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  1. Don't know if anybody has seen the fantastic looking Lotus superbike designs in April edition of BIKE. (page 66-67 Incase anybody is in a newsagents) 2 page spread of a very fresh, new and a radical design. Wetted my apitite a little. Hope the same good looks go into new Esprit!
  2. Most of them are easy viewing you can watch again and again, however Tomorrow never dies is not one I would choose to watch again.
  3. What more does a man want? An Esprit and a Pub, and oh yes, possibly an England World Cup win in the summer! Life would be complete. Thanks if I'm up your way.
  4. Thought I'd share my moment of road rage with you. Left the house yesterday morning at 9.30am ( live in a quiet residential cul-de-sac about quarter mile long) Halfway down my road, coming towards me, at very high speed, an old golf litterally on two wheels going passed parked cars on both sides of the road like entering a shickane. I needed to do an emergency stop to avoid being hit - he missed me, then handbrake turned into another cul-de-sac, mounting the pavement and missing an Audi in a driveway by inches. So now I'm reversing thinking "time for a little chat." 30 seconds later, I get to his now parked car, get out, go over to his car to be confronted by "what the f**k do you want." Hackles now raised, I lent in to his car, took keys from ignition, turned round and through them a good 100 metres into an overgrown wooded area. My words were "if your going to drive like a t**t, I'll treat you like one so you can spend the rest of the day key hunting" turned around got back in my car and drove off to a torrent of abuse. This to me is just another typical example of some 17 year old (sorry - I know I can't tar all with same brush) boy racer who has no regard for the consequences of his actions. It was half term week, kids around and a wet road. Even If I had reported him, police wouldn't/couldn't have done anything. I know I also behaved wrongly, but spur of the moment aggression took over. It was very tempting to grab him warmly by the throat, but I'd be the one getting a visit from the local constabulary. I have no idea what the answer is. Rant over. AGHHHH!!!!!!!!
  5. Nice Looking Car. The only pic I have of an Esprit in that colour is in a book - Lotus Heritage. Nice pic of a brown S2 with the late Ronnie Petersen standing alongside.
  6. Congrats!. Life will never be the same again - it will be alot better! Good times ahead.
  7. Back in my old Financial Service's days, I used to have a new Honda every 12 months. The Sales Manager in Exeter used to love me. It's only after you don't have a company car anymore that you really apprechiate them!
  8. Thanks Jon & nick. That sound like good advise - another job for the next sunny weekend.
  9. Hi Dave. Remember you well. Looks like you are climbing the Esprit ladder quite nicely. Remember your 90 Turbo (good buckets and a carbon roof) The S4S is the one I've always wanted, but never having experienced the driving sensation of the V8, I guess thats pretty awesome too. Can't make Donnington (the wife's 40th) Castle Coombe looks promising with any luck. Hope to catch up with you sometime. regards Ian
  10. Just wondering. I'm 6'' 6'' tall and 19.5 stone. Jumping in and out of the cockpit is not done with the grace of a ballet dancer, but fine to drive when actually in. Out of interest any other tall esprit drivers who have eaten all the pies?
  11. Took her out for first drive of year yesterday - aprox 200 miles. This problem has happened before. If I have left the car and not driven it for 5-6 weeks, both front and rear brakes stick. I always park esprit in garage and leave handbrake off. The next time I start her up (usually starts first time even after 5-6 weeks) stick it in reverse to get out of garage and theres usually a loud clunk as the front brakes unstick themselves. Then after a mile or two on the road a slight burning smell, so pull over to find smoke eminating between alloys from the rear brakes being on (handbrake is DEFINATELY off) I leave to cool, and then fine until next time its left for along time. First couple of times this happened, called breakdown, on tow truck and off to S J Sportcars who say nothing wrong. Any ideas chaps?
  12. Hi Duncan. Another question for you. Got a ZX6 looking to trade in sometime soon. (aprox value 2.5K) What would you recommend if I added another 2.5K Dont know what to get but looking to spend 5K aprox. Really open to sugestion. Very open question I know but pretty new to bikes. Test passed only a year ago, still in my rookie season?
  13. Some years ago, used to do buisness with a Richard Blower.
  14. Having loved the Esprit for so long without owning one. I made the big mistake of buying the first one I looked at! As soon as I had reasonable funds, heart rulled head a parted with some hard earned. Diddn't know any other owners or where to find good advise and unaware of LEW. Brought it home and booked it in for C service straight away. Soon realised it needed Pads/Discs all round and not to mention tyres (which were the wrong size anyway) Pop ups were bouncing all over the place when driven at night. Two headlights cracked, Tail release badly bodged, broken ariel, broken air-con, no jacking points, no engine heatshield, badly scuffed alloys, rubber door surounds ripped, Haddn't looked under mats and carpet down to bodyshell. Exhaust not attached well and ratteling on bodywork at right exit. However bodywork, gearbox and engine all looking and working well - more luck than judgement. Ok all above is cosmetic and has now been brought back to former glory, but it all costs! Had I not been blind/daft, I should have had a good look around. The moral is if you don't own an Esprit and are looking, take someone with you who knows what to look for and where to look! 5 years on and I have a great car but at a much inflatted cost to myself.
  15. After 17 years in Financial Services ("Excuse me, can I interest you in some retirement planning?") Good payer, but very dull job. After training and qualifying, I now run my own driving school. Just taken on a second instructor last month as not enough hours in day. I bought a new mini, and have clocked up 92000 since. (04 plate). Bearing in mind all the abuse it gets, no probs with car, original cluth and gearbox still going strong. Resale won't be too good though! Great job but not enough Esprit time!
  16. Not that impressed with my Snooper. With the static cameras it will warn you, but too close for my liking. I Know rader bounces and reflects but sometimes I have been less than 50 metres from camera before being notified.
  17. Alot of good comments raised and made. Fact - There are too many tossers on this planet driving on our roads uninsured. Other than lock them up, I can't think of a single deterrant. (ban them from driving, a heafty fine, lots of community service, a driving/accident awareness course, a holiday where they can be re-educated) I can see your average uninsured tosser laughing out loud at any of those! Hit where it hurts!!!
  18. The only other yellow giugiaro esprit I have seen and taken pics of is one that has had its roof "chopped". Taken at Castle Coombe about 10 years ago.
  19. Thanks for comments chaps. Tried Unleaded today and noticed no change at all.
  20. Well after 5 years, I will give the old girl her first outing of the year on sunday and try some unleaded for a change (fingers crossed) Thanks
  21. Having owned my Esprit for just over 5 years, I still am unsure if I should be filling up with Unleaded or LRP. I know this sounds daft but I hear so many conflicting stories. Up until now I have always put LRP or if unable to find a garage still selling it - unleaded with a bottle of lead replacement. S J Sportcars have told me don't use unleaded as will cause damage but other owners say no problem. My car is an 89 N/A. Any comments to a daft question I should have asked along time ago, gratefully recieved.
  22. 36% for me! That handlebar moustach is coming right off!!
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