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  1. Spot on. Exactly why I didn’t mention the village or her name.
  2. My small village in Devon. Not particularly famous for much or anyone. However - it has a small Doctors surgery. My own Dr for the last few years, I recently found out is a certain Dr Harold Shipman’s daughter. (went elsewhere for the Covid jabs though 😜)
  3. A daily chore - fighting them off with a stick 😜 - anyone under 80 is a toyboy
  4. As an alternative ending - it could have been the husband unfortunately didn’t make it whilst the wife’s ageing heart stops after realising what she had just done! Now, think of the long term post traumatic stress caused to that poor Instructor who witnessed not only one but two passings! - He would obviously sue the Estate for copious untold damages resulting in becoming mortgage free with a brand new 90’ inch voice activated flatscreen where no remote is required after taking early retirement brought on by stress.
  5. Had she been in my vehicle I could have ‘dueled’ her. Failing that I could have had the copyright on some quality in car dash cam footage 🤣
  6. mayevora


    I took a punt on some ‘new to me’ tech stock today. Anyone else bought Lucid Group? Another price drop sale today so dipped toes on this one but stella aspirations. Will keep for 2 years
  7. I’m lowering my expectations for 2022…. From now on I’m classing a successful Driving Lesson by if the number of pedestrians on the bonnet is less than 1 I did an assessment lesson for an elderly lady in her own vehicle today only for her to run over her husband on entering her own driveway. I’m putting that down as a “Unfortunately, I think your driving days are behind you” 😐
  8. Don’t write off Facebook marketplace even for a higher end car. My last toy pre Evora was a Merc SL that I paid a fair bit to advertise For Sale on Pistonheads and Autotrader over about a 6 week period and not a bite. I placed a free add on FB Marketplace after getting fed up with PH & AT and it sold at full asking within 48 hours. Not quite in the Evora price bracket I know but it still surprised me how easy it went through and the best bit of free price to advertise it.
  9. I’m trying lol. The problem is I spend 12 hours a day in other cars and as yet no Company makes dual controls for Evoras. 😜
  10. I’ve had this plate on for 3 years next week (LT51MAY) Lotus Ian May - and to date (9000 miles) not been stopped, pulled over or questioned once. It’s not legal as not spaced correctly but I’m going on the basis, rightly or wrongly of the Police have ‘largely’ more important things to pull drivers over for. I do have the correct plate in the boot as there will most likely be a 1st time if I drive it for long enough.
  11. mayevora


    What date did you join mate? I’ll message them.
  12. mayevora


    I didn’t mate. They usually notify you the instant a recommended individual pays their first £1.00
  13. mayevora


    Anyone else buying? Feels like January Sales. 👍😁
  14. Agree. It has nothing to do with age - it’s about ability. No issue at all with a 104 year old driver on the road if they have the ability and the same removing a 60 year old if they don’t.
  15. I’m joking Keith. The IAM can’t be and you have for life. The ROSPA advanced is only valid for 12 months anyway and you then need to redo it every year. I was talking about a normal L test. She’s definitely one of the ones who wouldn’t pass again lol.
  16. Lol. That doesn’t surprise too much Mike. Doing some advanced Test training a few years ago I advised a lady (after a number of hours) not to take it, but she went ahead, did it and still attained a Bronze.
  17. That only changed about 5 years back. The Commentary wasn’t in the older one.
  18. Nice one Dave. Thats the RoSPA one as opposed to the IAM one then. Better marking/grading system. 👍😊
  19. Well said. 👍 The problem with a single Test at age 17 (U.K.) if you stay fit healthy and well you could still be driving 80 odd years after that original test on you same license. I can’t see why a retest every 10 years (to coincide with driving license renewal) isn’t mandatory (my opinion) I wouldn’t mind betting that if a poll was set even here on a motoring forum that the majority would prefer not to retest for any number of reasons. (Prove me wrong someone please) Then there would most likely be a completely different answer if the same question was asked, but stating that only an individual who passes their test after, for example January 2023 would have to resit and wouldn’t apply retrospectively to existing license holders - everyone would agree. Question @Elite 4.9 Why a 3 strikes and you are out rule on Drink Driving? - Make it just 1 and a custodial sentence (as a deterrent) and would surely cut the number of offences in half.
  20. 2014 Evora - and not needed a single part yet in my 3 years of ownership. Nothing has gone wrong. No breakages. Nothing worn out. The perfect no ongoing cost car. From your side of the pond there are US owners who aren’t too happy about having to drive 700 miles to their nearest Lotus dealership but having one on your doorstep should only add to the ownership peace of mind. 👍😊
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