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  1. I was having a minor meltdown over my Esprit and my sarcasm was not called for. Please accept my apologies.
  2. Got it sorted. Looks and works great. No rattles either! Thanks for all the help and input. We can all get back to debating what color our bumpers should be.
  3. My 87 has the body mounting hardware for the old "panorama" roof handles. I am told the newer style supercedes and can be fit to the car. It appears to involve a mounting plate and a rubber bump stop, Part #'s 31, 35 & 36. Does anyone have advice or instructions on how to convert to this newer style handle? The old style uses a spring loaded pin latch mechanism on each side. The newer replacement appears to bolt to the bodywork. It is just not obvious where and how the modification should fit. A diagram or photo of a G car equipped with these handles would be fantastic. Any help wo
  4. Alright Wayne! I knew you would know. They could be handy for some future accessory. Maybe an amplifier, mounted in the boot. -Nick
  5. It comes off of the harness that secures to the bottom rearmost bolt on the intake diffuser, just ahead of the coolant reservoir. It is a black round connector, about 13 mm in diameter. It has two wires going into it. Although it has numerous hole, it only has two female pin-style connections. it is sheathed in the same covering as the other harnesses and is about a foot long. It is doubled and taped to itself, apparently to not just dangle about. I can see no place that it would plug into and the connector and connections look very unused. Oh yeah, this is an 87 HCI. Thanks, Nic
  6. Actually, my friend, that is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you very much!
  7. When the #1 piston is at TDC, what clock position does the distributor rotor point to? Thanks, Nick
  8. FYI, I bought four used injectors on e-bay. "Excellent condition", $98 for all.
  9. Three are actually no good. The metal pin that regulates the spray, attached to the spring, is actually loose/non-functional on three of them. So, unfortunately, it's replacement time. Bosch KE Jetronic was big on so many cars. I have been trying to find a cross reference to a less expensive car, like VW. No good.
  10. Does anyone have a set of fuel injectors for the KE-Jetronic 87 HCI? New or used is fine. I can buy a new set from JAE for $400 but have to try more reasonable avenues first. -Nick
  11. Does anyone know the capacity of the cooling system? It isn't listed anywhere in the service manual. Thanks, Nick
  12. Does anyone know of a kit to relocate the oil filter? I had an older VW Scirocco that I'd modified. Basically, it was a screw on adapter where the old filter went, two braided hoses and an adaptor that was bolted elsewhere that accepted the oil filter. When I use the Crossland filter, there is barely enough room to clear the distributor vacuum module. Thanks, Nick
  13. Piece of cake Wayne. Once again, you've saved me some leg work. Thank you!
  14. On the binnacle face, to the right of the speedometer, there is a rotary potentiometer. Should that control the lights in the stereo and climate controls? The lighting in the console stays at full bright regardless of that knob. The identical knob, to the left of the tachometer, does control the dash lighting. If it is for these lights, have any of you encountered this? Thanks, Nick 87 HCi
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