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  1. G'day Pomoz back again after a long absence. I'm also after a date when my 87 HC NA was made. Typical Lotus , have to be different ..... Just a name plate with VIN and Engine numbers. not month stamp The only date that i can gain is from the engine number (that has month and year) I do know that it was first registered 1 AUGUST 1987 .... so were a lot of cars ... new number plate date if my memory serves me well. Reason i need thsi info is that i can then register my car over here in OZ as a club car and much reduced rego cost per year its 30 years ol
  2. Back agin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After a stint away ..... Gcar still on ramps .... Thought i would have another look for that .............stray OIL FILLER CAP ....Looked under /around car ............... nothing ... Checked that nothing would be around belts... Started car .............. Nothing Drove up drive way .... with a lot of hope .................nothing Reversed into garage ................. nothing Where did Lotus get the original OIL CAP FROM ? Which PARTS BIN? I believe that there were 3 types of OIL CAPS Mine is the latter ................. I be
  3. 1987 Gcar Oil filler CAP Is there a Aftermarket cap ? Where did Lotus .... get the OEM ...from which parts bin ?
  4. G'day lads (as u poms talk) Thanks for all the encouragement .... Last w/e i still didnt find that "lilltle barstard" I be thinking that it is smaller size than i thought it was. So armed with all your good wishes .... i will be heading into the black hole/black triangle again this week end. As long as it is not anywhere near all the belts ..... might even get to send the CAT down to check it out also . If no joy ... i shall shell out $6 and buy a emergency fuel/oil cap ..... Start it .... drive UP the driveway .................. hopefully the OEM cap falls out int
  5. Thanks guys What a way to kill time .... Yes ... When found i think i may try and be reborn ...with a "umbilical cord" ....(never 2 old 2 learn) Typical Lotus .... not like Rice Burners ..... 1 part fits all Even OIL CAPS were different on various models !!!!! as i find out..... Some times i think Lotus ... was just prone to ASSUME THE LOTUS POSITION ...with everything Also working with "the engine in box" is no mean feat to do simple tasks ..... Cheers
  6. Hi Guys Back again ... just walked past Gcar in the garage... just growled at it ..swear it smiled at me .. barstard ...... Sunday maybe the day that i jack up the rear .....again and put the ramps underneath it ..... Then with the grace of a beached whale and patience of Jonah (lol) ..... head towards Devil's triangle....AGAIN Armed with a fluro lamp with me amd a one in the engine bay looking down. Also armed with a telescopice mirror ................. Hands clean .............. to get dirty /greasy again/bloodied knuckles ..... Mind you the weather here is getting c
  7. Thanks Sir Paolo, Though that can not do i need a lot of plastic wrap to wrap the engine. As the rocker cover has no err .... lip to ...... do that. Also may take a bit of driving to dislodge the ... the oil cap ... if it is indeed in the engine bay area . I have taken both bottom shields off .... to give me more room to look at what im looking 4 ...... lol That will teach me for being complacent .... putting the cap back .................. Still think a emergency oil cap is the go ..... from a donor car Keepem coming Cheers Pomoz
  8. G'day All Pomoz here... long time no speak to forum. After a time ... i have replaced the oil and filter no probs ... Usually just dump the oil every 6 months and change the filter every other 6 months. I really do not do the miles to do otherwise.... maybe 400 - 500 miles per year My PROBLEM ....... NOW!!!!! Change Oil and Filter ..... car still on probs I'll just put oil cap back on .. then start car to see if any oil leaks perform Putting the oil cap from the side as per normal ..... OPPS ... OIL CAP SLIPPED OFF and headed engine way ..... no
  9. Thanks Danny for your reply Yes i would go the whole hog (replacing Calipers etc) if i was driving Gcar a lot. The intention was to drive it most weekends .... oh yes best laid plans etc etc Im lucky if i drive it 3-4 times a year now. I know i will have to spend some money on it soon..... The clutch is on the way out so when it does out come the engine etc ... then i will go over the brakes as well. This rebuild kit is to give me some anchors till that time.... hopefully for a long time. So What Toyota do these rebuild kit fit ....... ? Cheers Pomoz 87 S3
  10. G'day all About a week ago i asked about what FRONT BRAKE CALIPER REBUILD KIT would fit my car. I had a couple of answers thou it was not the general concensus. In that...... say 4 out 5 came up with the same answe . Even to to my friemds the yanks in the USA were vague about it. So am stretching out a bit ....,. My car is a 1987 S3 HC NA What specs were the same with the NA as oppesed to the Turbo . I believe that the radiator and 3 fan setup was the same Now were the BRAKES the same ? This would help the guys in the states as the S3 Turbo was only imp
  11. Thanks for the 2 answers .... 2 different trains of thought Keep the answers coming in... Will eventually get the correct one Cheers Pomoz 87S3 HC
  12. G'day All Long time no use forum ,,,, long time no drive car ..... :wallbash: Been searching forums thou cannot see .... maybe some one can enlighten me and make my life easier. Sceanrio: My 87 Gcar ... is leaking brake out of right front wheel ... ok I gather that i need a new Front Caliper repair kit. Can some one suggest what brand i need to get ... to fix ? So then i can get spannerman around after work and give me some anchors so i can drive G car again... ( 3 times in a year ) Cheers Pomoz 87 S3HC
  13. Thanks Andy .. quick reply mate Why i asked ,was that on Ebay Australia , there is a set going ,this stage a really good price,so i thought i would watch .... didnt want to hit the BID button ...for nothing Thanks again Pomoz
  14. G'day all Long time no forum Just a simple question .... probably simple answer YES or NO Will a set of Shock absorbers (as we call them here) .. or Dampers as called in UK For S4 fit a S3 As i have seen a set about Many Thanks pomoz 87 S3 HC NA
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