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  1. Thanks, Marcus, you're too kind! Bibs, maybe I was a bit too harsh on your planning skills, but my advice still stands. I wanted to stress the importance of matching the turbo to the engine you want to end up with rather than the one you start out from. Talking to someone in the know is always a good thing, but even I can tell you that the oem solution was to a large extent governed by product cost, a statement informally backed by Garrett people. One thing that I think perhaps we should elaborate on is surge margin, as I have noticed that there are quite a few hybrid turbos available ou
  2. I have been asked by a fellow forum member to give my take on this thread, and since I hold him in particularly high regard, and although much of it has been said by others, I will do my best not to disappoint him. So, in my hallmark condescending tone of voice, I plunge myself into the flame wars. First, I'd like to comment on a couple of minor issues early in the thread. I too do not think that it is advisable to restrict the oil flow on a journal bearing turbo. DanR raised the very valid question of internal vs. external wastegates. An external wastegate is preferable, because internal
  3. This is how the Europa S should have looked.
  4. Why would you want to do that? Generic oxygene sensors are cheap nowadays. You don't need a Lotus specific item. Not having tried it on a Lotus, I would guess the ECU enters a limp home mode, running overly rich to be on the safe side. This leads to rough running, high fuel consumption, smoke, and the oil film on the cylinder walls is washed off. Not very recommendable in the long term. EDIT: Just read your EBPV post. 20 slow miles shouldn't do damage, just get the sensor fixed asap.
  5. The chips are here: The Chip link I used the Spax shocks on my 1989 Turbo. They are alright, but the range of adjustment is ridiculously large. It goes from 'Ford Lincoln' to 'unsprung' in about 14 steps, so it doesn't really fine tune. Oh, and don't repeat my mistake of putting the adjustment knob facing outwards. When you put the wheel back on, the knob is all but obscured. Turn it to 'Ford Lincoln' and then count clicks. As I recall, I used 12 clicks front and 11 clicks rear for street driving.
  6. It was Chapman who murdered Lennon.
  7. I would not consider the Elise and the Speedster to be the same car. The Speedster Turbo is cheaper and turbocharged, both of which make strong selling points with me, which is why I lust for the Speedster Turbo more than for the Elise. The Speedster is also heavier I think, and is said to have more docile, balanced, and predictable handling. Have yet to try it myself, though. Disregarding price, I would probably prefer the Europa over the Speedster.
  8. Carl's looks a bit fragile... Michael Rodrigues' does not; it looks perfect.
  9. It seems to me that Lotus has made a very nice commuter car, with the turbo engine I wish was available in the Elise. I would buy one as an everyday runabout if I was loaded, but it would never be my sense-of-occasion primary sportscar. Main competitor could be the Opel Speedster/VX220, though I don't think that is made anymore.
  10. That car is much nicer than what Slade was asking about.
  11. I do simple stuff myself and intermediate stuff with the help of friends. Main problem for me is that my garage is unbearably small, so large or difficult jobs is left to the independent mechanic about 25 km away or so. He is a one man operation specialising in British sportscars, although he will also do the odd old Alfa or whatever else comes along, but nothing mainstream. I like him. He claims the Esprit is his favourite thing to work on. I bet he says to all his clients that he likes their particular cars, but he does own an SE that he is fixing up after it was bounced between the rails on
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