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  1. Looks a really good deal. Could some kind soul try it on theirs and tell us all if it works. nb car I was looking at has been sold now anyway
  2. Right so that rules that out! At the other extreme, suppose it's a boggo car which "just" loses its gearbox and all you are doing is a replace/rebuild - how much is that? I'm guessing a few k? And in the middle, how much is it to do whatever anybody does to strengthen it (eg uprate clutch)? I'm guessing another 1-2k on top of the above?
  3. As the title says. The universally perceived wisdom is that this is the weak point on the car, so how much are you looking at if worst comes to worst? nb I appreciate (a) that apparently Lotus will do you 275 bhp on the current box these days but won't warrant beyond 260 (b) that there are people out there who claim to have solved it © that other people have had lots of problems (d) that the sequential is a great albeit hugely expensive option. However I don't have a feel for what sort of figures you have to budget for if you rule out the sequential, but want eg 280 bhp. NB I appreciate the potential logical problem with this question (in that if the gearbox does go under these circumstances then just plopping another one in is not a very sensible idea). But I don't even know how much it would cost to rebuild/replace a gearbox on a totally standard car either ...
  4. I'm looking forward to racing in the Elise Trophy at Oulton in track-club's 2-11 on 25th July. Have got a test session the day before so I can remind myself where the circuit goes... 1'57, eh?
  5. Exactly, you just show everyone how easily it's done with the Toyota and the world will beat a path to your door. Cf the Honda engine is very widely used already in high states of tune. I'll be following this MSC project with great interest. This (ie low power) is the one reason why I haven't bought a 211 yet.
  6. I'm sure that you are accurately reporting what Nick says, and I'm equally sure there are technical issues... but Ariel seem to manage, and their enginering skills are probably less advanced than at Lotus.
  7. Never driven an Atom but the only advantages it has are (a) better engine ( less weight. This will be fascinating as and when it comes together since I've never really understood why it should be so difficult to put a Honda engine into a Lotus.
  8. I was there ... good to meet you Bibs. Missed out on the cakes, although I did see them lying there
  9. I'll be there for 10am. Hope the rain stays off...
  10. Thanks. Nick is always generous with his time, and thanks to you too for typing it up. Ver interesting to learn how difficult it is to lose weight. I would have thought that the obvious way forward with engines was to plop in the one from the Evora - shouldn't imagine it will compromise many Evora or Elise sales.
  11. Hello Nick, it's a while since we met. I had a S1 111S, and had the Turbotechnics supercharger fitted which worked very well. Eventually I moved on to other cars (TVR and now a Ferrari). But I was blown away by the 211 when I saw it at the MPH show, and came up to Hethel to drive it. I was very impressed by everything except the lack of shove in the back. It handles brilliantly well, the boggo brakes are fine, the seats are great, and there's a great sense of fun about it but when you're paying a lot of money for something with no doors or windscreen you do want it to feel incredibly quick, and it didn't. Hence with some disappointment I never bought it. Later on last year I hired one at Spa (from Stephen Docherty of Track Club - good man). It was better than I remembered, but still felt underpowered. Once you get above 100 mph it takes a very long time to get to 140. So the question is: is there going to be more power and/or less weight any time soon? Is it even possible? I appreciate that the 211 is in fact one very quick car and puts in excellent lap times - some tests have it quicker than the R500 and Atom - but it doesn't actually FEEL all that quick. At least, not to me! Obviously you can hoon it around and pull G forces etc but that's not what I mean. NB I would describe myself as trackday enthusiast, and probably about average among people who do lots of them. I do have my National B licence but haven't got around to racing. Douglas Campbell
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