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  1. I know there are a lot of upgraded 380's about, so thought I would ask if anyone had a nice 380 stock exhaust backbox if you have one, happy to chuck in some beer tokens etc. I am between Brighton and Gatwick, so logistics would need thinking about currently, but thought I would ask within the community for some friendly answers. Hope you can help Thanks in advance Piers
  2. I agree, not a fan of that Reverie spoiler. Love the ride height on yours now
  3. Drive it home, the first drive will never be forgotten. I flew upto Edinburgh, and drove it straight back to Sussex, to remove the roof
  4. Looks great, enjoy the ride, you never tire of it!
  5. 149mph GPS'd in my 111R coming back from Stelvio with roof on says it will stay in place. It was the only time we put them on to see how fast we could go on the whole trip! My V6 hard top came off the day I got home from buying her in April, I love open top motoring from 10 years in my 111R, and it will go back on on the day that I sell it, which won't be for a long time, as she sounds awesome with the roof off.
  6. We have just thrashed 2,000 miles through the mountains, the temps in the V6's were completely set between 88-92 the entire trip, with outside temperatures over 33*C, so temps were no issue for this, track may edge higher, but do you need charge cooling for double the price, only you can decide....
  7. I have both in my 2105 V6, bit tight but it can be done
  8. Great thread Arun, just read it from end to end. Hope to see you soon, miss our daily waves!
  9. Lovely car. I had this noise, B&C, and Lotus engineer confirmed it as normal, no replacement clutch as it would make the same noise ( be interesting to hear what the H111 clutch is like rattle wise. Lotus engineer told me the engine was not made to work with a manual, as a result, the rather larger than normal conversion plate creates this rattle, and there is no fix, some are louder than others, mine supposedly a quiet one. Interestingly I am 4k miles in, and don't hear it now!
  10. A quick question, Elise’s and Exige’s used to be fitted with rads with the plastic end caps, which used to blow when hot in the mountains, so we all replaced them for pro alloy ones, what does the V6 have as standard? still the plastic end cap version or have we moved forward to all alloy?
  11. I have had these new spring put in my runners by B&C under warranty on my V6 and I can confirm that they do indeed completely irradiate the seat wobble, I cannot believe it, after suffering 4 Elise's over 20 years with the same problem, the fix is half an hour!!!
  12. Eurotunnel for us year and after. They usually see 12 Lotus's and we go off separately to the single decker, but not always
  13. Loving the look at the front of your car, the black vinyl and yellow lip.
  14. Signature Orange CR- love it everywhere I go
  15. Hi all, My V6 has lovely cool air con, however whether the air con is on or not, when I turn on the blower, the cabin get ALOT of dust, I mean it covers the dash/sills. I thought it would go away, but it doesn't seem to unless you use them all the time? This never happened in my S2, unless say thy hadn't been used for a ages, but even them a small bit, this is a proper coating when it settles Any thoughts of simple fixes PLEASE, I hate a dirty cabin, and it gets in my eyes.
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