - Have you ever heard anything quite so stupid and just typical of the modern day World we try to live in.
  17. Its the new Ferrari Daytona Sp3 - 6.5litre V12. Yours for just $2.25 Million.
  18. Only 3 days of feeling really bad then virtually back to normal. Even though tested negative on Tuesday still feel knackered. No energy and keep falling asleep.
  19. Yes it would be seen and Test terminated. i always think pad censors are an unnecessary bit of modern car tech. The censers always cut through very early with usually 1000/1500 miles of meat left on them. What happened to the good old days of actually looking at them?
  20. I tried that and still couldn’t get the damn warning light to go out. Years back I used to tape up the censors.
  21. Broke my cherry and brought it back from Le Mans with me. 10 of us went. 4 of us brought back the unwanted present. Good job we didn’t call in on you [email protected]
  22. Lucky enough to see 4 of these a week back. Here’s 2 of them. Stunningly good looking car.
  23. Filled up Unleaded 3 times this week - same very cheap Garage. Tuesday - £167.9 Wednesday - £169.9 Thursday - £164.9
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