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  1. Emira being tested on Top Gear tonight.
  2. Thanks mate. This Forum has always been awesome with kind offers of help in times of need. 👍😜
  3. Just popped home for lunch and my daughter shouts “D’you fancy a few strawberry’s” then brings me this! 👍😍 (diet not going too well then)
  4. Very early 1970s school drone 😜
  5. Tonight’s new series certainly didn’t make me want to visit the States for motorsport. Donk racing…… Er no thanks. Preview of what’s to come in the series looks ok. Lotus Emira and the Maserati MC20 will keep my interest. Spotted this in the background for no more than a second in tonight’s episode.
  6. Of course they do. Their feet can barely touch the pedals! - Give them some slack for Christ sake.
  7. The first U.K. Driving Test (this was voluntary) was in 1935. The first person to pass was a Mr Been.
  8. In good company a week ago.
  9. Took a very ill friend of mine for a ride in the Evora first thing this morning before all the tourists had got themselves up to clog the Devon roads. Blue skys dry roads and twisty lanes up onto and over the Moors. His wife messaged me to say he smiled more today than he has for months. 😊👍
  10. Not Monaco but Torquay harbour half hour ago. 👎
  11. Club Lotus yearly event and track day.👍😁🏁
  12. Sorry I missed you @Bazza 907Looked stunning as per.
  13. Wife caught me looking at pawn again.
  14. First run in a while. Thought even I could manage that. 😁
  15. Very true but also not a solution to the problem of which now sadly, will never be corrected. License would be a sticking plaster only.
  16. From a visual Wow point of view, hands down the McLaren every day of the week but never had the pleasure of driving one and unfortunately not in the ‘income bracket’ for owning one mores the pity. The Alpine I did drive 12 months ago and couldn’t get over how unexciting it felt. The looks are a bit marmite anyway but just don’t get the rave reviews I had read on the car.
  17. @C8RKHI do wonder why the dog license for ownership was scrapped about 30 odd years back - it should be in and considerably higher than it used to be - if anything as a deterrent to shit owners. I was of course only messing 3 posts back but like anything there are good and bad of most things - dog owners, cyclists, drivers, parenting ect ect. I also think a lot of dog owners don’t understand why other people don’t like dogs or don’t understand individuals getting annoyed with unwanted attention from them. I certainly wouldn’t expect dogs to be walking freely around a restaurant to scrounge or annoy me or other customers though.
  18. I still recon you secretly want/need a dog in your life - maybe even two! - Mans best friend I tell thee. Just in case you were unaware, it is possible to cycle and have you trustee four legged friend running along side you whilst you run red lights using the road whilst ignoring dedicated cycle lanes. 👍😜
  19. 1. Bibs - Evora 2. DaveC72 - Evora 3. KennyN - Emira (If Lotus manage to stick to their estimated delivery date) 4. Mark (indevon)- Evora 5. Techyd (Dean) - Elise 6. Nigel - Europa SE 7. Kevin - Turbo Esprit 8. Choppa Esprit S3 9. Bazza - Something Lotus 10. Mayevora - Evora Sport Racer
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