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  1. @C8RKHI do wonder why the dog license for ownership was scrapped about 30 odd years back - it should be in and considerably higher than it used to be - if anything as a deterrent to shit owners. I was of course only messing 3 posts back but like anything there are good and bad of most things - dog owners, cyclists, drivers, parenting ect ect. I also think a lot of dog owners don’t understand why other people don’t like dogs or don’t understand individuals getting annoyed with unwanted attention from them. I certainly wouldn’t expect dogs to be walking freely around a restaurant to scrounge or annoy me or other customers though.
  2. I still recon you secretly want/need a dog in your life - maybe even two! - Mans best friend I tell thee. Just in case you were unaware, it is possible to cycle and have you trustee four legged friend running along side you whilst you run red lights using the road whilst ignoring dedicated cycle lanes. 👍😜
  3. 1. Bibs - Evora 2. DaveC72 - Evora 3. KennyN - Emira (If Lotus manage to stick to their estimated delivery date) 4. Mark (indevon)- Evora 5. Techyd (Dean) - Elise 6. Nigel - Europa SE 7. Kevin - Turbo Esprit 8. Choppa Esprit S3 9. Bazza - Something Lotus 10. Mayevora - Evora Sport Racer
  4. Agree. A low mileage minter and very well priced for a quick sale.
  5. Been trying to get a pic of the Police GT410 with mine for 12 months. Added bonus of a St. Tropez in the background.
  6. Anyone booked in for either? What dates you going? Where you staying? Going Tunnel this time - Staying on the usual site at Maison Blanche.
  7. Lol. I’d just be happy to see a TV - I’ll be viewing from a phone in lay-by. 👀
  8. I’ve cancelled work tonight so I can watch the launch live this evening. Doesn’t seem to be as much of a build up as at the Emira launch had.
  9. I travelled 2800 miles in 6 days (U.K., France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) and back in the Evora between lockdowns in 2020. Very comfortable and 100% reliable.
  10. James at South West Lotus Centre had 30 of them.
  11. mayevora


    A lot of recovery and big gains over the last month after a negative last quarter.
  12. Thanks everyone for your concern. First off, I'm OK, I was a bit shaken up though. For those of you that aren’t aware, I was robbed at Sainsbury's petrol station earlier this morning. After my hands stopped trembling, I managed to call the Police. They were quick to respond and calmed me down because my blood pressure went through the roof! My money is gone however. The police asked me if I knew who did it and I told them, “Yes, it was pump number 2.”
  13. I had a quick glance at both of these today. They are both low mileage ‘minters’ The blue one looks stunning. 😊👍
  14. That’s probably the most common comment I get. I guess mostly because mines red. Each time I think - Muppet!, but I’ve definitely had worse insults thrown at me. I do agree there is a very obvious clue though lol.
  15. To be fair I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. Doing 50k + miles a year, I ask this question to my accountant each year and get the same answer.
  16. Guessing that’s the lycra running gear confined to the cupboard for a while. Back to the the excitement of lentils and broccoli for the foreseeable. Pack in one of the jobs if it’s doing longer term damage mate.
  17. Shane’s last Tweet was literally hours before his own death was an RIP for Rodney Marsh. Very sad.
  18. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like spending on this stuff - I just assumed it was me and my Scottish side coming to the surface. 😂
  19. Thought this was a bit steep earlier today.😐
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