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  1. I'm not an expert on engine internals or failing engines so i cant comment really on the cause of failure. I'm going to take some pictures of the failed parts and post them here to see what you guys think. Simon I agree with you 100% that i need to find the cause before attempting to go back on track with the setup i have but regardless i need a new engine. To answer your qustions Is the laminova correctly plumbed? I'm not sure but the mechanic claims it was. Before installing I asked him to call Russel Gibbons at Lotus just to make sure he has the right instructions and avoid any pitfalls. He has called him and seems confident he installed it right. Did it have enough oil? I trust the mechanic to have done this as he is highly experienced racing mechanic. I run stock oil sump with standard Yoko tires. The track i use is the Bahrain F1 track it has one long sweeping left then right high speed corner. The car was pulling strong up to the point when it blew. I agree it might be fuel starvation but it blew half way down the main straight does that make sense? Bibs thanks for the suggestion I'll PM Edika to see if hes interested in selling. I'll PM
  2. I'll take some pictures and post them when the engine is apart. In the meantime any suggestions on stronger internals or just a complete new built engine from a reliable source?
  3. Sorry i must have not explained the details of what happened. On the lap of the incident a few turns before I was forced to stop the car kind of stuttered mid corner/corner exit while on throttle . I thought i should come in next lap to check. 2 corners later on the pit straight under heavy acceleration i heard a pop, looked in the mirrors to the site of white smoke from the engine, a few seconds later it was on fire. I parked flicked the electrical cut off switch and went for the extinguisher. Luckily the fire died off immediately before even using the extinguisher. After cooling the car off and using a pressure washer to inspect (mechanic on hand) he found the block cracked and the pin holding the Con Rod to the Piston actually outside the block (it was as clean as a brand new part with not heat stains or abrasions). The Mechanic i use is very reputable in Bahrain and is the mechanic used to support several racing leagues including the Porsche Cup. That off course does not mean hes immune to making mistakes. Since i need to replace the block and good % of the internals i was looking to go the direction of improving the complete package for more reliability. I dont race the car but its strictly a track car which is used at least once a month for open trackdays and timed competitions. Hope this clears things up. Sorry for the misleading first message.
  4. The worst has happened. My engine exploded (caught on fire for a minute) at only 1500 miles on the odometer. Not sure what the cause is but it happened 5 laps after installing the triple bypass radiator and laminova oil cooler. I need a new engine any suggestions on where to source one and if possible any suggestions on stronger internals if available. I found some on but heard of a few horror stories on the lotus forum so im not sure weather to trust them or not. Any other suggestions or options are welcome.
  5. I have been trying to source several lotus parts from B&C and it has taken over a month and half to get proper quotations and shipping quotes to Kuwait. Can anyone recommend another dealer with a higher focus on customer service especially through email. Regards Mohammed
  6. Anyone know what the interface cable for the newer 211 with the new dash?
  7. Hi guys any update about the lotus wheels. Are the out yet? is cost known?
  8. Guys where do you source those slicks from (either the yoko or the hoosier).
  9. Any chance of us getting some sort of summary notes on the technical forum since I have no way of getting there
  10. 229 Mohammed Alsayer Kuwait Chrome Orange
  11. Hi Nick My main concern here in Kuwait is taking care of the car. My family was the lotus dealer back in the day and currently is the Toyota dealer. What i need is the detailed service manual (dealer manual) to understand the services required and how to go about doing them. Is it at all possible to either get a copy or have a copy sent to the ex dealer? Does lotus have or planning on selling a packaged data logger system that is somewhat plug and play showing fuel pressure, oil pressure ...etc. Where can i source slicks for the car and what brand/size do you know of that works with the 211 and what modification are needed if installed? Thanks in advance
  12. Nick Sorry to hear the bad news, hope you get well soon
  13. Thanks all for all your help. Event went well, besides a tire problem i had, i was running at the recommended cold pressure which turned out too high for that track. I met the guys from lotus UK, very nice guys. The lotus test driver (Mark Fullalove) participated in a stock exige 240 and came out 2nd in his class beaten by a race prepped Honda Integra with slicks from Japan. The class i was in was won in by a 997 GT2 followed by a 997 GT2 and a modified Nissan GTR. Great event overall i had loads of fun just being there. the 211 got a 12.34s drag run (includes reaction time) launch control worked amazingly the car just took off like a sling shot. There was a x bow that could only manage 13.7s and was around 20 second a lap slower than the 211 on the GP track. The event ended with a Radical race which was a blast to watch man can those cars fly on track. Thanks again to all who replied and to the lotus guys on the track for showing up all the way here in the middle east.
  14. Thanks all for all the advice. I would not call my self an experienced driver so i guess ill stick with stock settings? i've had some experience with this particular track with my Noble M400 which is completely different driving style to the 211 so i need to get used to the lotus. I'm looking forward to meeting Mark and learning from him. To my understanding there is no regulation on taking the wing off on the drag so ill take the wing off. Do I need to adjust tire pressure for the drag and autocross events? I would assume i need to add pressure since the tires will be fairly cooler vs a track event? Any thoughts on this?
  15. Any recommendations on launch RPM? I have just been told that the cup260 will be participating, driven by a guy from lotus UK all i know is his initials are MF. Nick do you anything about this? Any recommendations on tire pressure for the Autocross? Thanks
  16. Hi all I will be participating in a friendly event (Speed Trip 10) next Thursday at the Bahrain International circuit. It has three segments, Auto Cross, Drag race, and a timed 2 lap of the GP track from a standing start. I need some advice, Im the only guy carrying the 211 flag in the middle east and hope you guys and the car can make me look like I know what Im doing. Ive done a couple of open track days with the 211 on the GP track but have never done a standing start with the 211 and I don't have Auto Cross experience in General. I've just installed the Track Wing (used the middle setting) and front Splitter but kept the suspension settings as they are from the factory. Should i use the track recommended setting in the manual? I also heard since lotus offically had a dealership in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) they are sending a driver from the UK to showcase and launch the Exige cup 260. Hope i get to meet him and ask if he has any advice or driving tips. I've been placed in the same category as the Porsche GT3s based on Power to Weight ratios. Any help is much appreciated Mohammed
  17. Welcome Matt Dont have much snow here in kuwait, season is the complete opposit we stop going to the track after May as it gets too hot, Season is September/October uptill May.
  18. Thanks Paul. Should i just call the dealer or go direct (if direct do you have a number i can try).
  19. my left side mirror flew of the car while on the high way. (just the piece with the actual mirror). I remember reading somewhere that the mirrors are taken from a Yamaha bike? if this is true anyone know what the part number is? Don't have a lotus dealer in Kuwait. Thanks
  20. Thanks Guys. The car is a major head turner for sure. People don't even know what its supposed to be. It was funny trying to convince the Guys at the ministry to certify the car as street legal. Got it done finally.
  21. Hi all just wanted to introduce myself. Im the proud owner of the first and only (upto now) 211 in Kuwait. Its a orange with bob cat graphics 2009 sourced through Scott Walker at B&C. Have to say one of the best purchasing experiences i've had. Service and knowledge was amazing. Thanks Scott. I have tracked the car twice at the Bahrain GP circuit and its absolutely amazing. Waiting for my aero pack to arrive to see difference in times before and after. Enjoy the pics
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